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Those inspiration photos are marvellous! Hoping to see some more great outfits in this contest.
Wow. That tie must feel heavenly.
Me too.
Upr_crust, you know what? Those sunglasses gave you something of a Bruce Willis-look!
Excellent thread, mr. upr_crust!
I wanted the brown wool/silk Havana, but unfortunately my size had been out of stock for a while. All of a sudden, one piece came back in stock, so I suppose someone tried it on and returned it. Anyways, now it's on it's way to me. Looking forward to meeting it!
I have the 680, and it's quite rough in its texture, making it more casual than the other one. I like it, though.
I was about to say TTO killed this one as well, but then Claghorn showed up! Nicely done by all of you lot running in this challenge, by the way. A lot of good compositions, even though two of them really stand out.
New Posts  All Forums: