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Hey guys, I just received my brown cxl service boots from Leffot. These look fantastic as expected! Nevertheless, I just listed them under B&S if anyone is interested and wears a 7.5d. I was fortunate enough to grab an almost identical pair directly from Viberg a few months ago, so I can't justify having two of the same pair. Just wanted to let you know.  
Up for sale are my Viberg Captoe Service Boots in brown chromexcel in a size 7.5D in the 2030 last with Danite soles. These just arrived in the mail from Leffot from their October 2014 pre-order: http://leffot.com/viberg-service-boot-pre-order-2/. I just took these out of the box to inspect and take a few photos, and they are gorgeous! The only reason I'm not keeping these is because I was fortunate enough to acquire a very similar pair a few months ago before these Leffot...
Bump for further price drop from $800 to $750.
Up for sale are my gently used Alden longwing bluchers in whiskey cordovan in a size 7.5d Barrie last. These were purchased from an Alden shop about a year ago, and I only wear them about twice per month so they are in great shape. They barely have a crease, as shown in the photos. I'll let them go for $700 or the best offer I receive, including shipping to the US or Canada, the original box and the shoe bags. The shoe trees are not included. Let me know if you have any...
Bump for price drop! Let's get this sold.
Thanks! Yes, hopefully someone will make an offer and snag this piece. It's a great jacket.
That coat on Instagram is spot on Mike. Will definitely be in for one of those for next fall.  
I just noticed that and agree - one is probably a really dark midnight blue. I would go with that one if so. Way too many awesome choices. About to grab a MTO linen shirt as well... Spring/Summer can't get here fast enough!
Awesome. Thanks a bunch! I'm considering grabbing these in the Driggs fit. Maybe the ivory as well.
Mike - Regarding the Khyber cloth MTO's, which one most closely resembles the "pale yellow" from last year? I love the pale yellow based on fellow SF members' pics from last s/s, but I don't see that choice in the MTO. Is the new "clay" similar? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: