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Spoilers guys...
@Hal Freeman Agree, without glases, people tend to look more naked and vulnerable, sort of more intimate and unprotected.   [[SPOILER]]
Good evening, guys.  [[SPOILER]]
Phju, finally the end of another day at the steering wheel.  [[SPOILER]]
Andreij Zvyagintsev - Elena (2011)       A beautiful movie about a middel aged woman in a cold marriage trying to make a better life for her grand child. Her husband has other plans, and Elena has to be as cynical as the rest of her surroundings.   Camera done perfect by Mikhail Krichman, who also did Leviatan and The Return. Both very good movies. This one is like a hommage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, both in thematic and in style.    Money is the issue here -...
Finally weekend. Deo gratias.   [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks both @smittycl and @Mr Knightley
On the borderline too little contrast top-bottom....   [[SPOILER]]
Hi there.  [[SPOILER]]
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