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For a similar product to Le Creuset, try Staub - I find they are usually cheaper. I use the 4 Qt La Cocotte for braising.
Ricardo's Tailoring in Sunnyvale works for me - he does good work. He managed to rescue some custom trousers I had tailored for me in a foreign clime - they were too baggy, and he took them in quite successfully.
I have two - a cotton flannel from Lands End, and a silk Joseph Abboud. I wear the flannel one most days, and the silk one on days when we have house guests.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer I've read all of Reverte that has been published in English. Club Dumas was one of his better ones, and definitely better than that godawful film. My favourites are The Flanders Panel and The Seville Communion as thrillers with a twist. I also like the Captain Alatriste novels for a bit of light reading - they should appeal to Dumas fans also. Alatriste is very thud and blunder...good, highly...
I knew I was missing something. Yep - Flander's Panel is better than both the books I mentioned before.
The Club Dumas is fairly absorbing. Not "The Name of the Rose", but fun. I actually liked the Fencing Master too - not too many of the others have been as good.
Another plug for these pocket squares. The ones in hefty silk were particularly nice, and Jamison was, as he always is, a pleasure to deal with. I'm wearing the orange, blue and white check in Sao Paulo here, while I'm dealing with a cancelled flight to Rio - Congonhas sucks!
Anybody have a source for hare? Much more tasty than rabbit...
The Belgians do a nice rabbit in beer.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I could swear that they do. It would be up in the front with the registers. I'll ask a buddy works in one in San Diego. You may be right - I may have overlooked it since I don't usually drink it. I remember seeing it in Costco, though.
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