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I don't want to seem like I'm complaining nor do I want to add to the work of the moderators (I've bought a lot and sold a bit in the B&S section), but I was wondering if there could be a designated symbol or picture for a 'megathread' or a 'closet clearance' thread. I've noticed that with the new system, due to the presence of pictures, I look at the pictures first and, if I see something I like, I then look at the title of the thread. If there could a set symbol (a star,...
Yeah, the numbers for law school don't look so go. Plus, it's harder to go to law school for free, so students tend to rack up huge debts quickly.
The 'bubble' will break, but in different ways, just like the housing market. The high value properties (prestigious degrees from the Ivies, etc.) will retain their value, but those backed by subprime loans (specifically the for-profit ones like Phoenix or Kaplan) are going to suffer the most in value.
Well, some humanities PhDs and ABD responded to the Pannapacker article in Slate. Not too convincingly, but...
How the sleeve button? Faux holes, or are the sleeves easy to take up?
I see it a lot more "whities" doing it because they've heard (on internet forums?) that that's what Japanese/azns do. If you break your chopsticks and see a splinter, pick it off. That whole rubbing it together thing looks ridiculous and marks you as some tourist whose read a guidebook.
It won't burst. Everyone, especially the elites, are invested in the system of prestige (otherwise known as educational or social capital), so it's only going to get more intense. There's some interesting arguments about the increase in globalization or general social mobility that intensifies the need for mobile credentials which were unnecessary when people stayed in their home town or within a local region.
Unfortunately, some sort of advanced degree is quickly becoming expected for many white collar jobs. I survey my students and only a couple plan to stop at the BA. They all understand that to do anything in this world, some sort of advanced degree (MA at the minimum) is required. This trend towards over-credentialization is terrible, resulting in extenuated adolescence (the same students say that they'll be adults at age 30) and increased debt loads. While the system as a...
I suspect that students often take the 'gloom and doom' speech personally, thinking that I'm doubting their abilities or drive or that I don't really know them (no matter how much I insist that they don't). As a strategy against this, I announce my views in class to everyone.Of course, it's just easier to encourage students, write letters of recommendation, and hope that it all works out for them...
A lot of professor try to have this conversation, but it's a shitty conversation to have (and it doesn't make you popular). You're basically killing a student's dream by telling her that s/he can't become what sitting in front of him/her. The other problems is that for every professor that has 'the conversation' the student can and will easily find a professor who will encourage him/her to go.
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