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The problem with long ties started when I got my trousers made for me. My waistline is not where the tie manufacturers want it to be. It's higher.  It's nicest when the widest side of the tie is the longest.
Very humble and grateful for the thumbs yesterday. It's still rather chilly here in the nordic, and I think I just saw a polar bear lurking around this morning. That's why the tweed.The bruise is from the last close encounter whit the white king. I'm sure we will not see him again. Jacket, trousers, tattersal - bespoke, Whitcomb & ShaftesburyTie and PS - Charles TyrwhittShoes - Loake  [[SPOILER]]
 Don't think so, I have some other springshoes in mind; the norwegian Aurland loafer.What I wish for is to find some nice sueded oxfords. Never bored with them. Then I'll see what might lease me.
Thank you for the thumbs yesterday. Now off to Carminashop in Palma de Mallorca. 
This is how it turned out to day. A more radical shit than I normally wear.      [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for your thumbs yesterday. I would like comments as well, if any.
 Sorry to hear about you were made a widower, but happy to hear you found happiness again, Crusty.
Suit MTM  - Whitcomb & ShaftesburyShirt MTM - Turnbull & AsserTie - Harvie & HudsonPS - Charles TyrwhittShoes - Allen Edmonds  [[SPOILER]]
 Like todays outfit, they are british and handmade; Living Voice they're called.
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