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Not sure how i feel about Chelsea boots without a heel. Seems a little strange looking to me at first glance. Should I?  
Would anyone who has seen/own the kakishibu wefts in person care to comment on them? I'm really really close to buying a pair, and below retail too.
Hey people,   Need a pair of White Achilles Lows in my life. EU 40 and preferably Brand New, but will consider lightly worn pairs as well.   Please take my money!
^^ lolol exactly. They are pretty meh, hence my hesitation. Thanks for your opinions though. Appreciate it.
Thanks @sipang! :)     Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. On sale for $76. Yea or Nay?
If you had to pick one?       I'd get more use with the khaki one, as I typically wear denim. But it's a faux suede material and would probably get stained easily. Apart from pairing with chinos, I have no idea what i'd pair the denim jacket with.   Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
hey guys, quick sizing question.   I wear a 29 in the SSG Stretch Selvedge and a 31 in the SSG Okayama, do I go for a 29 or 30 in the SSG Left Hand Twill? Also, does the stretch selvedge and the LHT look too similar to have both?   Thanks! :D
Thinking of getting the waxed canvas tournament highs that are on sale at the moment, but I can't decide between a 39 or 40. I wear an 8.5 in most Nikes (Flyknits & Roshes) and 40 in Zara shoes. Any advice?   Also, should I just save my money for leather CPs instead?
isn't that the point of indigo/indigos? i.e appears black but is in fact, not. tempted to get the kamikaze collab myself.
It's my first raw unsanforized denim as well, and I soaked mine in warm water for about an hour cos i didn't want the waist shrinking too much. Didn't measure pre and post soak however. Got rid of quite a bit of extra starch and indigo. One thing I would've done differently is maybe try and have the leather patch near the surface of the water cos it got a little stained with indigo during the soak. No big deal, but I really loved the clean look of the natural patch.   I...
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