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 I'm "All In" (as we say in Clemson) for this! I love the 325 last.
Antique edge, storm welt, dainite and all eyelets would be my choice.
I like both commando and dainite. Most of mine are on commando, so I went with dainite for my upcoming Truman - the stone rambler - although I too am having second thoughts. I still have time to change the sole (I think), but I need to decide in a hurry.
Any chance a pale/light grey flannel trouser may be coming down the pipe?
Pembroke maiden voyage. Love these.
Thanks. That's what I was thinking as well.
Same here. I just had an unexpected pre-order from Alden pop up, so unfortunately I have to tap out of the current Marlow MTO since I'm already well past my shoe budget for October. Someone can grab my spot for that one...
Hey guys. I'm looking to pick up a fall/winter weighted sportcoat that's fairly basic (no patterns) and in a pure or almost pure navy color, as I already have a few speckled and patterned navy and blue jackets for the F/W. Do you have any favorites from the current SS F/W lineup that I should consider? I was eyeing these, but I'm open to other suggestions as well.   Biella Blue Herringbone:...
 Thanks! Yeah, I'm not big on the reddish color either (just personal preference). I'm going to keep thinking over these. Maybe wait a while and come back to them, since I have plenty of casual boots anyway. I need to stay focused on dress shoes.  Pembroke. http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/pembroke-tan
@NickDH those look great! Thanks for that pic.
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