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Is there a minimum or suggested sum for contributions?
I haven't been there myself, but if I were visiting, Calzoleria Harris would definitely be on my list of places to see - I've been meaning to write to them and get a feel for their work for a while. They have a website here - Harris Shoes 1913
I've read a lot about it, but I'm still not able to pin it down - what are the essential differences between the house styles of Huntsman and Brioni? Both seem to have severe waist suppression, structured shoulders and chest, with high gorge, and favor the lean, clean, look.
Here are a few more: Laura The Return of the Pink Panther The Third Man The End of the Affair Sweet and Lowdown The Lavender Hill Mob Kind Hearts and Coronets The Talented Mr. Ripley
Here is a link to a thread about Harris shoes - A. Harris had good things to say about them. I like the look of the pair on ebay - doesn't seem a bad price either.
Quote: About pocketwatches, it is my understanding that, originally, all men wore pocketwatches. I have heard that the first wrist watch was created by a Mr. Cartier, for a French airplane or balloon pilot, who needed a way to check the time without taking his hands off the controls. Is this so? That is partially correct - the wristwatch was invented earlier by Patek Philippe, but was used principally by women. Louis Cartier adapted the design with a...
Quote: Here is a recent photo of Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe and the Duke of Wuerttemberg if you want an example of the style of suit I'm speaking of. German Royals Ye Gads. Take it away.
It is a fairly old tradition for formal jackets and suits to have stand up collars - indeed, this precedes the jacket with lapels. Many military units' formal dress, as well as royal/aristrocratic dress uniforms use these jackets. I'm pretty sure that in that context they never went out of fashion. Here's a picture to illustrate my point - One note: The term Nehru jacket is correctly used for a jacket with a stand up collar that extends to the knees - I have never...
In your place, I'd stick to black captoes or brogues...the safer option. While brown shoes are great, a potentially conservative arena may not be the right place for them
How about just a horse head, with a top hat perched on it at a rakish angle? Could also have a wing collar and bowtie around the neck. I'm a pretty bad draughtsman, so can't help you with the artwork. Thought I'd just throw out the idea, for what its worth.
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