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Could you provide the shoulder to shoulder measurements, and/or the back yoke? 
I managed to order ONE thing from that crazy Unionmade sale yesterday; a Howlin scarf. Everything else I wavered on because lack of sizing info on some stuff. Btw, my order # is 1659 :/
Is this still for sale?
My Crescent Down Works x Reigning Champ vest came in today from and I like it, it's pretty nice. I got it for exactly $114.50 with their 50% promotion thing (would have been $229.00).   It's too dark now, but maybe I'll post some fit pics if anyone is interested.  I'm 5'2" and 125lbs; I got a size Small.
I'm thinking about getting the Reigning Champ collab vest. My chest measures 34 inches; would I be best getting a Small? Ya think it'd be too small to wear a sweater or sweatshirt underneath?
Can someone identify this jacket?
I know these Beams Plus Fleece jackets run small. I'm fine in the measurements for the length and arms but I'm concerned about the chest... I'm a 34 inch chest; would a small be too small for me in one of these?
I was thinking about getting a blazer from J Crew, but since I'm on the small side (I'm 5 feet and 1 Inch, about 125lbs and my chest measure just about 34), I was wondering if I should get a boys 14 or 16?
Go a half-size up
I'd go with the Red Wings (my opinion means nothing).
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