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 I've also ordered Barbour products from Stuarts UK and US sites with no problems.  Good luck!
 I had the navy and chocolate version last year but sold it late in the winter after it wasn't getting enough wear. I actually like this navy and caramel version better, so once again I'm tempted to grab it.  No worries. I didn't explain that well enough.  Amen.
 Interesting.  Yeah, that must be a new policy because I just ordered Barbour from End about two weeks ago.  Good to know going forward.
 I live in the US, and End has always shipped to me without any problems. You will likely get a bill for import duties and taxes, however.  End currently has a small in olive.
 Yeah, I agree. I should have explained that better.  I had to size up one in the LA shirt from my normal NY shirt size.  I wear a small (snug in the chest) in the NY shirt, and I wear a medium in the LA shirt (still snug in the chest - almost identical to NY small).
 Looking sharp as always! Also, I believe I see a Barbour commander in olive in that pic..? I ordered a small and a medium in the commander, and the small was too snug in the chest and the medium was too long in the sleeves. I almost sent it to Barbour to shorten the sleeves on the medium, but instead I sold it to another SF member. Maybe I'll reconsider down the road, but that was a frustrating process. I do love my Ashby/Bedale Barbour jacket FWIW. On another...
I received my natural cxl belt today, and I really like the quality of this belt! Mike, how long did you say it would be before another stock comes in? I want to get this belt in the brown cxl size 34.
Sold! Thanks!
Not sure, but I'll be grabbing a few of these.  I love these shirts for casual weekend afternoons around town.
 Yep.  I like all of those, especially the grey tartan.
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