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 Thanks for the quick response. I left my claim info with USPS, so perhaps W&C will do the same and USPS will figure it out and locate the jeans (highly doubtful IMO).
Has anyone ordered from Wheat & Co. in Nashville, TN? I ordered another SK, this time in the desert wash, and I never received the jeans. The USPS tracking number says that the jeans were delivered to my office, but our office never received the package. I even went down to the post office to try and locate the jeans, but they don't know where they are if they were not delivered to my office.   Dan, who I believe is the owner of W&C, has been extremely slow with his...
I own the Carmina kudu antelope cap toe boot from last fall/winter, and I love that boot. It's extremely tough and durable. I really like the looks of this tanker as well. That said, I'm not sure I need another kudu just yet.
 I haven't used anything on mine since I purchased it last fall/winter, so I'm not very helpful here. Maybe Mike can chime in.
I'm concerned that the heirloom cardigan is going to be too small on me. I went with a small, but a small in the EPNY (and medium in the EPLA) shirt is almost too snug in the chest (although fits great everywhere else). The flip side is that a medium might fit me better in the chest but be way too long in the sleeves. I guess I'll know in a day or so...
Thanks Mike! I went with the purple and glacier. I'm hoping a small works in these (I wear small in the fisherman). Looking forward to the crewnecks as well!
Mike - What are your favorite two-three sweaters out of the new releases? I'm going to grab a few. I already have the navy fisherman from last year, and I'm definitely getting the purple cardigan (surprise, surprise right?).
I see the Wyatt motorcycle jacket is up. I bought this jacket last year and LOVE it! The quality is amazing. I highly recommended it for anyone on the fence.
 Tough question. For more business dress, I would cuff the tweed and flannel trousers.  But since you are going Driggs, I may be inclined to go no cuff.?  I have a pair of Driggs wool trousers for the office, but they are a little too slim for my liking for business purposes. I love the Driggs fit for more casual wear, mainly with chinos, and I love the Walt fit for work purposes (not too slim in the lower leg). JMO!  I was thinking the same thing. I really like the navy...
 Hence the reason why I will never pay full retail for anything (materially priced) at J Crew. That's insane. I had last year's varsity, and while I loved the jacket I ended up letting it go because I had too many other casual jackets in my rotation. I almost pulled the trigger on the navy and caramel version from this year, but now I see it's sold out.  Congrats to those who picked this up.  It's an awesome jacket!
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