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Olive country derbies prior to my day-long trek through NYC slush.  Just gave em a wipe down and brush and they're right as rain.  Planning on thinning my herd and focusing on these.  First go with Italian leather, no idea what to expect but feels good to step out of the CXL territory. Color here is relatively accurate, boots are a bit darker in person.  Definite olive tones.  Couldn't be happier with them.  
Anyone with the guidi calf, are you doing anything special re: care?  My derbies should be showing up tomorrow, was planning on just brushing them here and there and using the venetian cream somewhere down the line.   Edit: more specifically the olive guidi country derbies. thanks bootspell
 Maybe plain toe, italian black calf if available.  Love the black sole of the Tate&Yoko black service boot.  Maybe go real crazy and pair the black sole with a light goodyear welt as seen on the black derby posted by Brett:     Kinda also have the Leffot Alden Walter Boot makeup in mind, less the cordovan and the crepe sole.  Just hungry for an awesome pair of CASUAL black shoes.
The instagram photo of the Olive Country Derbies sold me.  Picked up a pair.  
Saw that, yikes, hopefully just a printing error.  The derby looks awesome but the end of the stitch down towards the back of the shoe appears to jut out.  I own a couple good year welted boots and in both cases it is flush to the heal.  
People see the black derbies Brett posted on instagram?  I'm bad with the terminology but it looks they changed the...welt? The method looks more like my Indys but honestly looks a bit less clean towards the back of the heal.  Might just be an "experimental" pair. Thoughts?   http://instagram.com/p/yvURTdigiM/?modal=true
1035 on Superdenim as well.  Believe that's the slightly more rounded-toe version of the 2030.  I'm keen on it personally.
Honestly, if they fit well I would recommend giving them a few more chances since you're already taking a loss. They might grow on you. If you were my size, I wouldn't recommend this and would purchase immediately.
Just a quick photo for reference.    
Got my derbies today.  Left shoe has the same issue with lopsided eyelets. Right shoe is fine.  The shoes are pretty damn awesome otherwise, so not sure I'll pursue any correction as the idea of waiting longer to wear them is unappealing.  Must say its kinda disappointing considering the price point...maybe some growing pains with a relatively new model?  Who knows.
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