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i just got my napoli suit. i thinking i am going return due bad stitching breast pocket .
thanks!i live in california and avg temp is 75 degrees °F. i think i will focus on spring/summer suits.
what's main differences between (suits) spring/summer line vs fall/winter line? is it safe to say fall/winter suits are more thicker (warmer)?
i bought ae seconds in the past and i haven't had the best luck with them in terms of quality. is the best time of the year buy ae 1st? or will the prices drop more during xmas time?
can i ship it to usa?
great looking suit!i know its washington, but what's suit model name?
 very good
i am having trouble checking out use Netherlands site how do i ship it to usa? i cant figure out what land option to use
i work at financial firm can i possible wear these shoes with a suit? MCTAVISH BROWN DISTRESSED LEATHER WINGTIP OXFORDS if so what is a good color of suit to pair with     
i can go to a retail partner and get sized there but i am not sure if they carry large sizes
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