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Well done fishball ! Look forward to receiving the fabric.
I gather you must have some reason to have chosen the tailor. Perhaps just do the fitting first ... and then post some snaps for experienced members to comment. Good luck!
Thanks seamasterlux for your clarification. Sorry if I have mistaken you, but the post provided information seemingly like a commercial.
The above is a commercial session ?
Your feeling above has already told us the difference in touch between fresco and finmeresco. IMO, Fresco is much coarser than lesser 8/9 oz.
Very informative thread ... We now have all sorts of salt and "c..."
Hi taibeebee, welcome on board. Would add : no more promotions / commercials in this thread, please.
Really hope that the non-constructive war of words can end now, if not sooner. IMO, though HK is a free market, Caveat Emptor as your seemingly "friend" may be without disclosure earning commissions from your CMT etc.  
 Agree.So many newcomers creat account to join the war of words or to do promotion. Waste of time.
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