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Snuff suede MA-1 FTW!
 Agree with this. I can wear 1/2 size down or 1 full size down, but given my normal to narrow foot I prefer 1 full size down on the 2030.
These look fantastic! Are they on the Aberdeen last? I just received the color 8 wingtip boots from B+M and have decided to sell those and place a deposit for these instead. I'm trying to decide whether to go with Barrie or Aberdeen, and I'm leaning towards the Aberdeen as I like the sleeker look and that last fits me really well.
For sale are brand new in the box Alden x Brick+Mortar Seattle Wingtip Boots in Color 8 shell cordovan on the Grant last in a size 8d. These were just delivered last week and are sold out. They have the antique welt and commando soles. Note that the Grant last fits true to size - I'm a standard 8d on the Brannock device, and these are in a size 8d and fit perfect. The boots come with everything pictured as shipped to me by B+M: box, boots, dust bags, etc. These cost me...
I'm a Driggs guy for more casual pants. I also have fairly skinny legs, so I like the taper on the Driggs better even for these cords. Walt is still great though, especially for most of my work trousers.
 These are on the Grant last. I have the B+M snuff suede wingtip boots on the Barrie last with commando sole and really like those, but I'm not sure I would like these color 8 wingtips on Barrie as well. I also recently got the Leffot natural CXL wingtip "Bristol" boot on the Plaza last, and I'm trying to determine whether to keep those as well. I almost have more wingtip boots than I can wear.
Does anyone on here own the B+M color 8 wingtip boots and, if so, could you give me your impressions of these?  I completely forgot that I had placed a deposit on these a months ago, so I was surprised when Yenni notified me on Friday about mine arriving!  They should arrive at some point this week, and I'm trying to decide whether to keep them or list them on B&S. I was just about to place a pre-order for the reverse tobacco chamois wingtip boots at B+M before these...
SOLD! Thanks!
For sale is an unworn, unaltered pair of the Gustin grey x blue selvedge jeans in a size 32 slim. Here is a link to these jeans on Gustin's website: https://www.weargustin.com/store/2398. Let me know if you have questions.
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