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 Same size for me. Wearing some driggs right now as a matter of fact.
That field jacket looks awesome! Really looking forward to that.
 I sent back a 7.5. I'm a true 8d and with the 7.5 I had at least 1"+ of room from the end of my big toe to the front of the boot, and I have a little lateral wiggle room at the ball of my foot. That's why I think I could size down a full size. My foot is also borderline narrow, but I always just go with a d. Yeah, I'm back and forth on this. No idea which to choose. Frankly, I like the looks of the rough out aged bark maybe better than the standard aged bark. EDIT: Looks...
I'm really tempted to grab either the natty CXL rough out or the aged bark rough out from Cultizm, but I can't decide which... Having said that, I believe either of these would be over $800USD from Cultizm even without the VAT. That seems too high.  Not sure that's a smart move on my part given these would be about $100 less from other stockists, including directly from Viberg.   FWIW, I loved the aged bark cap toe but ended up sending them back to Viberg because I want...
The aged bark arrived today. I'm still trying to decide whether to keep these or perhaps go with the SF HoF natural CXL instead. I'm really not sure what to do honestly. Anyway, here are a few photos comparing the aged bark to Carmina's natural kudu antelope (far left) and Alden's natural CXL (lightly worn). They aren't great quality (iPhone), but they do give you an idea of color for those wondering about the aged bark.
Haha, I would imagine so! I have the aged bark en route and I believe I'll really like them, but I ordered them before the HoF natty cxl preorder popped up so now I'll have to decide whether to keep or return for the natty cxl. I really don't need both, so that's my dilemma. The coffee look great! Just wish I could buy about three styles right now instead of choosing just one...
Trying to choose between the aged bark service boot or the HoF natty cxl service boot that's up for pre-order. Any of you Viberg aficionados want to help me make this decision?
Hey guys. Been away for a few months and missed the Innsbruck Indy pre-order. I know this is a long shot, but please shoot me a PM if any of you with a 7.5d decide to part with them for whatever reason. FWIW, I had these last year and sold them to acquire my first pair of Vibergs. In hindsight, I wish I would have just kept the Indy boots so that I would own both right now. Oh well, at least I saved some cash at the time.
Hey guys, I just received my brown cxl service boots from Leffot. These look fantastic as expected! Nevertheless, I just listed them under B&S if anyone is interested and wears a 7.5d. I was fortunate enough to grab an almost identical pair directly from Viberg a few months ago, so I can't justify having two of the same pair. Just wanted to let you know.  
Up for sale are my Viberg Captoe Service Boots in brown chromexcel in a size 7.5D in the 2030 last with Danite soles. These just arrived in the mail from Leffot from their October 2014 pre-order: http://leffot.com/viberg-service-boot-pre-order-2/. I just took these out of the box to inspect and take a few photos, and they are gorgeous! The only reason I'm not keeping these is because I was fortunate enough to acquire a very similar pair a few months ago before these Leffot...
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