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Just a quick photo for reference.    
Got my derbies today.  Left shoe has the same issue with lopsided eyelets. Right shoe is fine.  The shoes are pretty damn awesome otherwise, so not sure I'll pursue any correction as the idea of waiting longer to wear them is unappealing.  Must say its kinda disappointing considering the price point...maybe some growing pains with a relatively new model?  Who knows.
Is it still looking like we'll see these this month?
UPDATE: these are sold.     
UPDATE: These are sold.
Did those green reverse cordovan frankenboots show up on the sample sale?
Welp, I caved and ordered.  Can't miss out on THE shoes.  
I imagined the dainite heel to be more similar to the brown french calf service boot on viberg.com with the black contrast on the heel.  Thank you for the clarification.   This will be very tempting.
Not sure I'm getting in on this either way but the dainite sole kinda breaks up the look in my opinion.  Looks way cleaner without, as shown in the example picture from the initial post.
Interesting article about Robert Young who did a huge story for Vice on the South Sudan conflict...   http://indefinitelywild.gizmodo.com/robert-young-pelton-on-surviving-south-sudan-1575895489/all   Relevant as he makes mention that he always travels with his Vibergs.  Article has a typo and spells it "Viborgs".
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