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If the sizing's different, what does that mean for those of us at the far-end of EP's sizing?  A current XL barely fits, and the sportcoats and such only go up to 42 without an MTO (putting them beyond me).  Will the overdyed oxfords work?
Please do tell about the private label boots/shoes!
What's the expected weight of the leather?  3 oz.?  Closer to 4?  2.5?
Thanks so much, man.  If it's at all possible, I'd be interested in a brown calfskin belt in Size 34, and maybe a pair of the white/grey suede sneakers... not sure what size, can anyone chime in on that?  I wear a 10.5D/E dress shoe, and 11.5's in Jack Purcells.
Will be in for that proxy.  I appreciate it, SVB and Epaulet!
That's truly a perfect fit.  Really nice stuff!
Shawl collar bomber jacket?!  Haha what season's that for!  It sounds great!
Just picked up the Rewards program.  Excited for it.
I'm torn.  With a mind for basic versatility and a fun fabric, what do you guys recommend for a pant first, the slate Japanese garment-dyed twill, or the petrol Khyber cloth?
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