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Thank for yesterdays thumbs, guys.
 Thanks, both for the suggestion and the appraisal.It's true, I have move around a bit, lokking for the best light and a pose that is less unflattering.I'll see what I can achieve.
Tweed. Poplin. Grenadine. Sued.    [[SPOILER]]
Friday just after office.   [[SPOILER]]
The other day.    [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for the tumbs-up from yesterday.
Tattersall for Roy Al.  And socks mismatching trousers; sic transit gloria mundi.    [[SPOILER]]
First glimps of prima vera, still I think I might be a bit too busy today.  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you good people for yesterdays thumbs.
 I noticed the similarity the other day. It's very nice on you, and you wear it with a navy tie. That is fine.I often use mine with a grey stripe poplin shirt and orange grenadine, since I feel I need some colour to the outfit.
New Posts  All Forums: