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 Not bad fit, but I'm not happy with the tie here. Too matchy. What about navy?Those pockets might not be quite what I prefer, but if you are happy... 
@Cleav I admire your colour combination, always classic. But I miss total photo showing the fit. Too often I just see a part of you. 
On vacation, and no posting (almost).  [[SPOILER]]
@Andy57 Nice suit, nice shirt too. But not so sure about the tie and PS; both together and with this outfit. Better with navy? But your watches... man, you really have quite some nice pieces.
@AlexE Nice, but not sure about the shoes. They seem not formal enough for the occasion. Black semi-brogues, could that have been an option?
@Andy57 The shine, the shine... I want the shine.
By the end of another day closer to vacation.  [[SPOILER]]
That Steed suit is really nice @Andy57. I have noticed that you use them often, and they always are good on you. I have made an appointment with Matthew on my next trip to London, and look forward to see what might come out of that. A bit anxious as every time I try a new tailor.
Now is end of a long day. This was the start.  [[SPOILER]]
Also not bad @madeinbogota But I don't like the pant here. They are too casual for the formal upper; the shirt and the jacket. Still I think grey trousers would be the natural choice here. And with a crease. 
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