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Hello all. I just received my To Boot NY Medallion Capote shoes. Love them looks wise and the way they feel. Was going to go with AE Strands but too much brogueing for me. I found them on sale on Amazon for 175. I did notice two things and don't know if they are major issues. There are none left so I would have to pay full price elsewhere if I return them. 1) I noticed that the front left sole sticks out a bit more than the right. I attached pics but kinda hard to...
Thanks cptjeff. Makes sense. I agree with your 'in between' opinion. Probably why I only wore them once.
Wow. I should have really scanned the forums before hand. I would have realized that everyone on here is partial to AE shoes and thats pretty much it (which I own a pair of and love as well). Would have saved me the trouble. Thanks for responding though.
Hello there. I have these awesome ALDO shoes that I have only worn once (with a tailored slim suit), and would like to get more use out of them. How do you think they would look paired with jeans? I tried them on and look okay to me, but wouldn't want to FAIL. I would appreciate the opinions.  
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