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 I would agree with this re fit over boot brands. I would not wear the SK with cowboy boots. Not saying it's wrong - just not me! haha My next pair will probably be the Stanton, but having "skinny" runners legs below the knee I really like the SK since it doesn't strangle my stuff at the same time.
I love the driggs for a more casual pant. I have some trousers in that cut and they are "almost" too slim for work. My next pair will be more casual - maybe the ducks. For work I love the walt. The rivet is a good in between.
 Just order both online and return the one you don't want to keep. Problem solved.
 I agree. Mine fit nicely over the top of my boots without being too slim to where they won't go over the top laces. I'll try to remember to take a pic next time I wear them. I'm a 29.5" inseam, so the leg opening for me is probably a little wider than stated in the measurements (but still nice and slim like I want without being skinny).
 I completely agree with this statement. I tried on the same size in both the SK and the Stanton, and while the SK is narrower in the lower leg I felt that it had more room in the top block. I like them both, but I really like the fit of the SK the best for me.
 Yeah, that's correct and why I don't think I'll have any luck getting out of it. I may put my spot up for sale. I just hate having to wait until January to get them.
 I had both but only ended up with the grape because the glacier was too small. They both look very nice, but I would choose the grape over the glacier I believe. (Do remember that I wear a ton of orange and purple, so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask haha.)
Hey guys, quick question. Has anyone ever been able to get out of a Leffot pre-order or at least get store credit for the initial deposit? I am on the service boot pre-order, but I found my size elsewhere and would love to get them before January (Leffot's estimated shipping date). I have a feeling that I'm screwed, but I figured I would ask. TIA.
 I need to correct something in my last response to you. The medium in the Ashby fits me just fine, but actually last week I sized down to a small in the Ashby. I honestly couldn't tell "that" much of a difference between my classic Bedale in a medium and the Ashby in a medium, although the Ashby was "slightly" trimmer throughout. I went back to the store and tried on the small in the Ashby, and it's definitely more tailored and trim without being too snug or fitted. I...
Awesome. Thanks Mike!
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