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Tom at the farm - Xavier Dolan (2013)       Tom attends love'rs funeral to discover his sexual orientation is most denied and triggers violence.  Very clever canadian Dolan (age 28) acts in the main role in this thriller about the lies we make and those we are forced to make. A good movie, but still fare from his masterpiece Mommy.
I've be studying the same picture. It's an interesting composition and signals solitude and lack companionship. She has to salute her mirror image; life and other people are an other place... I really like it; emotional charged. The picture of Crusty and husband in shelf is a important comment; there we see two who have found each other, but the woman in the litho has only/barely found herself. Maybe that's why she looks sad; no one is complete without a companion...
More casual this Friday.  [[SPOILER]]
Stylish as always, Crusty. And pictures are good.
 Yes, it certainly is, sir. And thank you for your kind words. 
Oggi.  [[SPOILER]]
My heart goes out to London. Be brave as always. Fear will never win.
Have fun in the sun - spring is here!  [[SPOILER]]
And here's to day.  [[SPOILER]]
Hmm... @blekit with green tie. Well, so can I.  [[SPOILER]]
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