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Yeah just noticed it was gone. Would definitely love to see a pick when you get them. Should be a great looking trouser.
Am intrigued by the wintergreen herringbone flannel but a bit uncertain about the color. Looks greyish with a green undertone on my monitor, is that right?
 I fail to see how the individual in question is "stuck" with a card they cannot use. They bought a $1500 gift card for $1200, why would one do that if they were then not planning to spend $1500. Second, none of the items in the sale were even close the value of the card. No the issue is the person cannot purchase everything they planned by trying double dip the sales. None of the pants alone are even close to $1500--certainly none of the shirts are. So the person cannot...
Thanks aldenwear!
First pair of Alden's and first pair of natural chromexecel. I will admit I am not very knowledgeable about this type of leather so I could use advice. As I was looking over the boots I noticed a small, but given the color, noticeable blemish/stain on the left side of the left boot. Looking over the rest of the boot and the other I do not see anything similar. So my question is: would you consider this a defect and worth returning?  Or is this normal?   Thanks in...
 I still fail to see what you are trying to accomplish with your story. Re 1) To get second opinions for what purpose?  You state that you are not trying to squeeze more juice out of a lemon but in your first post say you want to know if people would have asked for more.  Why do you care?  If you are not trying to "get more out of them" then frankly what is the point of knowing that others would have tried to ask for more. In addition you state more than once that you have...
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