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I'm looking at a pair of Harris shoes on Yoox, going for $215. Are these Blake welted? How would these compare to the Stowes? I did a search on the forum, but any association of the terms "shoes" and "Harris" gives me a large number of A. Harris's posts Any information would be appreciated.
In this case, you're better off going to a specialized running shoe store, with good salespeople, and trying shoes out for yourself. Asics, Saucony, Reebok, Nike, and a clutch of others all make shoes that work fine and are in your range - it comes down to the individual feet. I usually change shoes every six to nine months, and everytime I do so, I don my running clothes, take my old shoes, and go to the store. Based on my foot shape and the kind of wear that is seen on...
Chukkas - reverse calf if you're teaming the jeans with a tweed or corduroy jacket, calf or cordovan otherwise. If you're going for a sleek look - chelsea boots.
Quote: Reminds me of a news story I saw in New York, where a guy was complaining that he wasn't admitted to a restaurant because he didn't have on a jacket and tie. His logic was that his designer sweater cost more than the average jacket and tie, and therefore he should be admitted because he was "dressed up." If that was the standard, then I could be "dressed up" if I was wearing my mountain climbing attire, which costs more than an Oxxford suit. ...
I second Patagonia - also Marmot. Spyder seemed to be popular last season. If you want MTM skiwear, check out Beyond Fleece which is great stuff.
Here is a link to an NY Times story about the currency of Vineyard Vines in Washington, DC. This claims that Kerry switched to Vineyard Vines after his Hermes "habit" attracted unwanted attention. NY Times tie story
Quote: This may sound silly, but as someone who grew up in Vermont and whose parents own a small business, my biggest problem with shopping at Target, Walmart, Costco, etc. are the social effects (and yet I'm a capitalism...I am fully aware of the inconsistency, thank you). Color me dense - but I don't necessarily see an inconsistency in that. Capitalism and corporations do not necessarily go hand in hand. IMHO, small businesses are as much a part of...
All the best. May your lives together be "full of pleasure, void of strife, and beloved of many." (With my apologies to Izaak Walton)
Have you considered Banana Republic? They have separates that allow you to mix and match for your jacket and trousers, and the cuts are not bad. So they're fused, but you do want it in a hurry.
Quote: Aarghh - is it true that French Laundry gives preference to local SF/SJ/Napa residents? I don't know - when I did reserve, it was by calling at 10:00 am, and I got a table for a date 2 months later. The other time I've been there, someone else got the reservations. I've not heard of locals getting any preferential treatment. I'm told lunch is easier to reserve for - that may be something to keep in mind.
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