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Quote: Hmmmm.... disturbing yet riveting. I did forget to add two things. 1) After scraping the beard off, splash with cold water before using the aftershave balm -- to close up the pores. 2) If the blade starts to drag on your face, change the blade. I get about 5 shaves from a fresh razor. Six if I shave only once per session/per day. I'm really interested in this "skin food." Can anyone fill me in? Thanks, ROT Here is a link to Trumper's Skin...
I've used several fountain pens extensively, and haven't had a single one leak on me while flying. I use a Waterman Phileas on a daily basis, and recommend it as excellent value for money. I also like the Pelikan Souveran range - have an 800.
Interestingly, I have almost the same feeling as far as jeans are concerned. I would wear khakis around the house and for generally slumming, but I would never ever wear jeans. I have one pair of jeans, which seldom sees any use. My personal dislike for jeans is because of their weight, and the way denim absorbs moisture. I have often gone into paroxysms over people turning up for backcountry trips in jeans...
Another little bit of useless information - Khaki derives from the Urdu/Hindustani work for dust (Khak) which in turn comes to us from Persian. I believe the British Army officer was stationed in the Punjab, and was trying to find an alternative to the "Thin Red Line" uniforms.
Quote: Hey arrrgh... that avatar is awesome. Who is that? John Steed - from The Avengers. Rather dashing, what? John Steed Bio
Quote: LA Guy, my favorite clubs in LA were Das Bunker, The Key Club, Troubadour, Glass House and Knitting Factory. I mostly frequent the punk/hardcore/thrashcore, underground hip-hop, industrial and fetish, and experimental/jazz joints. My favorite clubs in Seattle are Neumos, Graceland, Catwalk, Crocodile, the old Sit-N-Spin and the like. I couldn't tell ya if there was a dress code at the yuppie/burb-herd clubs, because I don't go to them - they bore me. I...
While on the subject of violinists... Although I must say I prefer Heifetz most of the time.
Quote: Vladimir Horowitz: koji Funny - I was just about to post the same image of Horowitz.
Quote: Django, of course. Absolutely. Also - Charlie Watts
Quote: All the previous tips are good. However, I would bin the shave gel - awful stuff. I use Geo F Trumper products, which I find exceptionally good; similar to Taylor's but I think they have the edge (pun intended.). I used to have terrible trouble shaving, and always ended up with sore skin and cuts. Now I use a badger brush, Trumper's skin food, Trumper's shaving soap (or cream, if travelling), and a Mach 3 razor - I find the Turbo version dreadful, but...
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