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Quote: About pocketwatches, it is my understanding that, originally, all men wore pocketwatches. I have heard that the first wrist watch was created by a Mr. Cartier, for a French airplane or balloon pilot, who needed a way to check the time without taking his hands off the controls. Is this so? That is partially correct - the wristwatch was invented earlier by Patek Philippe, but was used principally by women. Louis Cartier adapted the design with a...
Quote: Here is a recent photo of Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe and the Duke of Wuerttemberg if you want an example of the style of suit I'm speaking of. German Royals Ye Gads. Take it away.
It is a fairly old tradition for formal jackets and suits to have stand up collars - indeed, this precedes the jacket with lapels. Many military units' formal dress, as well as royal/aristrocratic dress uniforms use these jackets. I'm pretty sure that in that context they never went out of fashion. Here's a picture to illustrate my point - One note: The term Nehru jacket is correctly used for a jacket with a stand up collar that extends to the knees - I have never...
In your place, I'd stick to black captoes or brogues...the safer option. While brown shoes are great, a potentially conservative arena may not be the right place for them
How about just a horse head, with a top hat perched on it at a rakish angle? Could also have a wing collar and bowtie around the neck. I'm a pretty bad draughtsman, so can't help you with the artwork. Thought I'd just throw out the idea, for what its worth.
Count Dracula The Scarlet Pimpernel Lord Peter Wimsey Doc Holliday Sherlock Holmes - in a smoking jacket...not that dratted cape and hat.
I usually don't frequent Starbucks, but I do tend to tip at Peet's and other independent coffee shops that I visit. Being a barista is a highly skilled job - it is a non-trivial task to draw a good shot of espresso and create the right kind of foam. I try, therefore, to encourage a good barista by the meager means at my disposal. Of course, you are more likely to find that kind of a person in an independent shop, but Peet's will do in a pinch - they still take coffee...
I usually find that brushing, airing, and then steaming it in a bathroom with a hot tub with lavender oil mixed in the water, tends to work with the most tenacious odors. Over time, cedar hangers will also exorcise the smell.
I think you carry your right shoulder a little higher than your left. The pull becomes far more marked on your right. I don't think big chest would help - squaring out the shoulders might. You may want to take measurements of your yoke, and the drop from the bottom of the collar to the top of the shoulder, and then adjust that appropriately, and send it to Ricky.
Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure why the link doesn't work - its the only Harris on Yoox right now - whole cut, in a medium brown. I like the shape of the toe box a lot, but I'm debating whether its worth the extra moolah right now. On the other hand, I might just go for the Harris and a Grenson Rugby, assuming the new shipment has some in my size. A profligacy of riches.
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