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What time tomorow will the pants MTO go up?
What is the Individualized "Bespoke" program at the upcoming trunk show? Is this actual made-to-measure shirting from Epaulet, or is it just liking the ongoing MTO things that've been coming out?   Also very curious what kind of bags will be available in Saffiano!
Will the Saffiano plain toe be at the Manhattan store this Saturday? And did you guys end up putting blind or brass eyelets on it?
Any Rudy MTO coming up with new fabrics?
Want to know where I can find this sweater! [[SPOILER]]
When the next round of Cramertons comes out in August, can there be a Rudy MTO option?
Ripstop on Rudy, please!   And will the suit pants ever feature a Rudy fit?
Just wanted to say that the running trainers you make are my favorite sneaker I own. I have a bunch of other great shoes, including a pair of your tennis trainers, but I find myself defaulting to the running trainer as the cleanest-looking comfort shoe I have.
I noticed that on the website, there's a section for Rudy Trousers. Will these ever be made outside of special orders?   Also, with the Rudy fit, what are the odds of getting moleskin in as a trouser fabric for Walt/Rudy makeups? There's a lot of great Rivet Chino MTO stuff, but the options are more limited on the Rudy offerings. I'd love to see the moleskin or ripstop fabrics.
Hi all, curious about sizing. I wear a 10.5E in most Allen Edmonds dress shoes, 10D Barrie for Alden shoes, 9.5D Barrie in Alden boots, and a 10 in Wolverine 1,000 Miles. What would my size be here?   I'd be looking for a side-zip. Thanks.
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