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On this very cold and rainy friday in Paris I took the Welland boots out of the box     c*
thx! I don't know for sure.But I don't think so.  Mine are like (even better) new now.:-) c*
 Sure. I know C&J quite well and also had a look on Carminas.The leather quality, leather type, between the C&J main line and Carmina is close.General quality too.  My only concern is the last.I just don't understand the different lasts in Carminas product range. And I don't understand how they compare to the C&J lasts that I know (and fit me) very well. I need some advice like: C&J last 337 = Carmina ... C&J last 341 = close to ... C&J last 363 = etc ... c* PS: I saw...
Just back from Northampton. Rare and beautiful Welland boots on the 341 last.        :-)   c*
really like the Barrington 2 a lot !   c*
  Hello!   may I add a question here?   I'm looking to for a pair of half brogues to add/replace a pair of C&J Westfield (last 341). Crockett, as usual or maybe somewhere else (Carmina) ? Maybe something in between the Audley (last 337) and the Lonsdale (last 363).  I really like the Audley, rediscovered them recently  through a fabulous fair of Bellegrave that I saw on instagram.  And I love the Lonsdale !  The last...
12153Y first try. not bad at all.  
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