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I imagine that you'll get different responses on this as everyone's upper and lower waist varies, but I wear the same size in the Walt, Rivet and Driggs. While I like the Rivet, I really like the Driggs for a casual chino given the slimmer leg. It just fits me better. I'm looking forward to more Driggs offerings here soon. The Walt is the perfect combo for trousers IMO.
Awesome combo! Hopefully I can snag a pair of the whiskey LHS down the road.
 And me for the 36, 37 or 38.  
Mike - Will you be receiving any more of the snuff trainers? I see that you are already sold out in size 8. Thanks.
Damn is right. Wow that was fast. Oh well I'll wait for round 2. Congrats to those who ordered quickly!
Does anyone have the Carmina pebble grain chukka?  It's on sale and very tempting to grab.
 Bad a** 
@macjedi it looks good to me, but what do I know.  I'll let some of the experts chime in...
@scottcw I'm in the same boat.  I would love to have that eddiemczee jacket!  Love, love the orange (of course), but am on the fence on this one.  I also like the chocolate check, but it looks like it's sold out already.
New Posts  All Forums: