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Still cold. Stil April.  [[SPOILER]]
 Beautiful - so is the Jetson. 
What kind of movie is Ich Seh, Ich Seh, @Kid Nickels?
@Roycru  I'm such a fan of your attitude. Wish I one day can be so confident, laid back and stylish. I bow my head, 
That is one of my all time favourites. 
 I like this, but the shirt is a bit too blue. Might not be better with bright white. but with cream, ecru or a very pale blue.  My guess.
Off to lunch with retired colleague.  [[SPOILER]]
Casualities of War - Brian De Palma (1989)     US soldiers kidnap Vietnamese girl, rape and then kill her, this lead to great tension to the squad, and shows what forces that is at large in war.   The main characters are private Eriksson (Michael F Fox) as the humanist and sergeant Meserve (Sean Penn). Both a good choice, Fox is emotional and strong at the same time, it illustrates the conflicts both in him and between he and his fellow combatants. He is the...
Black book - Paul Verhoeven (2006)       A Jewish woman joins the Dutch resistance movement after her family is killed by the Nazis, but she experiences that trust and love can be hard to cope with and that it is no easy place to be on stuck between a rock and a hard place.   For me this is a typical movie in this genre, it has qualities, the filming is pleasant and Carice van Houten is quite good in har part, she has to show a wide spectrum of emotions and cope...
Salt of the earth - Wim Wenders/Juliano Ribeiro Saldago (2014)       This is a documentary on the farmer son who leaves home as a youngster, becomes political radical and by incidence discovers he can take pictures. He seeks the outskirts of existence to document the life of the most bothered; man or animal, in South America or Africa, the Arctic or the rain forrest. Brazilian Sebastiâo Saldago wants to show us exploitation and injustice and the misery in human...
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