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Quote: Who makes a nice monkstrap in black for ca. $300-$600? Crockett & Jones handgrade seems to be a double monk, which I don't especially like. Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. monkstraps are quite elegant - benchgrade, but with channelled soles. On sale they come down to ~$275 or less.
Sierra Trading Post had quite a few options, last I looked. The Barry Bricken flannels are a little over your budget, but eminently worth the price. The gabardines aren't bad either.
Ben Silver has some R.M. Williams boots online. Not the complete range, though.
Koji, Count me in for $100.
Er, it *is* the first of a certain month...
"Bandhgala" literally means closed neck - this term is applied to any of the class of jackets that have a stand up collar. What most people refer to as a Nehru jacket is usually known as a "Prince" coat in India - this is worn formally with trousers and is of the same length as a standard suit jacket. A true Nehru jacket, however, has a long skirt and ends somewhere below the knee; it is usually worn with tight pajamas called "churidars" - somewhat like jodhpurs. Here is...
Let me make the shocking admission - I have never been "clubbing" as the term is defined in the US of A. I have been to many bars and restaurants, but usually in search of a quiet drink or meal. It now turns out that I have to go clubbing with some acquaintances in New Orleans, in the middle of March. Apparently this 30-something dog has to acquire yet another set of tricks. So, oh all you people who are masters of this art, I prostrate myself before thee - give me...
I'm surprised that fountain pens didn't make the article. After all, a Bic can write more reliably, what? When they come to take me away to the guillotine, I shall be clutching my Pelikan through rigor mortis. As an ancient Arab proverb says -"Take what you want - you'll pay for it"
Quote: hey guys I thought this thread about khakis I'm planning on moving back to Hawaii, and I understand the dress code there is very casual, meaning aloha shirts and khakis. Now I would like to get khakis that aren't Dockers. I've heard of Bill's Khakis but I don't know if they're worth the price tag. I do remember Dr. Bresch sharing a negative review of them, as well as someone else claiming that they've worn out in a matter of months. If I'm going to pay...
Quote: He could have went into the store with a baseball bat and hurt more than one person, should we ban baseball bats too? Last I heard you could duck a blow from a baseball bat - its a little more difficult to duck a bullet.
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