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How much space is there between the bottom of the sleeve and the first button?
+1I love my s90. I never, ever use my flash.
I'm not sure where to ask this, so I'll ask it here. Does anyone know the etymology of the word "cruzer"? I've been reading some interviews with Ohfuchi and he seems to refer to "cruzer" as a historical style. Can someone clue me in?
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont When I was youth, to young to know any of them, there were gangs in NYC who did these sorta things. One I recall were called the Lo-Lifes cause they only stole Polo. Sorry, slightly off topic, but did that lo-lifes documentary ever get released? The trailer looks interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by y3ahind0 A nice experience with arced. Fast delivery, great communication, a gentleman in every way. Recommended! Thanks y3ahind0! He's highly recommended as a buyer. Good communication and a pleasure to deal with. Also, I had a smooth transaction with luo6232, highly recommended! Smooth, smooth transaction with Rollcast. A pleasure doing business with him!
Over the years, I’ve had the bad habit of buying things off of B&S threads, trying them on, finding out that they don’t fit, and sticking them in the closet. Well, I’m moving out of the country, so it’s time to get rid of at least some of it. I’ll try adding more items later. Coats: Hickey Freeman Quilted Jacket – NWT Price: $SOLD Brooks Brothers Chesterfield Coat, wool, herringbone [Great coat, but I have too many.] Shoulder: 19” Pit-to-pit: 24” Total Length: 39”...
Smooth transaction with mainy, good communication and quick shipping.
I’m moving, so trying to get rid of some items that don’t fit. Please pm me with any questions. All prices include shipping. Post O’alls / Post Overalls shirt: NWOT [Great shirt. Wonderful Post O’alls details, such as collar that has buttonholes for a detachable collar. If you have one, you’re set, but you probably don’t need it. I wish it fit me, but it’s a bit too big overall for me. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll use it as an overshirt] Shoulder: 20” Pit-to-pit: 26” Total...
I found "Wasteland" to be a pretty interesting film. Kind of an antidote to the Banksy film.
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