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Quick shot of my two-year old kudus. Still my favorite boots.
Congrats! The first thing I noticed was how much thicker the CXL is for my Viberg boots than my similar Alden boots. It's a more heavy duty, solid work boot IMO (as it should be given the price difference). The construction is also on another level. I love both for different reasons!
I actually prefer the new version. That's just me though.
This is helpful. Thanks. Vince responded to my email last night and had this to say: "The Mohawk is totally different. It’s got allot more character to it, and definitely won’t age the same way. I think it may get a bit darker and wax may wear off a bit but it’s not waxed as heavy as the WF. Which is waxed on the surface where these are waxed deeper into the pours of the leather. I don’t think they will overlap the natural CXL at all."
I still haven't pulled a trigger on Truman yet, but I think the Mohawk in snuff might be the one. I've been looking for a darker leather boot, mainly brown CXL and reverse chamois from Alden or maybe the pre-order brown waxed flesh from Oak Street, and this Mohawk looks just as good or better.   What do you guys think about this leather? Any experiences with it? Would my natural CXL look similar after it ages for a while? I just want to make sure that I don't overlap...
HH trainers look awesome gents! Congrats!
If anyone wants to part with a size 8 in the unfinished HH trainers, please PM me. Thanks!
Wow, it funded already. Good lord that was fast! Sorry man.
Really like the looks of that 18oz Japan Vintage. In fact, I just funded it.
@Epaulet Will that bad a$$ camo canvas chino be available in the Driggs fit?
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