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Quick question: I picked up a suit on eBay which I like, but the sleeves are slightly too long. It has working buttons, so obviously, they can't be moved. I know that shortening it from the top of the sleeve is an option, but an expensive one without guaranteed results. So, finally, the question... there is 1.25" between the center of the last button and the bottom of the sleeve. If I took .5" off, is that too short? Is there an agreed upon minimum length? By the way, I...
Anyone read the article on him in the New Yorker? I was surprised that he'd choose a Hermes tie with lacrosse sticks on it for the Avedon photo -- not too populist, but then again, maybe that photo will appeal to readers of the New Yorker.
Thanks for the response. So does that mean that the leather is of a lesser quality, or is mismatched? I'm assuming that there is some difference.
By the way, what are your plans for shoe trees? Any thoughts?
one other comment, I find the vamp a bit tight, but I'm assuming that after I wear them a couple times it'll all work out. All in all, I'm very satisfied.
I just got them, too. They're really nice. I find them narrow in the heel and instep. Is that your impression?
What does 'overstock leather' mean? I went to Sierra Trading post to check out the Tusting bags and the description mentions that they're made from 'overstock leather'. Does anyone have an explanation?
Not to highjack a thread, but those Ralph Lauren branded C&Js on Bluefly, would C&J re-sole those? or would you have to go to RL? Anybody know their policies?
Good choice in shoes. I just ordered the exact pair (size 9) a couple days ago. If you're concerned about the size and you're willing to wait, I can measure them when they arrive. I don't know RL/C&J sizings, so I'm concerned about whether they'll fit or not, but I just went ahead and ordered what I normally take.
Interesting question. I don't know much about the subject (beyond hearing rumors that the Japanese market for used American clothing caused the prices to rocket up). Still, there is a book written on the subject. I haven't read the book (although it looks interesting...), but if you're really interested in the whole economy of used clothing in Africa, check this out: (quoting from the University of Chicago Press website) Hansen, Karen Tranberg Salaula: The World of...
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