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 Watched this tonight. I think it has some qualities; the acting is here and there not so bad. This movie may be radical in it's time, but now it is so outdated. I can not sympathize with the plot, too simple as it is it is deeply false in its role reversal. 
Challenging pattern matching.  [[SPOILER]]
Harris, Harris, I'm never to cold for you.  [[SPOILER]]
Rio Bravo - Howard Hawks (1959)     Generic western movie with good direction and funny lines; the small town is protected by the sexually neurotic sheriff, his melancholic deputy with larger hangover than heartbreak,  the phlegmatic and satirical crippled with narcissistic issues and helped by the sweetface and triggerhappy youngster with guitarabilities and bad smokinghabits.  Great watch.
It's not dark yet but it's gettin' there. It's that time of year.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
I know the movie is a 80's classic. I needed to watch it since one interesting director mentioned it as his principal inspiration besides Tarkovskij's 'Mirror' (which I love) and Fellini's '81/2' (which I find more troublesome and need to rewatch more often).      The Breakfast Club has some clever dialogue, for the most driven by the Bender character, as some of you have pointed out. But the filming is so 70's as they come; better off on the radio.   The most...
 Thank you. I imagine they are more in the typical Jermyn Street style. Rather expensive though.
@DiplomaticTies: Nice. How do you find the EW-shirts compared to other high end shirts? I have considered buying one from time to time, but was never able to make up my mind. 
Really not my cup of tea this one.
The Breakfast Club - John Hughes (1985)       It took me 30 years to see this, and I understand why. It's oldfashion both in the story and the filming. The camera is like a reminiscence from the 70-ties, without any interesting pictures and all the camerawork is made in sleep. The manuscript is unbelievable, and lacks both sting and humor. The characters are cliches and not people; no youth or grown ups behave like that. For a minute, some place in there, I thought...
New Posts  All Forums: