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 I think they call it Mac, but thanks anyway.
Off to church. Wonder where God is...   [[SPOILER]]
Not bad entry @TexJake Classic blue/grey ensemble. Keep posting.
In between, I dare to say @smittycl. Not peach, not tan... more like a fair skin after an hour or so in the sun,
An other week at the wheel is over.   [[SPOILER]]
My highest cut trousers and Donegal tie.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks to those who like my posts. Today blue. But not over you.   [[SPOILER]]
We might put different association to rock'n roll, Mr Jones. And it wasn't meant literally - just my inner Rebel, Rebel.  
 Hehe. Love my red pants; they are rock'n roll to me. :-D
Lower contrast than yesterday's scream in the wilderness.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: