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Yesterday Welland boots. 341 last. 2008 C&J Paris France
I would stay with the 7.5 too
Thank you for the review and the side by side comparisons!
Saphir Light brown for the moment.
In love with snuff
I would say yes.Very close.The widest part is a little further back for the C&J and the AS have a little more room in the height.
      A few more pictures. Compared to the C&J 341 last.
   Same here. Very happy.Wore them for two days in a row this weekend. A little stiff in the beginning but still very comfortable.They are obviously not as soft in the ankle area as my eight year old C&J Welland boots, but the ankle part is a little lower, so I can still lace them one loop to the top.
Yes, Cambridge Rustic.Just took them out of the box this morning to have a look and take a picture. First impression is very good.They will accompany a eight year old pair of C&J Welland boots.'ll give more feedback later
Got these from afpos today. Very happy
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