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Can anyone comment on which other Momotaros fit similar to the Copper Labels? I love my copper labels, and just thinking about my next pair.
It seems odd that in the Men's Clothing Classifieds that under the Categories pull down menu, "Underwear" is an option, but not "Ties". There seems to be far more listings for ties, and searching for them under "accessories" is clumsy. Sorry if someone has suggested this before.
Thanks for the encouragement! It's a tiring moment in my life, so the prospect of haggling is slightly exhausting. Does anyone know anything about shopping through AAA or the like (they seem hooked up with Truecar, which used to be ZAG)?
Thanks for the advice! It'll be a straightforward cash deal, so that should cut down on the complications. I'm now trying to decide between a new car or a slightly used one (loaner car, etc.). Unfortunately, the Camry Hybrid is both well loved (consumer reports, NYT, etc.), low stocks, and the 2013s haven't been announced yet. I'm also looking at the Altima which might have better negotiating angles to it.
Wow! Thanks for all of the advice. I guess I have a lot of emailing to do. Quick question about the fake name and number. Fake name/email address is easy, but do I want a number that can receive calls/voicemail (e.g. googlevoice), or do I want just a useless number?Thanks again!
Any tips on picking up a Camry Hybrid? Is it merely a matter of going back and forth between dealers? I was hoping that the 2013 would come out soon and drive down the prices of the 2012.
+1I've been wearing mine for a month or so and really happy with it. It'll be interesting to see how it'll age. As opposed to my other belts, I see this one definitely improving with age.
A minor means that you took a couple classes in a certain subject. No one really cares, nor is impressed. "I minored in 'X'" rings of a throw-away line in a movie which sets the character up for humiliation. If you actually like the subject (be it econ, art history, anthropology, etc.), then take the classes that interest you. It's ridiculous to take Class A because it fulfills the minor, rather than Class B (which you're actually interested in). Finish off your major and...
Wait a couple weeks and pick up the s100. I don't know what others think, but the inclusion of a GPS unit sounds really cool. I'd have loved to have had that included on my s90.
Does this work any better?: Here's a couple images: I can appreciate the effort the photographers go through to find their subjects (and spot deep patterns in their outfits and bodies), but I can't decide if it's obsessive genius or just merely obsessive.
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