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Monday, monday.    [[SPOILER]]
Happy birthday, Crusty,
Since the Good Lord has not provided me with a body that keeps trousers up by themselves, he has given me braces.  
 Yes, it is. I've been occupied with other issues. But my intention is to post more than the last months.
It's been awhile.  [[SPOILER]]
Crusty: You are like good wine. And besides that, the suit fits you better today than back then.
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday, guys.
 @Pliny: Dunno. Put the thread in a machine and press start..?
 It's a Holland & Sherry, the jacket is MTM from Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, but the trousers are from Manning & Manning, also MTM. It was an experiment after a funny idea that seemed good at that time; let one tailor make the jacket and an other the trousers. It took me far and wide, and will not do again. I initially wanted Tom Mahon to make the jackets for two MTM-suits, but it turned out that he had not the time, and recommended me Whitcomb & Shaftesbury. I had these two...
Here I go.  [[SPOILER]]
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