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Quote: Perhaps you misunderstand me. I really don't care about sitting next to famous people, per se...rather, I enjoy observing a specific subset. Why can't one, to paraphrase aarghh, have a personal quest for clothing, food and beautiful women? A valid point, and I'm not saying that the food being equal, I would not plump for a place with droves of beautiful women. However, if the same place happened to need scheming machinations to get into, I...
For a basic machine, the Krups Arome Plus is pretty decent. A friend uses it, and the coffee he gets out of it is good. I haven't seen the K-Kups model. Aabree Coffee is a good site for these. Also, check out Coffee Geek for a "take no prisoners" approach to good coffee. A french press can make better coffee than most drip machines; only, as Andrew remarks, one has to be very careful about the grind, or else you wind up with sludge on the bottom of the cup. I still tend...
I wouldn't want to brag about sitting next to XYZ either - I have too healthy an ego to do that. I'd much rather XYZ brags about sitting next to my table; not that there's a snowball's chance in hell of that happening. To me, going to a great restaurant is about the gastronomic experience - the service and ambience are only instruments to concentrate my senses on that aspect. As a consequence, I have had as much satisfaction in a tapas bar in Seville, as in Gary Danko's....
If you're looking for drip coffee, the Braun KF187 is excellent. I use it everyday, and it produces a good cup of coffee. Espresso, though, is the way to go :-). I am currently lusting after the Francis Francis X3.
Bumping an old thread to see if anyone had more information. The Carnegie looks interesting - I've always liked the wholecut look, and the price is good. So, any opinions/experience?
I use Rudy Project Kerosenes - work really well for me. Keep me fairly cool on my 12-mile bike commute - and the swappable lenses are a godsend for when I have to get back late in the evening. One of their nicest features is the built-in vent. I've never experienced fogging with them, whether cycling or skiing. I'd not wear them around town, though - too much of a sports geek look.
Quote: I'm confused by the "rubber soled shoes" recommendation--and related allusions here and on Ask Andy. Weren't any of you guys trained by your mothers to wear overshoes ("rubbers")? They're light-weight, much more water resistant than soles of any type, and removable once you've reached your destination. What am I missing? Overshoes would work, but usually they work best when it is a point-to-point foray that you're making - and you know what...
Two things that I don't see in your list Rubber soled shoes for bad weather - or something equivalent. An umbrella. November in Amsterdam can be pretty rainy.
I just got it - wasn't working 5 minutes ago, but seems fine now. Happy shirting.
Bemberg is a kind of rayon. Silk is better, and most decent tailors in India should be able to supply a silk lining. Where in India are you planning to get your suit tailored?
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