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I've been quoted anywhere from $10-30. Goodluck!
I would say so I'm afraid-although I too am a beginner, so what do I know! Ideally I would go for either a less obvious boot cut, or just have them tailored a bit. I've had this problem in the past from several brands, most noticably bonobos. If you have the extra cash, my favorite is Grown & Sewn, but if your on a budget, just go with a tailor (the pant's look great otherwise).
Thanks for the quick reply. I too see an intimidating look as something to avoid haha. I live in Virginia, but was up visiting family in DC, and found myself in a thrift shop esq store. They had a fairly impressive (and cheap compared to what I'd pay at a place like bloomingdales) array of leather jackets for men, and they have two leather hoodies like the ones I just mentioned. I love them both, but, as a college kid, have a budget. They look extremely similar to this...
I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but here goes. I am going to buy a leather hooded bomber jacket, and I wanted to know if I should go with pitch black or dark chocolate brown. I am 6 foot 2 and fair skinned with dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes (no idea if that changes anything). Which colour should I go with? Thanks!
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