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 Feel like I'm home. :-D
 So do I. Normally. If they're not giving me the silence-treatment.  ;-)In the last post I had some questions, but then, I cannot expect everybody to be eager to answer my wonderings. No big deal.
 Nah. It's just show-off to impress you guys. 
 It is a very important question.Why has Aristoteles's tragedies survived and not his work on comedy?We need both, but it is so much easier to finish a comedy. A tragedy has often so many layers and levels, and deals with quite different challenges; most of all: What does it mean to be a human being?Since the answer depends on the person asking and the historical time that person is living in, we must ask the question over and over for ever new generation.Comedy is fun,...
The Merchant of four season - Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1971)       After a misconduct Hans has to leave his job as a policeofficer and slides down the social ladder and must work a fruitmerchant, an occupation that his bourgeois family despises. He is unable to live up to the expectations from his surroundings, betrayed by his wife, whom he molest, but who can not leave him any more than he can live without her.   It is a movie where all the persons are in some...
Thanks for the thumbs for my last post - even though I didn't get any comments. 
 Thanks, I will look into this director.
Still life - Uberto Pasolini (2013)       The last weeks in the job and life of lonely council worker who seeks the relatives of people that die alone. Could have been a boring bureaucrat, but he is so much more.   A touching movie about loneliness and the vital importance of having relations to other humans, no man is an island - and about the dignity of humans and the need to be remembered. A very British movie, sad and quiet, but not without humor. Emotional...
 Might be why I never understood the hype, just didn't like the movie.
Beautiful norwegians, Don. And nice suit too.
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