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For sale are my pair of barely worn Epaulet x Carmina Cognac Pebble Grain Chukka Boots in a size UK7/US8. I purchased these from Epaulet probably three or so years ago, and they have been worn maybe two or three times tops and are in fantastic condition as evidenced by the pictures. They have literally been sitting on the shoe rack in my closet for that long without hardly being worn, so that's why I'm selling them. Asking price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA or...
Sold! Thanks.
Okay. I think I'll try this batch in a small - same size as my button downs. Thanks all!
Hum. Well, my first batch that's set to arrive soon is in medium so perhaps I'll order these in a small for comparison purposes. I want a snug but not tight fit.
Thanks for the recommendations. I wear a classic small in my button downs and the chest is pretty snug due to my athletic build (can't wear the slim due to the tight chest), so it looks like I may actually need to go up to a medium in the t-shirts. I'll give it a shot.
Do you guys take the same size in the t-shirts as their other shirts? I have one round of t-shirts coming but they haven't landed yet, and I'm thinking about grabbing those blue v-necks as well.
Sorry to pull up an old post, but I was searching for no show socks for my sport trainers and stumbled across this. Are these chukkas the Epaulet x Carmina pebble chukkas? I have the same pair from a few years ago and might have worn them once, and I'm not sure why. They look great!
This is helpful, thanks. I may just go with a one wash to take most of the guesswork out of it. Really like the purple and cobalt! 
I think I'm ready to enter to PBJ world but need some sizing advice if you don't mind. My favorite fitting jeans are Rogue Territory’s SK which have the following measurements: waist: 16.5”, upper thigh: 11.75"-12”, knee: 7.57"-8" and leg opening: 7”. I’m looking at the unique purple color 014 in slim tapered, and I like the cobalt blue 017 but I do you think those would be too similar to my SK over-dyed? Anyway, it looks like a size 31 (maybe 30) in raw and a size 33 in...
I'm in for the horsehide sport trainers. I don't have a picture of my actual trainers, but I still wear the heck out of the original tan trainers pictured below and get asked all the time where I purchased them from. Can't wait for the horsehide!
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