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Anyone seen the Exactitudes project? I know that a thread (which didn't get any replies) on this was started a couple years ago in SW&D, but I thought some here'd be interested in it. There's a article about this as a photographic argument for a lack of uniqueness. I don't know how deep it is, but the photos are cool (I couldn't figure out how to add them to this post). Any thoughts?Here's a bit of the article: "Versluis and Uyttenbroek pour the analysis into...
+1 on the Canons. I love my s90. Small, great pictures and excellent in low light conditions. You can get better pictures with a dSLR, but they get pretty bulky when you're traveling. I like that I never debate about whether or not to take the s90.
You seem to imply that he's eating constantly. Is this a guess or have you read this? Maintaining weight doesn't necessarily require a lot of food. In fact, depending on a variety of factors (metabolism being the biggest one), one can consume less that 2,000 calories/day and gain weight. It's the losing of weight that's a lot of effort. FWIW, there was an interesting NYT article called "Fat Factors" that went into some of these issues.
Looking good. It'd be cool if members could post pictures of their belts after a six-months or a year of wear. The evolution should be nice. Contest?
Thanks for the tips on the Machiya. It makes sense that they'd be rough to live in, so I guess I might have to get my tatami fix another way.I think we're going to have to negotiate the housing/school situations ourselves. We've renting apartments in Japan before, so it should be somewhat straightforward (except for the dreaded 'reikin'). I've been surfing chintai-kyoto to get the lay of the land.The school is another matter. We're not sure where to start, or what the...
^^ thanks. Being near Doshisha would be ideal (as we might have access to their facilities). The other issue is that we have kids who'll be going to the local elementary school (although they don't speak any Japanese), but we don't know if there's any particular criteria for picking an area/its elementary school. Lastly, the dream is to live in a converted townhouse, or kyomachiya.
Slight thread revival/threadjacking... Any recommendation on where to live (long term) in Kyoto? I've only visited, so I don't have a good sense of the city overall.
I'd love to be able to read/get some work done on the way into work. I don't mind sitting on a train. Somehow the public situation helps me concentrate more. YMMV
^^ that's quite nice. Two quick questions, what the width of the buckle? Also, will it develop a patina or is it coated?
I felt it in upstate NY! CNN has it as 5.8, epicenter in VA
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