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First day with the new jacket, cashmere - here and there.   [[SPOILER]]
@SeaJen I think you look better shaved. Nice jacket, shirt, tie kombo. Harmonically, but not servile. 
Thank you, jc. 
Maiden voyage for suit and shirt.  [[SPOILER]]
@SYCSYC Nice tie, but is the suit+shirt a bit too formal for that tie?
Meanwhile in an other universe Tor just left us...  [[SPOILER]]
Once upon a time in the west - Sergio Leone (1968.       If nothing this is too long. The luxury to dwell is long gone in movies. Interesting use of zoom, sometimes I think this is make for tv. But too many characters, and too obscure motivation for many of them. Think this movie is important as a forerunner to something else  or an end of a genre.  The use of wide screen is sometimes pure beauty like in the outdoor scenes, but in house it's just messy. When it...
@offset  The tie is the problem here. Too loud; try plain rust, burgundy or navy.  The socks are too casual.  The rest I like, but it would be better to say anything about the fit if you posted a picture where we can see all of you.
If this movie had been made in the west, it would fit the western ideology of the one good man against the bad system, and the good man succeeds and after a hard struggle. In this (East-)European story he has really never a chance; the forces against him are too strong, both the system that he him selv is a part of, and the darker sides in himself drive him downward. In that way it is a much more realistic story then usually told.   I want to look closer into the works...
Leviantan - Andreij Zvyagintsev (2014)      Just loved this movie about disloyalty, betrayal and fighting for the wrong causes in a society in decay; this is the little man up against overwhelming problems and a corrupt system. The mayor wants his house, and has connections to the police, the court and the church. Up against this, our poor Job has few but no chances, but he fights on. Had he just discovered what is really important to him! It's not his house; it's his...
New Posts  All Forums: