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@Anden Love your humor. 
What all this mumbo-jumbo about brown, I just wonder if I can leave for office in these shoes or should use galoshes...  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Meanwhile in another town.   [[SPOILER]]
 The secret is steam and muscles. And a early photo session... Come to Norway and have a chill out. :-)
In between seasons makes it difficult to dress for the weather here under the polar circle.Trying at least to shorten tie, which makes the knot different as the blade is wider. Not brought out the scissors yet.  [[SPOILER]]
Terrible light today.  [[SPOILER]]
@An Acute Style The pant are MTM, made of Manning & Manning from a Holland & Sherry cloth some years a go. Ironing by myself. Had them alternated once when I lost some kilos. Still very versatile and use them every now and then.
Another day, an other year.  [[SPOILER]]
@Hal Freeman Not so happy with that tie; it's too dominant with that outfit. Why not something solid, burgundy, green or navy grenadine? Else I like this.
@DiplomaticTiesThat jacket is bizi and with that tie its over the top. Might work if everything else were very quiet. 
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