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A size 38 slim in the jackets and a size 15 slim in the dress shirts each fits me pretty good. Should I go with a small in the polo?
That was taken a few months ago back when the leaves were falling so it was pretty close to "random" as I can honestly say. haha 
Yes. I'm in my early 30s and love mine. They don't look like old man shoes that's for sure.
I'm considering joining the brown marlow wingtip. Will let you know.
For sale are my Truman Boots - Stone Rambler in a size 8d. I have worn these twice or three times tops and need to clear out some casual boots that I never get to wear due to working in a professional environment Monday through Friday. These are essentially the same as the stock version that appears at the following link, except that these have Dainite soles and all eyelets: I feel like these...
 Yep, that's what I'm thinking. I might get it from the AD. Trying to decide whether to wait for Baselworld. 
 "Tiger shark" haha I like it. Thanks for the feedback, that's good to hear. I'm going to grab one soon. 
 That's what I keep telling myself. Also, like most from Rolex, it holds its value very well should I decide to let it go once my DaytonaC arrives.   Yep, we are going through the exact same thought process, especially regarding whether to wait to see if a new GMT is released and, therefore, drives down the secondary market prices for the BLNR. Honestly though, my gut says that won't happen, but we will know in about a month if I decide to hold off for that long. I'm also...
Been really close to pulling the trigger on the BLNR. Any reason not to? Wait for after Baselworld? I'm also considering the bluesy (had the older version and sold it). I've sold off everything but my SubC so now I'm itching to get another one. Truth be known, I would go for the new Daytona, likely the white dial, if it was available at my AD, but I'm third on the list right now so who knows when it'll show up.
Just a heads up, but I'm going to list my Stone Rambler boots (size 8) in the B&S section likely tomorrow. I have worn them two or three times tops and need to get rid of some casual shoes as I went crazy a few months ago and don't get to wear these very often since I work in a business environment M-F. Mine are all eyelets and on a Dainite sole but otherwise the same as these: PM me if you're interested.
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