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 Tailor? Nja, well, more of a salesperson. But yes, it was the one I met and whom measured me.The experience was quite something else than what I'm used to, both the measuring and the communication between us were unfamiliar and a bit strange. So I'm a sort of ambivalent about this project. 
Thank you for your and Sanders tips. White shirts do I almost only used in funerals. I've used the suit with shirts in many shades of blue, and at a time even red shirt. But my taste faded... luckily.  The suit was made for me back in -09, and it's my first attempt to enter the Savile Row-universe. The experience itself was taking place in the showroom of Holland & Sherry in Savile Row no 9/10, and the tailor, Bryan Manning http://www.manning-and-manning.com/ had made a...
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday. It's very inspiring.Not many comments, I also need to improve. So please feel free to share thoughts.   [[SPOILER]]
The summer hesitates here in the upper hemisphere.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday. Mea gusta.
Back from London yesterday with some new stuff. [[SPOILER]]
 It was a navy tie I had in mind. But that tie might be better with a navy suit.
 Love the jacket. Feel uneasy with the tie. I think I see what you want, but it doesn't blend in well. Navy might be better.
 This is one of two lovely twins, handmade i UK. Living Voice they are named, mine are the OBX - R2, but they come in a range and you can even have them bespoke if your wallet allows it. http://www.livingvoice.co.uk/products-auditorium-speakers.html Very nice with tube or pure class A amplifier. I drive them with an other UK handmade beauty, Sugden Masterclass, warm, controlled and utterly musical sound, with lot of power which is a perfect choice for these...
RTW-day today. [[SPOILER]]
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