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Unfortunately, some sort of advanced degree is quickly becoming expected for many white collar jobs. I survey my students and only a couple plan to stop at the BA. They all understand that to do anything in this world, some sort of advanced degree (MA at the minimum) is required. This trend towards over-credentialization is terrible, resulting in extenuated adolescence (the same students say that they'll be adults at age 30) and increased debt loads. While the system as a...
I suspect that students often take the 'gloom and doom' speech personally, thinking that I'm doubting their abilities or drive or that I don't really know them (no matter how much I insist that they don't). As a strategy against this, I announce my views in class to everyone.Of course, it's just easier to encourage students, write letters of recommendation, and hope that it all works out for them...
A lot of professor try to have this conversation, but it's a shitty conversation to have (and it doesn't make you popular). You're basically killing a student's dream by telling her that s/he can't become what sitting in front of him/her. The other problems is that for every professor that has 'the conversation' the student can and will easily find a professor who will encourage him/her to go.
I also have to agree that the Korean metal ones can be difficult to get used to. I'd recommend non-lacquered Japanese chopsticks. There are some beautiful ones made from nice woods. For a slightly off beat suggestion, there's the Tibetan yak bone ones. I got them as a gift and was skeptical at first, but once I got over the fact that I was eating with bones, I've rather come to like them. Great feel in the hands and easy to use. There's go to day-to-day one.
I'm confused by this. There's a tremendous glut of PhDs on the market at the moment. Social science jobs will get 200-300 applicants and Humanities will get upwards of 600. Are you saying these PhDs will merely disappear or there'll be an incredible increase in the number of tenure-track jobs (here and abroad) in the coming decade to absorb them? Also, the system that's overproducing PhDs continues. I'm not sure how the current glut won't continue.
^ Good, it's far better to be crushed before grad school than to go and find out the reality later. A lot of ABDs and not-so-recent PhDs are crushed, but they're 40 years, heavily in debt, and can't figure out with to do in their lives.
^ really interesting article If you're thinking about grad school, you must get a hold of the National Research Council's ranking of grad school. As opposed to the US News & World Report-type ones, the NRC's has hard data about student debt, graduation rate, graduation times, and job placement. The numbers are startling.
IMHO, the big problem is that the current university system is based in the logic of a previous generation (ever expanding enrollments leading to ever increasing tenure-track faculty positions) that no longer holds true. The system is in crisis in a myriad of ways, but my take is that it's more structural (embedded logics) rather than the result of a particular conscious design. My advice to students is, if you're going to go to graduate school, assume that you won't get a...
I guess there weren't any problems with the train because they've already buried it!
Here's the situation, moving out of the country for a year, so I'm planning to cancel my cell phone. Is there any way to 'park' the number for a year without paying a provider? It's not that big of a deal, but if there was a simple (and cheap/free) way to do it, I would.
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