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Is there any place to watch this online?
It's odd the posts that assert that learning a language makes you unemployable while studying business somehow is more practical. It's a global world and language competency (or fluency) is one of the most practical skills you can have. Also, what you're looking for, at the undergraduate level especially, is a good education. If it's a good Russian program and you'll be challenged to learn, then it's a good choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter The wii is not really an was a momentary request. He actually is saving up to buy himself a DS. He already has one to use but it is officially my wife's DS and he has to ask to borrow it if he wants to use it. He wants one of his own so he started saving up for it. This was all his own idea...and I think it is great. What's your take on video games? My kids are younger and we're just starting to...
I finally got it to play for a while. I was up to 8300 before it froze up on me. It really gets repetitive quickly. At one point, I got the word "pier" twice in three words. After you rack up a certain number of seconds (like 300), it's almost impossible to lose, the game keeps going and going without getting any harder. I'm actually thankful it froze up...
I tried it and got up to 1200, but every time it freezes up. One day it might be a good game, but its insistence on both correct and British spelling make it frustrating (I'm constantly wondering whether I've misspelled it or if I'm missing some random 'u'). Also, in the same game, I kept getting the same word. It helps with the score but the game seems to have a surprisingly limited vocabulary for a word game.
I picked them up for 25% off, too. I actually find the suede versions a little bit more attractive. Anyone know if I'd be able to exchange them?
I've enjoyed Michael Lewis' stuff. He's an impressive storyteller. The Big Short was fascinating look into the recent crash and Moneyball was well told (although there is a big debate about how effective sabernomics is). Currently, I'm listening to Legacy of Ashes. It's stunning how ineffective and incompetent the CIA is. Rather eye-opening.
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Does anyone here agree with the idea that your commute can be the most stressful part of your job? Read that in an article awhile ago and makes sense if you have a long or crappy commute. There's a lot of literature about how commuting is a big source of stress. I also worry about the effects of sitting for so long. There was a NYT article about it. Here's the second paragraph: Quote: But the...
Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I'll print them out and take them along. Driving around in circles looking for a place to eat was rather depressing. The Pizza Hut Adventure was a bit depressing, but for what it was, I couldn't complain (the people working there were nice), but I'm hoping for something better. Thanks again.
Thanks for the suggestions. We'd be shooting for western Ohio, but to be honest we'd probably be pretty happy to make it to Cleveland. Also, more looking for a pleasant good grub experience after a long drive rather than something super memorable.
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