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 I see that the brown waxed flesh already sold out. I didn't get my order in before they sold out, so now I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the color #93 CXL once it's back in stock. Hopefully the leather availability timeframes listed under the FAQs are accurate.
Thanks, this is helpful. I also just noticed that the leather is color 8 and not brown cxl. I was hoping for brown, but otherwise I like these for the price point. I still may end up ordering the Indy from J Crew while I wait on the Innsbruck next year or perhaps try the Truman service boot in brown cxl. Not sure what I'll do.
Anyone seen the new Rancourt x Huckberry Knox Boots? https://huckberry.com/store/shop/rancourt-x-hackberry Thoughts? Also, could someone who owns the Taylor Stitch Knox boots give me your thoughts on the RHL sole and how it's holding up? I'm looking for a casual brown boot, and this one caught my eye as something a little different and likely really comfortable from the start. I also like the looks of the new brown waxed flesh from Truman with a commando sole or the...
I would say yes. If you have a normal d width or especially a narrower width, then I believe you should go down a full size from your true brannock size. I am an 8d on the brannock, and a 7d in the 2030 fits me the best. I started with a 7.5d, but I finally pulled the trigger on a 7d and am glad that I did. I still have sufficient room in the toe area, but the width is now spot on without being too wide and heavy. I wear a 7.5d in the barrie last which fits great. 
 I don't think you could go wrong with any of the three that I listed. I'm in the same boat living in the south. We very rarely get any snow accumulation, so it's mainly just wet, nasty rain and perhaps some ice from time to time. I'm leaning towards the commando or the regular dainite like what's on my Viberg boots (very comfortable). I'm leaning towards brown waxed flesh, cap toe unstructured, commando, pull tab and antique brass eyelets (can't decide on speed hooks -...
I'm really close to pulling the trigger on my first pair from Truman. I believe some were asking about the different soles a few pages back. Here's a good article comparing a few of them: http://leathershoereview.com/comparing-shoe-sole-options/. I'm having a difficult time deciding between the standard dainite, the commando or dainite logger.
Thanks for the mention!!
The picture above is spot on. I love them. If you look at the natural CXL Indys that I just listed in B&S, you will see (hopefully even with my iPhone pics) that the natural CXL Indys are a lighter shade of natural CXL than the Vibergs. Probably always depends on the specific batch. But to answer your question, yes they would be a great match. That's why I've decided to let the natty Indys go and search for the 403 Innsbruck or Ultimate Indy.
For sale are my brand new Alden Indy Boots from Leffot in natural chromexcel on a commando sole. These are a size 7.5d, which fit perfectly for my true size 8d feet. While I was waiting for these to come in, I purchased a pair of Viberg natural CXL service boots, so I believe having two brand new natural chromexcel boots is overkill. That's the only reason I'm letting these beauties go!   These have never been worn and have been sitting in the box in my office for about...
Can I get a few opinions? I was able to get a pair of the natural CXL Indy boots from Leffot's last release (on commando), but while I was waiting on them to arrive I luckily scored some very gently used Viberg service boots in natural CXL from a fellow SF member. While I love natural CXL (and lighter color leathers), I'm thinking perhaps I don't need two new casual boots in the same leather and color. Do you agree? If so, I'll sell the Indy's (not getting rid of the...
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