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+1. Really like the looks of that boot otherwise.
Thanks @bkotsko. I'll go with a 7.5 then since a 7 in the 2030 fits me the best.
Guys. Need some sizing advice. Yes, I know these questions get annoying and, yes, I've used the search feature. What size should I go with in an unstructured toe if I'm a true size 8d (and on the narrow side of d) and wear the following: Alden Barrie - 7.5d Alden trubalance - 7.5d but dang it's wide so I don't love this last on me Viberg 2030 - 7d - width better than with a 7.5d and it's not too short. Good fit. Carmina Oscar - 8d/uk7d I've been eyeing that Dublin for a...
Up for sale are my brand new Gustin #261 Japan Vintage 18 in a size 32 slim. I just received these today but am selling because I've purchased way too many jeans over the past few months. They are just as described in the following link: https://www.weargustin.com/store/2524. The asking price includes shipping to the contiguous USA.
I have the tan and love it, but that was before the olive version was released again this season. I really like both. Flip a coin.
SOLD!! Thanks!
You guys like that 2045 icy mocha? I've never tried a 2045. Should I take the same size as my 2030 if I have medium/slightly narrow feet in width? (I'm pretty much a Brannock 8d spot on.)
Hey man. Yep, it has been a fantastic season and a great ride. Hopefully we can win it all this year, but if not I still truly believe the best is yet to come! What a time to be a Tiger! And yep, I've mostly just been lurking lately...although I've been trying to keep up with everything great coming out of Epaulet. Seems like Mike and his crew are releasing something awesome every week (or day). I just need a bigger clothing budget, which shrank a little after learning...
Sucks there's no 7.5d. One downside of having small feet. The positive is that I save money this time.
New Posts  All Forums: