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As noted, it's in Japanese and made in Japan (says so on the bottom, in the middle). From the description/explanation, it's a 'furoshiki' rather than a scarf. A furoshiki is a piece of cloth traditionally used for wrapping and carrying items. They're really quite useful (can accommodate a variety of sizes and fold up rather small) and come in beautiful colors and designs. Needless to say, there's a ton of stuff on the internets on how to tie them up. The basics are fun,...
I tried on the GTBs, among others, at the Momotaro shop in Koenji. None fit as well as the copper labels. As I've put a lot of wear into them so far, I've been thinking about my next pair. I was thinking a collaboration pair would be cool, but I guess no one is doing one. I also quickly searched in Japanese, but I couldn't find any shops in Japan doing one either.
Thanks. I've tried the others, but the copper labels fit me the best (and I'm wearing out my current pair).
Has anyone done a collaboration using the Copper Labels? I've been searching, but I haven't found any.
I was once on a plane where the parents did 'cry-it-out' with their kid. It went on for hours. Zero comfort offered to the kid. There are deep debates about 'cry-it-out,' but I don't think there's a debate about whether it's done in your own home versus on a freaking airplane.
I just wanted to post about the fine repair service at Maui Jim. Based on recommendations on this thread, I purchased a pair. I broke them, so I sent them in for repair. I just got them back, good as new, along with a new case and a free cleaning cloth. It took less than two weeks and was only $10. Needless to say, I'm quite impressed with their service.
Watched Zodiac (2007) the other night and rather enjoyed it. A good thriller, but it stayed true the actual story.
I'm in the same boat. I've been avoiding writing my 'statements,' but i have to get them done. Good luck with yours...
Ooops, I didn't realize that. Thanks for posting.(I went back to edited my original post)
Actually, not a good deal (so I've edited this post): New fake Alden Indy boots 9 for $140, BIN No relationship to seller. I love my Alden Indy boots, but these are not them.
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