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nice 'barely there' blue... MTOs are base shoe price +50% ?  what is betty's email?  Tough for me to place a shoe order w/o having tried any of their shoes on.
how you mean not in burgundy?
good to know... the pair i got from brooks is very dark... burgundy isn't very noticable.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cordovan-Leather-Bluchers/091H,default,pd.html?dwvar_091H_Color=BU&contentpos=1   just wondering if anyone who has seen both can say it's the same exact color?
yes exactly...  i did by the lasalle in July, and sent it back (to Nordstrom) because I didnt like that top leather being so forward, it made the lasalle look so unbalanced, and the DelRay looked (in pictures, so balanced) so I went with the Del Ray... as you can imagine my shock and confusino when I got the DelRay.
i got another pair and put it side by side... see the difference...  now my only question right now is, has that top flap of upsidedown U shaped leather 'vamp?' always been as wide as these two look?  I thought it was subtle and about 1/3" narrower throughout.
it's very odd, i just searched ebay and out of the del rays that are being sold, some look line mine, some look like what i want.   i had emailed AE about two days ago but haven't heard back.  i will have to call them up, hopefully whomever i speak to can understand what im referring to.
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