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 Thanks, I appreciate it!  Going to be a tough one to win.  Rough game last night for your boys, but I'm sure they'll improve as the season goes along just like most of Spurrier's previous teams.
Depends on who you ask haha. I'm wearing it today as I do every Friday. Clemson has a thing called "Solid Orange Friday" where fans are encouraged to wear orange to work, school, etc. on all Fridays. Looking forward to our big game tomorrow evening in Athens. I will be there.Anyway, back to trying to narrow down a few items from the new drop. I'm thinking a few shirts, including the burnt orange button down and speckled chambray, and some grey tweed Rivets. Too many...
Burnt orange looks fantastic! I really regret passing on these. I have "too much" (not really) orange already though.
 Well, I'll probably just grab them both then.  The Carmina belt has two belt loops near the buckle, and the second belt loop runs too far out so that it bumps into the loops of my pants.  Not sure if that makes any sense, but it drives me crazy.  The suede is very nice, but I may sell it for your version.
 Ha!  The cxl belt is the one that I've been waiting for.  Need something to pair with my natty cxl LWBs.  I have a Carmina snuff suede belt, but it's almost too small for me so I'm tempted to grab the Epaulet snuff belt as well. 
SOLD!  Thanks!
 +1.  I have the brown pebble grain chukkas and love them.  I'll wear them into the late fall and early winter here in the south, especially given the pebble grain and rubber sole.  They are perfect with jeans and a casual setting. I'm using self-control on my spending right now and waiting for the new Walts and the speckled chambray shirt before deciding what to grab.  I really like those grey Rivets!!
Looking great guys! Orange and purple - my favorite two colors...obviously.
 No problem.
New Posts  All Forums: