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For the grey suede Chelsea, about when would delivery be?
What size will they be available up to!  Past the standard 42?  XXL?
Please put up some sample pictures of the trainers!  And if we drop in the Manhatten store before next Tuesday, will they be available for purchase?
Looking forward to news on the trainers!
Will these shorts work for Rudy people!
How well do you guys think cargo pockets would work with the streaky Italian denim?
Curious how the sneakers will look!
Curious about this, too! I may pull the trigger on a pair of chinos, but I wanted to see what came of the Memorial Day promotion first.
Some quick photos, taken with a poor phone - but the slate garment-dyed twill.   It's definitely cleanly in the middle between blue and grey, slate really is an accurate description.  I love it.  The Rudy fit's almost dead on for me, too, so that really helps.  
Japanese garment-dyed!  They're in the "solid cottons" MTO section on the website, I think.
New Posts  All Forums: