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Would love to test!
Mine's a little long too, but I prefer it that way for this! It's a great jacket!
The reward code doesn't seem to be working with these preorders. :( Anyone else have any luck?
 Thank you! If the Grant last fits me perfectly with a 10D, should I go to 10.5 here? It's the toe box width that's probably going to hold me back.
Curious about this!How does the Aberdeen last compare to the Barrie? Is it narrow in the toe box or wider?
I wish the matte black calfskin wasn't on a leather sole again. Seems like it's been a go-to option for Viberg's stock boots lately.
Ohhhh damn.  This is GREAT.
Are there any 45's/46's at the Manhattan store to try on?
For the grey suede Chelsea, about when would delivery be?
What size will they be available up to!  Past the standard 42?  XXL?
New Posts  All Forums: