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Some more measurments from Meermin:  So it sounds like given my I should be an 8.5 Rui and a 9 Hiro (or possibly an 8.5 Hiro, as Zapasman hinted at above)? Not sure why Meermin suggested a flat out 9UK, not even mentioning a last.
This is helpful, thanks. You're saying the Hiro is less wide than Olfe. I was always under the impression that the lasts in the picture below went from the most narrow (left) to the most wide (right). Your saying this is not necessarily the case?  I guess I need to decide whether I want to gamble on a 9 Hiro or an 8.5 Rui. Everyone here seems to be hinting at the latter.
 Meermin responded recommending a 9Uk based on my measurements...
Thank you.I think I *might* fit into a 9uk Olfe,but it would be quite snug. My main concern would be the width. I'm not getting any heal slipping in my 9.5 olfes, but the length of the shoe feels long.I guess I'll send them an email.
According to my measurements using a tape measure:Heel to toe tip: 27cmHeel to ball: 20cmWidth across ball:10cm
Hi everyone, I have the typical questions about sizing. I have a pair of Olfe lasts in a 9.5 UK. they feel a bit long, width is just about right though, maybe just a touch too wide. Here are some pics:       I'd like to get a piar of Meermin's classic bluchers in a 9 UK next. I'm pretty torn on which style I'd prefer, so I will probably go with whichever last makes most sense for me. Do you think I'd be better off sizing down with the Hiro or Rui last?
 I like this idea too, but not for the summer.
Thanks. Lots of suede recommendations here,,, not something I previously considered. Isn't suede a bit more finicky than plain leather? Non-flashy workhorse is definitely what I'm after though.
Over the last few years I have slowly started wearing more denim pants. I've been trying to hone in on what I think is a good look in terms of footwear. Sneakers work for me, but I am trying to find something a little more adult. I recently picked up these         but I am finding them to be a tad too dressy for what I'm after.   I'm expecting a lot of responses of the form "walnut wingtip bluchers", but these are a bit too loud for me, partially because of the...
I recently had a blazer shortened, but now I think it's too short. Can it be re-lengthened?  
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