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If you're not looking for something mechanical, I'd highly recommend the St. Moritz line - I have the Titan II chronograph, which is pretty much indestructible. Titanium case and strap. It may be a little over your budget, but its little brother, the Pathfinder may fit, and its a great watch, too. Bone tough. Edited for spelling, and to add an image.
Ben Silver carries a few Lock hats on their website The caps seem not to be Lock, though.
I have bought a Huntsman suit from this seller - she was very good to work with, and the item was exactly as described. I paid with BidPay - the lack of PayPal did not bother me.
I would advise trying to talk to Ricky over the 'phone. He does take immediate action based on 'phone converations, while email responses are spotty.
Quote: Quote: (aarghh @ 19 Nov. 2004, 3:15) Is there a minimum or suggested sum for contributions? 50 cents per each post you have made. Kidding. Ah, then I shall have to keep my mouth shut.
Is there a minimum or suggested sum for contributions?
I haven't been there myself, but if I were visiting, Calzoleria Harris would definitely be on my list of places to see - I've been meaning to write to them and get a feel for their work for a while. They have a website here - Harris Shoes 1913
I've read a lot about it, but I'm still not able to pin it down - what are the essential differences between the house styles of Huntsman and Brioni? Both seem to have severe waist suppression, structured shoulders and chest, with high gorge, and favor the lean, clean, look.
Here are a few more: Laura The Return of the Pink Panther The Third Man The End of the Affair Sweet and Lowdown The Lavender Hill Mob Kind Hearts and Coronets The Talented Mr. Ripley
Here is a link to a thread about Harris shoes - A. Harris had good things to say about them. I like the look of the pair on ebay - doesn't seem a bad price either.
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