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Yep, mine's a bit less, but no enough to matter.
110 miles in the car... and it's provoking deep existential questions (and practical ones... heart attacks and long commutes go hand-in-hand ).
I know this is pretty obscure, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Does anyone know where to buy Native American Smoked Salmon? Years ago, I was traveling with a friend in Northern California and he brought me to a guy's place who caught, smoked, and cured his own salmon. It was strips of salmon curing in their own oils in an unrefrigerated, rusty (outside only) mason jar. I was skeptical, but I bought a couple jars. Best damn cured salmon I've ever had Now I'm trying to...
FWIW, the Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (Japanese) is generally considered the world's first novel. I think it's a bit of a stretch to attribute the novel, depending on how you define it, to a single geographic area.
Thanks for the update. Just a quick question, do you have a sense of the timetable on these? This isn't to rush you, but to get sense of the process.
definitely interested, but would you ship worldwide?
Anyone notice the homeless person theme? It seems to appear every other episode or so.
Wow! That was quick!
I posted this in another thread, but it got locked quickly afterwards (not my fault!). I think this is a constructive and relatively easy suggestion, so I'm posting it again. If I'm wrong about it being easy or useful, please ignore: I was wondering if there could be a designated symbol or picture for a B&S thread that has multiple item (currently called 'megathreads' or a 'closet clearance threads). I've noticed that with the new system featuring pictures, I tend to look...
I don't want to seem like I'm complaining nor do I want to add to the work of the moderators (I've bought a lot and sold a bit in the B&S section), but I was wondering if there could be a designated symbol or picture for a 'megathread' or a 'closet clearance' thread. I've noticed that with the new system, due to the presence of pictures, I look at the pictures first and, if I see something I like, I then look at the title of the thread. If there could a set symbol (a star,...
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