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Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I'd switch carriers. It sounds like they are stealing your code. Can you translate that? Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure what that means. Who is stealing what?
One of our cell phone lines has been 'cloned' (I think), meaning that someone else is using our phone number to get and make calls. Half the time, we connect to the stranger and he's making calls that are going to our bill. Needless to say, it's pretty annoying. I've tried researching it online, but not having too much success. Anyone have experience with this? Our carrier is dealing with it, but they were supposed to have fixed it last week and now it's back. Is this...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Every education course I've ever taken. If I have to hear Blooms Taxonomy one more fuckin' time... Plus, after about 6 months into teaching, I came to realize that 90% of what you learn is bull shit and didn't work in my classroom. I think higher education for educators is the biggest sham. Nothing can teach you more than on the job training, and honestly, with most teachers, its a personality thing. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biff I have none of the former and very few of the latter, unfortunately... Well, then maybe you're the new owner of Momotaro capris... very rare, I hear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mistral How can someone fuck up an inseam by 3 inches? Just a guess, but it seems pretty obvious that they took a measurement and cut it at the mark, forgetting to allow for the 3" that get rolled up into the hem. Got any rich, short friends?
Has anyone used Pecard's Leather Oil on their GT's? I have a pair that's quite beat up and I was thinking about applying it, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried it.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler OK. So who's getting these new 24 oz. PBJ models coming in the next month or so? I've heard that there will be a regular indigo model, a deep indigo model, and a purple face model. Cuts will be based on XX-005 and XX-011, rumor has it that the XX-005 cuts will only be available in smaller sizes and the XX-011 cuts will only be available in larger sizes. Does anyone have details on these? When? How...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 pbj has a new 011 that is really tapered below the knees that might work if you have skinny legs, otherwise, the slim/straight cuts would be best. also check out the fullcount 1108 and momotaro 0701 or 0705 cuts. im sure there are many others ... these just come to mind. Thanks! I'll check those out.
I have a pair of SC1966 that I love. They're currently in that sweet spot of broken-in-ness, but I'm starting to think about my next pair. I'm hoping for something a bit less baggy (but not tight) and a slight taper below the knees. Any recs? I was thinking about PBJs. Can anyone recommend a certain cut?
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy is this thread the real estate equivalent of "sharp knees"? No, it's a beautiful room, but it's screamingly obvious that the books are there merely as decoration, not to be read. Thus, if the books aren't being read, then what's the room for? It seems like a waste. I'd love that room. It'd be fantastic to fill it up with my own books and read/write/study there. A SF analogy might be Aportnoy's shoe...
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