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 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind haha.   I'll also keep this in mind. I wish I could easily order and, if necessary, exchange this shoe in a narrow(er) width just to know for sure.  Haha. These are actually a size 7UK and I'm usually a standard 8US.
I put my Pembroke on again, and I'm fairly confident that a smaller size would be too short in length and too tight in width. Of course, I'll never know unless I buy another pair a 1/2 size down. I also emailed C&J, and they pretty much confirmed my thinking in that the issue is likely caused by my low instep and also suggested that I try a tongue pad or thin insole if needed to snug them up. 
 Well, I'm worried that if I size down the length will be too short. I'm also located in the US, so it's more difficult to try on, return, and exchange from an overseas shop. I guess I could always try a thin insole if/when needed. Having said that, now I'm worried that I should size down another 1/2 for the two pre-orders that I'm signed up for with the same 325 last..?
@TommyB - I told you wrong yesterday. Those particular socks are by Bresciani. My apologies   @BackInTheJox - Nothing so far! I'll have to figure that out when it's time to shine them up. Not sure what I'll use...   @insy - These are right on the brink of being too full around my foot. The length is perfect, however, and I have zero heel slippage so they wear great. If they were any fuller, then I'm sure they would slip. 
    Thanks guys!!  Thank you! The socks are from Mazarin (purchased via Mes Chaussettes Rouges) and the trousers are from Epaulet. 
Happy wingtip Wednesday! I absolutely love these.
So far I've grabbed the stormy grey wool/cashmere, the cool water flannel, and the oxford grey super 130's flannel. Now I'm trying to decide whether to grab the copper sand pique and/or the khaki military twill. So many good choices available!
Didn't Mike say in the video that the coal train is almost black or am I thinking of another? Black isn't my thing, so I'll stay away from that one if so.I have a number of flannel trousers from epaulet, and they are soft and warm and honestly perfect for our winters. I'm not outside a lot, but they make that short walk from my car to the building much better while not being too warm indoors. I also have a few tweeds from epaulet and, while I love the looks of the fabric,...
Hey guys. Could you give me some shoulder and length sizing suggestions on these jackets? The first two pictures are a Jort cashmere size 38, and the next four are Jort cashmere size 36. I'm mainly asking for the shoulder. The chest is definitely better in the 38 as the 36 would have to be let out. Please ignore the casual attire that I'm wearing today. Thanks!
@Epaulet Trying to decide on a darker grey/charcoal trouser for normal work purposes. Given that I live in the south, do you recommend that I go with the stormy grey wool/cashmere, the charcoal grey super 130 flannel, or perhaps the AM grey donegal tweed or the stock herringbone tweed? Thanks!
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