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Hey now! Ha. You're probably right in that it's overkill, but it does get "cold" (30s-40s) here at times. We even got snow last year! Haha. I think I'm just jealous and really want a down shirt/jacket like this or from Crescent Down Works, but it sounds like that may be a waste of cash.?
For any of you who wear a small in the shawl cardigan, I just returned one in grape and one in dark glacier. I had to size up to a medium. Good luck!
 Agreed. I really want this CPO, but I don't care for those extra two pockets.
 Really looking forward to seeing the down-filled coats!
I am 5'9", 158 lbs with 16.5" shoulders and a 39" chest, and the medium in the Ashby fits me great. It's a nice trim fit but with enough room for layering underneath. The arms also fit great in length. Thankfully, I had one local to try on because like you I was planning to size down to a small. I can definitely wear the small, but it's too restrictive in the chest and leaves no room for a sweater underneath. It's just too small.Given my fit and experience, I would think...
 I would like to see the color of the AoC ravello since my ravello LWBs from Alden Madison should be in soon. May be from the same batch. Also, FYI, I somewhat reluctantly listed my new Epaulet Innsbruck Indy boots for sale if anyone was intereted in those before they sold out.
For sale is a brand new pair of Alden x Epaulet Innsbruck Indy Boots in a size 7.5d in the Tru-Balance last. Here's a link to the exact boots that I'm selling: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-innsbruck-indy-boot.   These were purchased a few months ago and have never been worn. They are gorgeous boots, but I've just decided to part with them to free up some funds. The asking price includes shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. I'm just trying to...
I would love to know how you're getting past it. I emailed End, and a rep confirmed that they no longer ship Barbour to the U.S. due to a request from Barbour.
 Yep, that's correct. I'm just not going to pay $100-$150+ for the same jacket. A few other UK retailers are still shipping Barbour to the US, but they don't have the current discount that End is offering.
Any UK folks want to serve as a proxy and ship a Barbour jacket to me in the US? End has 20% off right now, but of course they won't ship Barbour to the US anymore.
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