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Hey people,   Need a pair of White Achilles Lows in my life. EU 40 and preferably Brand New, but will consider lightly worn pairs as well.   Please take my money!
^^ lolol exactly. They are pretty meh, hence my hesitation. Thanks for your opinions though. Appreciate it.
Thanks @sipang! :)     Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. On sale for $76. Yea or Nay?
If you had to pick one?       I'd get more use with the khaki one, as I typically wear denim. But it's a faux suede material and would probably get stained easily. Apart from pairing with chinos, I have no idea what i'd pair the denim jacket with.   Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
hey guys, quick sizing question.   I wear a 29 in the SSG Stretch Selvedge and a 31 in the SSG Okayama, do I go for a 29 or 30 in the SSG Left Hand Twill? Also, does the stretch selvedge and the LHT look too similar to have both?   Thanks! :D
Thinking of getting the waxed canvas tournament highs that are on sale at the moment, but I can't decide between a 39 or 40. I wear an 8.5 in most Nikes (Flyknits & Roshes) and 40 in Zara shoes. Any advice?   Also, should I just save my money for leather CPs instead?
isn't that the point of indigo/indigos? i.e appears black but is in fact, not. tempted to get the kamikaze collab myself.
It's my first raw unsanforized denim as well, and I soaked mine in warm water for about an hour cos i didn't want the waist shrinking too much. Didn't measure pre and post soak however. Got rid of quite a bit of extra starch and indigo. One thing I would've done differently is maybe try and have the leather patch near the surface of the water cos it got a little stained with indigo during the soak. No big deal, but I really loved the clean look of the natural patch.   I...
^^Awesome. I just got my SSG Okayama Spirit and I have to say, it is a gorgeous pair of jeans. Didn't realise how much comfort the elastane in the stretch selvedge provided. Still, I can't wait to break this pair in. Think I'm gonna wear it for a month before soaking, it takes quite a bit of effort to button at the waist. Love smelling the leather patch as well. Haha
Best thing to do is to measure your favourite pair of jeans and compare with the measurements found on the blueowl or tate+yoko online store. Blueowl can do the awesome service of measuring the pair you purchase before sending it out.   Just ordered the Okayama Spirit. Cannot wait for it get here. Also, Jay mentioned that no more of the Okayamas would be made in the SSG fit.
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