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Those look fantastic!! Hate that I missed out on those.
That's good to know. I have no idea who could fix the shoulders for me around my area (too complicated for my guy I suspect but I'll ask), so I'm not sure what I'll do yet. 
Thanks @Michael81 and yours looks great in that after picture! Your thoughts sort of confirm what I was thinking on the shoulders, although sometimes I believe I'm just overly anal about it. I could try to size down one to a 36, but this jacket is sold out online unless they can locate it in one of the stores. If the Washington is like the Havana and other SS fits, the 36 typically fits me better in the shoulders while the 38 fits better in the chest. When I have gone with...
Not the best pictures, but do you think the shoulder is too wide on this Washington jacket?
 I feel like my Truman boots (have two pairs) are slightly wider than my Junkard boots, and the toe is definitely a little pointier on the Junkard and more rounder on the Truman. I went true to size with both, and both fit very well. FWIW, I'm a normal 8d - feet are not wide by any means.  And this is why sizing is so subjective haha. I don't doubt you for one bit, but I have a size 8 in both Truman and Junkard and the Junkard is snugger. Honestly, for me I believe it's...
I purchased these whiskey cordovan boots from them a few months ago and have been very pleased with them.
I'm tempted to snag that spot but I'm already on two of these pre-orders haha. I'm sure someone will fill it.
 I ordered both of these camel coats (bleeker and jort) and ultimately decided to keep the Jort due to the slightly longer length and notch lapels, but the bleeker with peak lapels was very nice too. Difficult decision. In fact, I would have kept both if I could justify the two haha. 
 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind haha.   I'll also keep this in mind. I wish I could easily order and, if necessary, exchange this shoe in a narrow(er) width just to know for sure.  Haha. These are actually a size 7UK and I'm usually a standard 8US.
I put my Pembroke on again, and I'm fairly confident that a smaller size would be too short in length and too tight in width. Of course, I'll never know unless I buy another pair a 1/2 size down. I also emailed C&J, and they pretty much confirmed my thinking in that the issue is likely caused by my low instep and also suggested that I try a tongue pad or thin insole if needed to snug them up. 
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