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Your feeling above has already told us the difference in touch between fresco and finmeresco. IMO, Fresco is much coarser than lesser 8/9 oz.
Very informative thread ... We now have all sorts of salt and "c..."
Hi taibeebee, welcome on board. Would add : no more promotions / commercials in this thread, please.
Really hope that the non-constructive war of words can end now, if not sooner. IMO, though HK is a free market, Caveat Emptor as your seemingly "friend" may be without disclosure earning commissions from your CMT etc.  
 Agree.So many newcomers creat account to join the war of words or to do promotion. Waste of time.
Hitman, wow what a lengthy analysis!Wonder if you could upload some snaps to support your arguments?Thanks
IMO, since one yard of canvas is usuallu more than enough for a jacket, unless I am making say a dozen or more jackets a year, I would just let my tailor use his in-house canvas or if he has RJW / LBD / Dugdale canvas in stock ask him to use it. I doubt RJW would be interested in dealing with overseas customers who intend to buy several yards of canvas,
Phphl, do you know which tailor shops in hk use english canvas as default?I doubt db (and most tailor shops in hk) would use rjw canvas as default. Other members may wish to clarify.
You must be kidding!But, imo the suit fabric seems very glossy (if not too glossy).
Beautiful loafers!I found Uetam last so slim and narrow that I had to size the loafers up by 1/2 as compared with simpson last.
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