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Today.    [[SPOILER]]
Suit - English Cut - MTMShirt - Turnbull & Asser - MTMTie - Turnbull & AsserPS - Berg & BergShoes - LoakeCoat - Charles Tyrwhitt  [[SPOILER]]
Another day in the treadmill. Jacket & trousers - El corte inglese, SpainShirt & shoes - CTTie - Dege & SkinnerPS - Berg & Berg    [[SPOILER]]
Thomas Mahon/English Cut - MTMTurnbull & Asser - MTMAllen Edmonds.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs, gentlemen.
 Yes you can. 
 Thank you. I think the trousers are cut too wide, but arguing was useless. On the other side, they are comfortable and I can have all my twelve childeren in there at the same time. 
Slowly the sun returns to the nordic.  [[SPOILER]]
Monday, monday.    [[SPOILER]]
Happy birthday, Crusty,
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