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So the top one is on the 3B last, and the lower one on the 46? Very nice - I particularly like the top one. I don't see them listed for sale on your website yet...(down, boy.)
Had lunch at Bouchon in Yountville, so skipped dinner. Lunch was: Trotters Blood Sausage Phelps Shiraz Coffee. Sublime...
Quote: Quote: (tdial @ Jan. 28 2005,07:22) Is Kermit's one button suit jacket a peak-lapel or a notch. It's very difficult to tell, but the lapel styling is wonderful, either way. I love the purple. I had a fleece jacket by Royal Robbins in that color that I adored. I lost it during a Jeep ride between Khajuraho and Satna, while using it as a pillow. Must have slipped out from under my head. Anyone seen it? It was a size L. I...
Quote: Quote: He likes clothes from a certain era and of a certain style and so wears them. I file this guy under the same category as guys who have extensive model train sets, take part in Civil War Re-enactments, and/or are members of SCA. And have sneaker and belt fetishes?
Quote: When I started teaching at a Midwestern university, secretaries would mistake me for a student, so I wore a coat and tie to class so the students wouldn't mistake me for another student. Two or three students immediately told me in written course evaluations, "lose the tie". So now I wear a herringbone or glen plaid coat, no tie. I'd tell those students to get a life, and attempt to get an education. I'm sure you don't base grades on how...
L'Uomo in Stanford carries a decent line of Gravatis.
Right, which is why I am a little confused by the exhortation to treat cordovan like any other leather. Also - and I may be unusually dense here - no one has touched on the cleaner/conditioner aspect re cordovan.
Well, but am I supposed to use shoe cream on shell cordovan? And what about the conditioner? My general regimen with shell cordovan is to wipe with a damp cloth, and use Kiwi polish. This differs from my other leather regimen in that I use conditioner for leather, and alternately use shoe cream and polish. Thus, my question.
What would the same routine be for shell cordovan? What do I do before first wear, and on a regular basis? I know this has been touched upon before, but AFAIK, nobody brought up whether cleaner or conditioner is needed for shell cordovan. Thanks.
There is no over-stressing the importance of a good badger hair brush. I,too, used to have a problem with razor bumps and irritation. I moved to Aveeno as a first step - helped somewhat, but I also had to make sure I didn't shave too closely. Then I moved back to using a cheap shaving brush, and good shaving cream - better results, but still, the shave was not too great. Finally, I moved to a silvertip badger brush. The incremental change was the greatest this time around...
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