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 Good to hear.Yes, it's a bore, I know, had myself two months this spring - without home office. Lot of movies and internet, and then I got well in the end. 
Hope you are recovering well, Crusty. And thanks to all who like my pictures. It is much liked here in the cold. Makes it sort of warmer.
 Yes, the relationship is quite unique, they are my second family. The suit is a MTM from Whitcomb and Shaftesbury, made of a Holland and Sherry cloth.
An other day in the ditches,  [[SPOILER]]
 I do, at least a twice a month. Great people, almost regret I left their daughter. ;-)
Off to dinner with ex-inlaws.  [[SPOILER]]
@SYCSYC Dig the way you work with brown and grey combo. 
Herringtrombone.  [[SPOILER]]
End of an other day - and still no sign of Bob Dylan.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: