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 I like this idea too, but not for the summer.
Thanks. Lots of suede recommendations here,,, not something I previously considered. Isn't suede a bit more finicky than plain leather? Non-flashy workhorse is definitely what I'm after though.
Over the last few years I have slowly started wearing more denim pants. I've been trying to hone in on what I think is a good look in terms of footwear. Sneakers work for me, but I am trying to find something a little more adult. I recently picked up these         but I am finding them to be a tad too dressy for what I'm after.   I'm expecting a lot of responses of the form "walnut wingtip bluchers", but these are a bit too loud for me, partially because of the...
I recently had a blazer shortened, but now I think it's too short. Can it be re-lengthened?  
Glad to hear it, thanks! I am driving myself nuts trying to get the proportions right for my wedding. Is the shirt sleeve length good too?
Can my suit jacket sleeves be lengthened if my tailor has already shortened them? How much longer should they be?  
Thanks for your input. How much too short are the sleeves in your opinion? 1/2" ? 1/4"? Is the sleeve length of the barrel cuff shirt correct? Can my jacket sleeves be lengthened if my tailor has already shortened them?
Hello! After tons of lurking, I finally have a good enough reason to join and post: I am getting married and am trying to get all the knowledge I can on how to make my outfit look right. My suit is picked out and altered, and I am now working on white shirts. The first has barrel cuffs, the second has french cuffs. I prefer the latter, but I am worried that the sleeves may be just a tad short.   Barrel cuffs:     French cuffs:     French cuffs shirt...
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