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Can someone comment on how Tokyo is at the moment? I'm planning to move to Japan soon, so I'm trying to figure out how impacted Tokyo is. A couple months ago, a friend recommended against Tokyo (in favor of Kyoto, etc.). Is it back to normal? I'm having trouble imagining surviving the Tokyo summer without air conditioning.
I plan to get rid of a lot of my cheaper furniture, but is there some general advice on storing nicer stuff? My understanding that there's the regular storage units and 'climate controlled'. Some of the stuff I need to store is valuable and somewhat fragile. Should I be taking out insurance? I don't want to end up like Sampras. I'd get rid of more, but I'm moving my whole family so it's more than just my sentimentality to deal with.
I searched the archive, but I didn't come up with anything so here goes. Does anyone have any advice about renting storage units? I'll be out of the country for a year so I'm planning to put my stuff in storage (about 3 bedrooms worth).
I figure this is the thread for random architecture questions, so here goes. Why is siding so popular? Is it just a cheap way to weatherproof a house? It seems both decorative and protection, but can't the house's walls just be made weatherproof? I was struck today by the fact that I don't know why it's on so many houses.
Anyone see "The Parking Lot Movie"? It's pretty interesting (and streaming on Netflix). Also, is that "Lo Lifes" documentary out? The trailer looked interesting, but I couldn't figure out if it's been released.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun sorry, also not true. warm sake has a depth that cold sake often lacks. it is completely dependent on the style and flavor profile. to say that the vast majority are better cold just shows that you really don't know sake. I'm not going to get into an argument over taste, but I was glancing around the web to see whether I "really don't know sake". The "vast majority" of this site's top 100 seem to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun wrong. some sake are better served warm because the flavor notes only open up after having been warmed enough. it's not sah-kay either. it's sah-keh Sure, some are better, but the vast majority are better served cold. As for the pronunciation, I just trying to get people away from the American pronunciation (sah-kee/key), which, unfortunately, is now in the dictionary.
Quote: Originally Posted by _ABB_ Do you take your sake warm? Cold? How can I differentiate good sake from bad? Cold or cool. Heating, in my opinion, kills the flavor. I'd rather think of it as more similar to a beer (limited shelf life and vastly better when cold). If you really want to taste the flavors, drink it room temperature. It's really a shame that almost all Americans think that sake (sah-kay) is a hot beverage -- it's probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 they are on the pbj site: http://www.purebluejapan.jp/pages/whats-new im sure big got the first run since they helped with the design. i have not looked to see if they are available anywhere else as of yet, but i doubt it. $450 for an original heavy weight design? who else can do that for their customers ... thats a fucking incredible deal. Looks like the -007 are out now and they're working to...
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Only 21 produced?.. Man.... Is that only 21 of each size our overall? 24oz be some thick jawnz... I didn't understand that either. BiG has only 21 pairs? Or only 21 total in the world? Or PBJ only did 21 of each size?
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