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So I'm curious if there are any plans for a Derby model to be available on Viberg.com or elsewhere anytime soon besides the previous MTO?  
Man, really want the derby.  My shoe game already has brown and natural cxl adequately covered unfortunately.  Any chance of just flipping my pair's leather inside out for the MTO if natural CXL chosen? (Joking, unless the answer is yes).   Also, who will be stocking the non-MTO derbies if they aren't for viberg.com?  
I would definitely be interested in a rough out derby like the one posted above.
Not sure my situation is drastic enough for any real action so I'll just wear and enjoy and deal with any bigger issues when and if they arise.  And watch out for uneven terrain.   Really impressed w/ both 3sixteen and Viberg's responses thus far.
I don't mean to shit up the thread with these quality  concerns as I think part of it is just the paranoia following dropping a decent amount on these things but my here are  some pictures of my left boot (I'm not seeing any issues on the right, probably due to my gait, as previously stated).         The top part of that middle stud is already fully chipped away. Paranoia or a legit concern as far as future durability goes?
My studs are a bit chipped as well after a few days wear but nothing extreme.  Will be interesting to hear what those in the know have to say.
One more shot of mine and I'm cutting myself off.  Not usually a big picture poster, I suppose these things have me a bit giddy.  
I've been breaking in my Service Boots from Leffot that arrived this  past Friday.  About as solid as they come and oh so pretty.   As a side note, I can roll with the derby price, but will have to wait to see what options arise on viberg.com.  Excited to see what's in store.  
Hey Guy, are the oxfords really 2030 with a brogued toe cap and a christy sole?  You post indicates 2040 last.  Just curious!
Out of curiosity, how do pairs get left over from MTO buys?  There's a single size left in both the cinnamon roughout and black service boots in the  Styleforum shop.   Hoping the same holds true for the Loden Greens...
New Posts  All Forums: