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Does anyone have the Carmina pebble grain chukka?  It's on sale and very tempting to grab.
 Bad a** 
@macjedi it looks good to me, but what do I know.  I'll let some of the experts chime in...
@scottcw I'm in the same boat.  I would love to have that eddiemczee jacket!  Love, love the orange (of course), but am on the fence on this one.  I also like the chocolate check, but it looks like it's sold out already.
I appreciate the feedback guys, and Mike I just sent you an email with my jacket measurements.  Also, thanks for pointing out the heaviness of the harris tweed.  Given the typically warmer climate down here during the winter as compared to the northeast, I may stay away from those.  I have a few of the tweed trousers and, while I really like them, they are a bit too warm at times, especially in the office.   I'm really glad that I grabbed the clay farmers.  As of now,...
I also grabbed the clay farmers check.  One down!!  Now I'm trying to decide between the olive and gold windowpane, the midnight check, the navy windowpane, or the tobacco color.  Would like to only choose one more out of these four...  
    Thanks very much guys!  Matt recommended a 38 for me before (although a stock jacket with no odd sizes), so I'm going to go with a 38 short.  That's my "standard" size anyway, notwithstanding sizing variations for OTR suites and jackets (Brooks Brothers, Suite Supply, etc.).  I appreciate it!  
Okay guys, I need some advice on jacket sizing for the FFs.  I'm about 17" in the shoulder, 38"-39" or so in the chest (depending on how much I lift that week haha), and about 23" in the sleeve.  Since we can order odd sizes, I'm trying to decide if I should go with the 37 as opposed to the 38, and I believe the 36 will be too small.  Also, I'm considering trying extra short, but perhaps I should be conservative and just go with the short so that I don't get too short in...
 I still prefer the snuff, but I agree in that I would have preferred the gum sole with the snuff.  I like the snuff a lot, but the white isn't my favorite color for the sole.
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