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 Looks great! I just traded my SubC 116610LN for the SD 116600. I'll have it in hand tomorrow - can't wait!  The 43mm size is also a non-starter for me. I also don't like the red font, but that's just a personal preference in that I don't really like the color red period. In addition to being at 40mm with thinner lugs than the Subs, I also like the fact that the 116600 has no cyclops. Again, this is all personal preference though as I know many love the bigger size and red...
 I spoke to Lauren via email last week about the Marlow and Lindrick, and she said that the factory informed her that these are due in April. 
Oh wow. I would have thought the opposite. Thanks for the feedback.
Does anyone happen to own a S&M suit in the slim fit and also a SuSu suit in the Lazio, Sienna, or Havana that could compare the slimness of the pants? Per the measurements, it looks like the SuSu pants are more tapered below the thigh, which I actually like given my slim legs, but I would love to get feedback from someone who owns both.
These look great! I have the same but in the tassel version. Can't wait to wear them sockless here in a few weeks.
Fantastic!! Makes me regret going with the Park Avenue over these haha.
The LWBs are fantastic! This shade of whiskey is lighter than AE's natural shell, but it's not as light as Alden's whiskey from a few years ago. It's light enough while still maintaining character/depth/marble imo. I love them.
I agree! I think the most recent batches have great character and are more appealing to me than the extremely lighter whiskey. These are light enough for me and still have some character to them. 
Thanks for the compliments guys! I think they turned out great and love this color of shell.
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