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 Here's some pics of my feet in the 6.5E: It fits pretty much perfectly in terms of length.Would a wider width help with V-gaps? Or is length the only solution for that?
 THIS. I'm wearing McAllisters 6.5E right now and what a difference going up in width makes.The tips of my last two toes on my right foot are touching the edge of the shoe a little, but it's definitely not as cramped as the 6.5D.A 6.5EE would probably be ideal, or even a 6.5EEE. Which would likely help with the V-gap as well? Now i have 2 pairs in 6.5D that i need to offload.. lolThanks so much advice everyone, you guys are amazing.
Big thanks to @MattRiv @jet-stream@ace13x and @gatszu for your advice!   So i'm back from lunch after walking around in the 6.5D and my right foot is really starting to feel uncomfortably constricted around the toes. The pressure seems to be from the top and side of my last toe.   I do have a 6.5E pair coming in from ebay any day now, so i'll definitely try that to see how they fit. If not then i think the 7D would probably be the size for me.   I'll snap a pic of...
 Thanks so much for the kind advice man.Will definitely look to get my foot measured with a Brannock. In the meantime here's a pic of my feet in the 6.5D Fifth Avenues: My left foot is slightly narrower than my right, so there is less pressure on that foot compared to the right.
 Thanks for the advice.I don't live in the US unfortunately, so ordering firsts and having the option to return would not be feasible. I should probably add that the tightness from the 6.5D seems to be mainly around my toes. Does this mean it's a length issue as well?And i have measured myself before using the printable fit guide from AE and I am a 7D. Also wondering, is a 7EEE really so different from a 7D to feel half size bigger?
Hey guys, I was hoping to get some sizing advice as I don't have an AE store to try shoes out where i'm living.   I have a pair of Strands in 7EEE and found they fit about a half size long. I have a pretty narrow foot but the width was comfortable. I stuck an extra insole in there and can wear it comfortably. I recently bought Fifth Avenues and Weybridges in 6.5D and they are way too tight. The length is perfect though.   Should i be buying a 7D instead? Or a...
USD sorry
these for 230 USD. Should i?     And i'm 7.5 in Chucks. Would a UK 6 fit?
Not sure how i feel about Chelsea boots without a heel. Seems a little strange looking to me at first glance. Should I?  
Would anyone who has seen/own the kakishibu wefts in person care to comment on them? I'm really really close to buying a pair, and below retail too.
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