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Any advice most appreciated !
Hi, can anyone please advise on the size of Double Monk Filadelfia-2AE last as compared with Simpson last. Thanks. 
 Look forward to having a linen jacket this summer.  
Grateful if anyone can advise me about the size of double monk in FILADELFIA-2AE last. How does it compare with SIMPSON last? Thanks!
 IMO, armpits too low and jackets too long, especially the DB.Isolation, apart from a sloping shoulder, your body shape is quite slim and therefore I think you can buy RTW suits in better fitting than these. Anyway, thank you for posting the photos for us to know the quality of works of the tailors concerned.
Yet must ensure contributing by correct information.Though I am a layman in tailoring, common sense tells me that any sifu can hardly make a living if it takes him 10 hours to stitch the canvas and fix the collar for a jacket.
Hi, Classic Car. Didn't you say you talked to the lady who charged hk$100 for stitching one buttonhole? Are you sure add911 knows her contact details?
I suspect vbc110 fabrics at hk$300 per yard are probably those light weight version with 2x1 weaving, and may not be made in italy.
 Snaps showing the stitching and pattern matching would be most apprecicated.Thanks
 Wow no kidding? What fabric at HK$8K (though the color seems very nice)?
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