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Yes, it's very easy. I just cut the main strap to my desired length and used a leather puncher to re-punch a hole. I found some brass chicago screws on ebay to match it. It was super easy and can't tell that it was adjusted.
These are my first pair of seconds, I think the "defect" was probably the part of the heel where it has come out from the seams. I couldn't find anything else wrong. Is this quite bad or can it be fixed relatively easily?
Hi, so I've treated my handles with obenauf HDLP and after a month or so, it looks like the below. I guess even when they came, it was kind of like this. Is this normal? This is in regards to the underside of the straps. It's kind of dry and brittle feeling. Any suggestions as well? Thanks
What are some similar boots to this?   Does anyone have any feedback on them? Thanks   $15 off $75+ order   Just enter 15BACK at check out   Not a super deal but for those interested, they have the 256 in tan and green back in stock among a few other filson bags.
Bit the bullet and just ordered a navy 256
I've read from a couple of people that the new Navy 256 is thinner than the other ones (i.e. Does anyone have any input? I'm debating between the tan or the navy blue...
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