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Slow me didn't see that coming. :-D
Me too casual - but then I'm also overhanged...   [[SPOILER]]
Get Carter - Mike Hodges (1971)       Cynical gangster returns to Newcastle to find out about his brothers death and ends up in big trouble.   I liked this; the filming and the acting and the way architecture is incorporated. Not bad script either. Nice suit, as well.
That time of year; little light is bad pictures.  [[SPOILER]]
@Hal Freeman Than you very much.
But today it was back to the old cotton fields...   [[SPOILER]]
Yesterday - Off to swinging London.  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Darkness all around.  [[SPOILER]]
The big short - Adam McKay (2015)     Docu-drama about the Wall street and crisis in 2008. Boring from start to end. All but, Brat Pitt is fail. Script is mess, like educating for school children; bad education, and editing is confusing. How could Christiian Bale accept a part as this? He must have been insane. 
Off to Sunday service.  [[SPOILER]]
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