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 No problem.
 This is on the Detroit last, which has a slightly larger/wider toe box than some narrower Carmina lasts.  Having said that, I feel like it's a normal shaped last and it fits true to size for most and for me.  I wear a US8D true size, and this shoe is a US8/UK7 and fits nicely.  Also, I have to size down 1/2 a size in the Alden Barrie last, whereas I stayed with my true size for this Carmina last.  Below is a picture of one of my Alden LWBs (whiskey shell) in a 7.5D...
 It's made in England and was purchased from an English retailer. The sizing is as follows: Pit to Pit: 20.5"Back: 29"Shoulder: 17.5"Arm: 19.5" Thanks!
Up for sale is a brand new Barbour Dept. B Commander jacket in navy and a size medium.  I just received this jacket this week from a retailer, but I've decided to sell it because the sizing is a bit off.  The asking price of $450 includes shipping to anywhere in the US.   I took two pictures from inside my house, and the rest are from my deck in direct sunlight this afternoon.  The photos were taken with my iPhone, so I apologize if the color somewhat varies and they...
 That's funny, because I sent the SL Bedale back because (1) I wanted the 6oz versus the 4oz and (2) I prefer the sleeve lining and elastic wrist.  It just keeps the jacket off of my hands, especially when digging into oysters or pulled pork!    I really liked the fit of the SL Bedale but, as I stated above, I wanted something a little thicker in the 6oz. Since I returned the SL Bedale, I'm strongly considering selling my Classic Bedale and grabbing either the Ashby or the...
Bump for price drop!
I know what you mean! I have more shoes than I can wear. It's ridiculous really. Time to slow it down a bit I believe haha.
Thanks man. I wonder if you got the Alden DC ravello longwings that I passed on? Haha. Or maybe they had multiple pairs in a 7.5d? The ONLY reason I passed is because I've already paid Alden Madison for their upcoming ravello LWBs coming soon, and I'm on the DC list for the ravello captoe boots. Your LWBs look awesome! I sort of regret passing on them...
Thanks! Haha, yes the Dovers sold real quick. I want to pick those up again soon. I also really like the quality of these Carmina PTBs but need to shift some funds for more casual shoes I've committed to. PM me if you want to get these in the leather sole, and maybe we can work something out.
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