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 What is the movie called, and who is the director?
 That's not the nordic style, K-T. I prefer to put him under a spell or slap him in the face with a cod.
Had this ensemble made, but felt the jacket was too wide over the chest. Needed to be like that the cutter said, due to balance. Nja..what you gents say..? Return for alternation, or me just difficult customer?  [[SPOILER]]
 I agree, Interstellar is an intelligent, moving and exiting movie. 
Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Martha (1974) This productive genius was just 28 years old when he made this beautiful movie with his long time collaborator the cinemategrapher Michael Ballhaus. Together they developed a visual style that is simple, concrete and without any bullshit, but at the same time utterly striking. And in this movie he has a very nice 720 degrees take, a way of filming Fassinder/Ballhaus used from time to time when they wanted to shoot a scene of persons...
 It's mr Thurston that is too tight this morning. When I adjust the suspenders the trousers meet the shoes where they suppose to. 
The bells of St Svithun are summoning...   [[SPOILER]]
Out for a stroll.  [[SPOILER]]
Mommy - Xavier Dolan (2014)     This years favorite already? Xavier Dolan is a canadian wonderkid with this very beautiful and deeply disturbing movie questioning what (motherly) love is and ends up telling that it is colder than death; tangled up with aggression and despair and the need to keep others down so that one can get a glimpse of survival and meaning in life. And the actors! Anne Dorval is emminent. And the music: so well chosen. Subtile filmed by André...
 So do I, but had to play with what I have.
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