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They look great. Any idea on sizing, and what these will compare to (I have a pretty wide disparity with shoes versus sneakers - 11.5 Adidas and Chucks, but 10.5D for standard last dress shoes)?
I'm torn between two different Rivet purchases - the Smoky Black Tech Herringbone and the Charcoal Flecked.    Looking for something grey or black to wear for fun in the fall/winter months. Which would you guys recommend? Also, as a side note, are cargo pockets possible on the Rivets or just Walt/Rudy/Driggs? Thanks!
As a Rewards member, how can I purchase one of the flannels now?
If it's a Large BD, lemme know.
Natural leather sneakers? NICE. Any ETA on those - would this be after your Portugal trip?
If I own a pair in the snuff suede already, I'd take the same size in this, correct?
Would love to test!
Mine's a little long too, but I prefer it that way for this! It's a great jacket!
The reward code doesn't seem to be working with these preorders. :( Anyone else have any luck?
 Thank you! If the Grant last fits me perfectly with a 10D, should I go to 10.5 here? It's the toe box width that's probably going to hold me back.
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