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L'Uomo in Stanford carries a decent line of Gravatis.
Right, which is why I am a little confused by the exhortation to treat cordovan like any other leather. Also - and I may be unusually dense here - no one has touched on the cleaner/conditioner aspect re cordovan.
Well, but am I supposed to use shoe cream on shell cordovan? And what about the conditioner? My general regimen with shell cordovan is to wipe with a damp cloth, and use Kiwi polish. This differs from my other leather regimen in that I use conditioner for leather, and alternately use shoe cream and polish. Thus, my question.
What would the same routine be for shell cordovan? What do I do before first wear, and on a regular basis? I know this has been touched upon before, but AFAIK, nobody brought up whether cleaner or conditioner is needed for shell cordovan. Thanks.
There is no over-stressing the importance of a good badger hair brush. I,too, used to have a problem with razor bumps and irritation. I moved to Aveeno as a first step - helped somewhat, but I also had to make sure I didn't shave too closely. Then I moved back to using a cheap shaving brush, and good shaving cream - better results, but still, the shave was not too great. Finally, I moved to a silvertip badger brush. The incremental change was the greatest this time around...
I remember asking about it a while back. Someone on Ask Andy seemed to indicate that he had bought a pair, and the leather was not of very good quality.
Quote: Quote: (clarinetplayer @ 21 Dec. 2004, 05:53) Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk,21 Dec. 2004, 04:26 Here are some pics of Royal Marines pith helmets- Just curious...why is it called a "pith" helmet? Pith is the light porous material in the stems of some trees. I'm guessing the helmets were made out of it (probably pith and shellac). ...
Nobody like Brazil?
I don't like the cut Land's End has at all, and you'll probably get an excellent deal on ebay if you keep looking for a month or so. I just got a lovely Chester Barrie blazer from A Harris a few days ago - spent about $135 totally, with minor alterations ( sleeve shortened, taken in at the waist). If you have some time, I'd really recommend the ebay route.
Quote: And I also completely forgot about the director's cut of Blade Runner, which is far superior to the original release (someone finally did justice to probably my all time favorite writer, Philip K. Dick). koji Hear, hear. Philip K. Dick is one of my favorites as well - I thought Minority Report was good, but seemed to miss the point of the story. Total Recall was too ... Arnold. Have you seen Screamers? I thought that was a rather decent...
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