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Mike - I need to grab a natural cxl belt, and I remembered that you said some were coming in.  Any idea of timing?  I have found a few other options, so it'll depend on how long before you get these in stock.  Thanks!
Interesting discussion re tapering trousers.  I just picked up my new HY trousers in the USA cut from being hemmed (linen and fresco), and my first impression is that these are not as slim/tapered in the lower leg as I want.  I thought that by sizing down I would get the same taper as the size up in the Italian fit and similar to the Epaulet Walt, but these are definitely slightly fuller in the leg.  I may get these tapered just a bit since I really like the look of the...
Same here!  I know, but I really "need" (want) a few pairs of spring and summer trousers (work and casual), so I need to focus on those MTO options.  But, yes, those SWs are very tempting!
I'm trying to hold off.  My shoe spending has been out of control over the past month or so.
 Me too.  Sent the wife the pics of the two, and of course she likes the suede captoes the best. 
 My barrie is a 1/2 size smaller than my tremont (tremont is true to size).  Having said that, I did not have the option of going down 1/2 size in the tremont because it was unavailable.  I can wear my true size in the tremont, but I also would be just fine going down 1/2 size in the tremont I believe.  Not sure how helpful that is...
Two new Aldens just hit the website - a navy cxl shortwing blucher (Aberdeen last) and a navy suede captoe balmoral (Hampton last).  Thoughts?
 I've never been a huge boot guy (not sure why, but probably due to living in a warmer climate), but those are awesome!  Hope to get a pair one day.  I agree 100%.  I've purchased and sold a lot more watches than shoes, but I've always said the same thing.  Deal with well-known members that have a history of flawless transactions.  I would have never guessed that those were four years old.  They look great.  Love some LWBs and these actually look like cigar from the...
Thank you! Yep, good point. It's really not much of a difference at all, regardless of the lighting and camera used.
Happy whiskey Wednesday! This picture shows in direct sunlight how the LWBs are a little lighter than the SWs. Yes, Buckeye, I still need to bar lace the balmorals! I'll do that tonight. Also, my bermuda grass isn't quite as green yet as some on here... ; )
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