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can i ship it to usa?
great looking suit!i know its washington, but what's suit model name?
 very good
i am having trouble checking out use Netherlands site how do i ship it to usa? i cant figure out what land option to use
i work at financial firm can i possible wear these shoes with a suit? MCTAVISH BROWN DISTRESSED LEATHER WINGTIP OXFORDS if so what is a good color of suit to pair with     
i can go to a retail partner and get sized there but i am not sure if they carry large sizes
i order them during 250 special i phone order them at the Riverhead NY store
i just call the shoe bank they told its normal because shoes have been sitting box for awhile they suggest putting the shoe tree in shoe for few days and then try wearing them     
i havent tried it i am size 14b,c cant imagine going to 13
it is
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