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Hey guys. I reluctantly listed my grape heirloom sweater in the B&S forum (size medium/38). I love the sweater, but it's just too heavy for most of what I need it for. I find myself always going for something lighter in weight that I can layer easily. Anyway, just a heads up if you're interested.
For sale is my recently purchased heirloom cardigan from Epault in a size meidum (38) in grape heather (purple). Here is a link to Epaulet's second round of this sweater: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/balance-payment-for-heirloom-handknit-sweater.   I have worn the sweater once just to eat, and that's it. The sweater is basically brand new. The color is amazing, but I keep reaching for lighter weight sweaters given our more mild climate here in the...
Hey guys, I ended up listing my homespun bedford in the B&S forum if anyone is interested. I love the jacket, but I think I should have kept the small instead of the medium. Anyway, just a heads up.
That running trainer is awesome! Angled stripe IMO.
For sale for $425 is my recently acquired (this season) EG Bedford in brown homespun in a size medium. I love the brown homespun fabric, but I've decided that I'm in between a small and medium in the Bedford so I'm going to let this medium go for the right price. I haven't worn it out yet, so the jacket is brand new with tags. Asking price includes shipping within the contiguous US. Let me know if you have questions.
For sale for $275 is my unworn Crescent Down Works vest from Archival Clothing. I purchased this a few months ago and haven't gotten around to wearing it any. I love the vest but it isn't getting any wear, so hopefully someone will take it off my hands for a nice discount. It has never been our of my house.   This vest is a size medium, and it's the vest sold here: http://store.archivalclothing.com/products/archival-waxed-cotton-down-vest. The purchase price includes...
 Actually, I think you're correct. I may do that then. Going to think about it for a bit... I love the brown homespun!
Hey guys, I had a small in the bedford brown homespun that I sent back because it was slightly too snug in the chest and also too short, and now I have a medium in the same jacket that feels too big. I'm basically in between sizes which sucks because I love this jacket. I like the fit of the suffolk better so am debating whether to sell the bedford, so shoot me a PM if you might be interested before I list it on B&S. I purchased it from Nepenthes, so I can't return this...
 Sorry, I have been away for the past few days. Although it's a lighter tweed (nothing like the Harris Tweed), it's solely a fall and winter jacket for me.
I also have the Bernard speckled tweed, and it's definitely my favorite jacket! Highly recommended!
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