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 I've never been a huge boot guy (not sure why, but probably due to living in a warmer climate), but those are awesome!  Hope to get a pair one day.  I agree 100%.  I've purchased and sold a lot more watches than shoes, but I've always said the same thing.  Deal with well-known members that have a history of flawless transactions.  I would have never guessed that those were four years old.  They look great.  Love some LWBs and these actually look like cigar from the...
Thank you! Yep, good point. It's really not much of a difference at all, regardless of the lighting and camera used.
Happy whiskey Wednesday! This picture shows in direct sunlight how the LWBs are a little lighter than the SWs. Yes, Buckeye, I still need to bar lace the balmorals! I'll do that tonight. Also, my bermuda grass isn't quite as green yet as some on here... ; )
I like these SWs from Unionmade.
Those look great! I'm looking forward to busting out my Hughes string loafers.
 The whiskey and cigar LWBs are from Alden NYC.  I'm not sure when they will do another run of these.  Just keep an eye on this thread for future offerings.  Thanks very much!  Haha, I hear you.  I have a few decisions to make, including whether to trade the whiskey LWB for whiskey LHS...  Thanks!  Yeah, this is a difficult decision for me.  I'll definitely keep the whiskey SW bal.
Quote: Honestly, neither the new cigar nor the LWB whiskey is as dark is it appears in this picture.  I can't wait until I get a better camera in a few months, but I may try to snap some better shots with my current digital camera tonight or tomorrow.  Still, the LWB (April) whiskey is slightly lighter than the SWB (March) whiskey.  I'll swap you the whiskey LWB for your whiskey LHS.    Us southern folks "need" whiskey or ravello LHS for the summer, and I have neither.  ...
Here are a few more pictures of the new whiskey LWBs compared to the recent whiskey SWBs.  Remember that these were taken with an iPhone, so the color accuracy is a little off.  Having said that, this new batch of whiskey is definitely slightly lighter in color than the previous whiskey.  Another poster had a good description when he said that the new whiskey is almost a "natural shell" look.  I will say this: the new whiskey is closer to the color of my Ashland "natural...
Very good reminder.No, they are the same. I used my iphone to snap those pics and light was coming in from the windows to the right of the shoes. That's why it looks like that. They are uniform.
   Thanks guys!  I'm honestly now torn about my two new whiskeys.  I "think" that I prefer the looks of the tremont shortwings and perhaps may let the barrie longwings go, but the longwings fit me slightly better.  These are in a 7.5d while the tremont is an 8d (wish a 7.5d).  I have a big decision to make.
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