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Also try "Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi" - light entertainment, but great fun. Since this was a collaboration it is not a part of the Penguin collections.
Powder blue with charcoal; ecru or burgundy with navy, perhaps purple as well. It would depend on your complexion, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Thanks for the tips so far. I have played around with a friend's iphone and like the interface, but it is way too slow for what I need it to do. The Blackjack also caught my eye, but no wifi killed that for me. I think I am going to go with the AT&T Tilt. I'm waiting for the local store to restock so I can look at them in person. You may be able to find a euro-spec Blackjack with WiFi - a colleague of...
Except for a *really* tight battery compartment cover, I like the Samsung Blackjack that I'm currently using with AT&T. In fact, I'm currently posting this using it tethered to my laptop while commuting on the light rail.
May I suggest a lead codpiece?
Quote: Originally Posted by retronotmetro I have the Blackjack and like it a lot. It is very small and light compared to other devices with qwerty keyboards, especially with the thin battery. It is also typically very inexpensive at the AT&T stores. I have a 2GB memory card in it, which is large enough to keep a few hours of music and other items. Battery life can be kind of short with the thin battery, but I keep it plugged in to my computer all...
My current favorite is a Swedish Army jacket in grey-brown wool. Action back, slightly flared skirt, slash pockets, shirt collar, and pewter buttons. Nice slim fit too.
Patagonia products are typically extremely well made and designed for outdoor pursuits - depending on your use of them, they are eminently worth the price. They usually have a few things on sale; if you can find an outlet, the prices are even better - I get my stuff from the Santa Cruz outlet. Other companies that I would consider equivalent would be Marmot and ArcTeryx.
I roast my own coffee too - I use an iRoast 2 which I have managed to figure out a few profiles for. I get my green beans from Sweet Maria's like Dmax. I move between french press and espresso for my coffee, based on weather and other parameters. I have a Rancilio Silvia for the espresso, and a Cunill Tranquilio grinder. I want a Quickmill Anita and a Mazzer Mini.
Jose Saramago
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