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Spectre - Sam Mendes (2015)     Never really been a hardcore JB-fan, maybe not a fan at all. But I've watched all the movies - with uneven interest. I think Mendes has been able to give some new energy to this worn out fiction. I like his use of shades and light in the frame and his use of dept of field to compose beautiful and powerful scenes. I loved the long oneshot take in the beginning, bringing associations to Orson Wells; complicated and very proper directing,...
After an other long day in the fog and the rain.  [[SPOILER]]
I need to say that there is an other side to this; even though far too many die from depression, most patients get well since there is good treatment for the illness. But people need to know where to get help, and there is a need to normalize psychiatric problems so the barrier to seek help is lowered. I wish it could be as easy to seek help for a wounded heart as it to seek help for a wounded knee. Not there yet, but we are moving in the right direction. 
Sorry to hear, Cleave. Depression can be a lethal disease, and it takes more life than traffic.
I agree with you, but on the other side there are being made so many more movies these days, and those who don't make heavy use of effect and the extraordinary seem to drown in the competition. (Or the noise). I think the production speed leads to too many short cuts during the whole production for many movies. 
Mr Lean was a very serious man, living in a seriuous time. I like the way of making movies back then, very worked through. Far from Dogme, to put it an other way.  The Brigde over the River Kwai is many years ago for me, and I could do with a revisit. Kind of remember it as looooooong.
@ballmouse : I love this, but I adore Dr Zhivago. That is Lean's best. Close encounter is also very good movie, but a reactionary story, but A passage to India was so boring and outdated, Ryan's doughter just too long and uninspired. David Lean has really given movies all over the quality spectrum. 
The fall is soon turning into winter. [[SPOILER]]
 Velvet Goldmine - Todd Haynes (1998)         This is a story on different levels; a journalist (Christian Bale) is set to do a story on the glam rock of his youth and has to come to terms with his teenage years, his sexuality and his idols. Through flashbacks we get to learn his personal story, but even more we get to learn about one of the big glam names; David Bowie (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) his rise and fall, and his love affair with US prepunk star Iggy...
Bad education - Pedro Almodòvar (2004)     This is an interesting movie about trust and misuse, lies and truth, passion and identity, who is exploiting who? It's also a movie about making a movie, and there are quite some twists in here. And it is a movie about love that is not returned.  Almodòvar is a true artist, and has his very own style: bright colours, a typical clearness in the scenes and always people who have to come to terms with some hidden secrets about...
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