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I don't know if you'd consider the Kashmiri (Pakistan funded) insurgents a part of the current group, but the Mumbai bombings in 1993 would certainly figure - 1993 Mubai bombings
Let me add my voice to the refrain. Having lived through both the Bhopal disaster and the Bombay/Mumbai blasts, I know that the perfidy of fate can be truly difficult to deal with. In these dark times, know that you are not alone, and that the best response to the perpetrators of this enormity is to keep your spirit up and your head high. At the same time, it would please me tremendously to deliver a far more corporeal resonse to those responsible.
RJman, That wouldn't be Mane Event on Nargis Dutt Rd, would it?
Thanks for all the replies - lots of useful information. I had La Mort Subite and Falstaff on my shortlist - I shall certainly try them out. Also the waffles.
Lord Peter Wimsey from the Dorothy L. Sayers detective series. Psmith from the P.G. Wodehouse books. Not Philip Marlowe - he got beaten up too many times to be entirely comfortable. The Saint, now... Atticus Finch, perhaps.
Quote: Mannish Boy? Doors - Backdoor Man Centurions - Comanche Incredible Bongo Band - Apache Just about everything by the Rolling Stones except Wild Horses and Angie Hey - don't you go knocking Wild Horses now. Good call on Backdoor Man - also The Changeling - most manic slide guitar I've ever heard.
Quote: Quote: (aarghh @ June 16 2005,22:05) boom boom - john lee hooker.... excellent. another good one is 'i'm a MAN'...i guess JLH did that one too. That's Muddy Waters AFAIK - also very cool. I remember that was used in Casino - "I've got seven hundred dollars/don't you mess with me"
boom boom - john lee hooker highway 61 revisited - bob dylan fortunate son - ccr brown sugar - the rolling stones singing the blues - bix beiderbecke georgia on my mind - django reinhardt the pink panther theme - when I'm making an ass of myself - happens with more regularity than I'd like...
I'll be visiting Brussels on business next week. Since I've never been there before I'm keen to see what all of you have to say about it. I'm planning to visit the J.M. Weston store on Ave. Louise, as well as a Martin Margiela boutique. Among other things, recommendations for a chocolatier would also be appreciated - I'm planning to check out Marcolini and Wittamer, but would definitely be interested in lesser known gems. Also on my shortlist: imbibe large quantities of...
Adding my two penny 'orth over here - I just completed a highly satisfactory transaction with Jonathan. I had ordered two ties as gifts, and had scheduling constraints. Jonathan worked with me to ensure that the shipping met my scheduling needs - he even suggested that I go with 3-day select rather than a more expensive method. The ties I had ordered were beautiful - FH-60E in navy and bordeaux - lovely silk and a nice heft to them. All in all, I couldn't be happier...
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