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So, I'm about to pull the trigger on the stone rambler. Anyone own a pair of these? I really like the IG pictures of this leather and the almost "neppy" look it has, especially after some wear.
It is funny and all about personal preference. I'm a pretty athletic guy (played sports my entire life and still play basketball and work out recreationally), but I've always had slim(er) legs so I really like a "slim" fit - which doesn't look too slim at all on me at 5'9", even for a business environment. I'm going to give the slim a shot, and I'll get them tapered if needed.
Question for you guys with the slim trousers. How does the fit compare to Epaulet's Walt and Driggs? I'm comparing measurements and the S&M slim seems to be wider/less slim than either of these from Epaulet, but I would love some feedback from anyone who owns both and can compare. Thanks!
These look fantastic.
I took a few pictures comparing the Truman boots to Alden snuff (wingtip boots) and Carmina snuff (loafers). Few things to note: (1) it was overcast outside for the two pictures taken on my deck, (2) these iPhone pictures make all of them look lighter than they are IRL, and (3) my iPhone 5s camera is average at best. Having said that, IRL, this Truman nubuck is clearly the lightest shade of brown, almost like Carmina's tobacco suede but not that light, followed by Alden...
 Thanks. It's pretty similar to snuff suede I believe, although snuff is probably darker. I can compare my Alden and Carmina snuff suede to these tonight if you'd like. It's a beautiful color tone IMO.
Thanks! I actually ordered these a few weeks before Truman released the bronze nubuck to the public. In fact, I just went back and looked at my emails and these arrived just over 10 weeks after ordering, so that wasn't too bad of a wait. Now I'm trying to decide what to order for my next pair.
I'm dropping the asking price from $500 to $450. Thanks!
Received my MTO bronze nubuck boots today at lunch.  Needless to say, I LOVE these boots!  The nubuck is soft and neppy, construction looks great, and the fit is spot on (went true to size)!  The only, and I mean only, thing slightly off is that the heel sole is curved like a hump and not flat.  I contacted Truman and they said it will flatten out with a few wears, so that makes me feel better.  These really are fantastic, and I'll be ordering another pair from Truman very...
Has anyone seen or held the new oil cloth bomber jacket? It sold out online really quick, but I was able to find one in my size in one of their retail stores. It should be here this weekend but was wondering if anyone had one already. I love the looks of it from their photos. http://www.filson.com/new-arrivals/ranger-oil-cloth-bomber-10810.html
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