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Awesome. Thanks Mike!
 I really like that jacket. Mike, are these a more traditional fit (meaning, somewhat boxy)? I assume that this is the Seattle fit based on Filson's website description of this jacket. Based on your listed measurements, the small appears to be way too big for me.
 It sounds like you may be in between sizes. I think the large may fit better initially, but with some stretch the medium may be okay. What's your chest size? You weigh about 8 pounds more than me and are the same height, and I also have an athletic build with a broader chest, so I may be a good comparison. I could have gone with the small (and Mike thought so as well after seeing a fit pic), but in the end it was too snug/tight in the chest for me (and my wife, which is...
 I think you should try a small. I am 5'9" and around 158" with a 38"-39" chest and 16.5" shoulder, and the small was a little too snug for me. I ended up going with a medium, which is still fitted and doesn't fit that much bigger than the small. That Stark comment is helpful too. I just received a medium in the Stark, and the sleeves are a little too long but the chest is nice and snug. I've never tried a small in the Stark, but your comments make me think it would be too...
Hey now! Ha. You're probably right in that it's overkill, but it does get "cold" (30s-40s) here at times. We even got snow last year! Haha. I think I'm just jealous and really want a down shirt/jacket like this or from Crescent Down Works, but it sounds like that may be a waste of cash.?
For any of you who wear a small in the shawl cardigan, I just returned one in grape and one in dark glacier. I had to size up to a medium. Good luck!
 Agreed. I really want this CPO, but I don't care for those extra two pockets.
 Really looking forward to seeing the down-filled coats!
I am 5'9", 158 lbs with 16.5" shoulders and a 39" chest, and the medium in the Ashby fits me great. It's a nice trim fit but with enough room for layering underneath. The arms also fit great in length. Thankfully, I had one local to try on because like you I was planning to size down to a small. I can definitely wear the small, but it's too restrictive in the chest and leaves no room for a sweater underneath. It's just too small.Given my fit and experience, I would think...
 I would like to see the color of the AoC ravello since my ravello LWBs from Alden Madison should be in soon. May be from the same batch. Also, FYI, I somewhat reluctantly listed my new Epaulet Innsbruck Indy boots for sale if anyone was intereted in those before they sold out.
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