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Thomas Mahon/English Cut - MTMTurnbull & Asser - MTMAllen Edmonds.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs, gentlemen.
 Yes you can. 
 Thank you. I think the trousers are cut too wide, but arguing was useless. On the other side, they are comfortable and I can have all my twelve childeren in there at the same time. 
Slowly the sun returns to the nordic.  [[SPOILER]]
Monday, monday.    [[SPOILER]]
Happy birthday, Crusty,
Since the Good Lord has not provided me with a body that keeps trousers up by themselves, he has given me braces.  
 Yes, it is. I've been occupied with other issues. But my intention is to post more than the last months.
It's been awhile.  [[SPOILER]]
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