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 For me it depends on what I'm wearing it for and how long the shirt is. If it's stand alone without a sportcoat, then I like the untucked look to keep it more casual assuming it's not too long. Having said that, I still go both ways and have worn them untucked and tucked with both shorts and chinos. However, if it's below your butt, then there's no way I would wear it untucked.  I need to give these linen shirts a try. I have two Kamakura linen shirts from this spring and...
Being from the Deep South (SC), it's nice to see this thread. I'll have to read and chime in some. Subscribed.
I would go with the natty cxl since you have a color 8 nst coming. That's an awesome color 8 boot and covers you there and you can sell the other(s) in color 8. JMO.
Been lurking for a while now, so I apologize for coming out of the woods to chime in. In any event, I just grabbed the natural CXL wingtips. I love those especially with the commando sole. I like both, but I always lean to lighter colors of leather and more casual boots. I've also never been a huge fan of color 8/burgundy. That's blasphemy I know haha!
Up for sale is basically a brand new pair of Carlos Santos tassel loafers that I purchased from Skoaktiebolaget about two weeks ago. They are a size UK7/US8. I wore these only once for a 1/2 day (took them off during my lunch break), because they are simply too loose for me in the heel. Rather than buying an insert or something to make these fit better in the heel, I would rather get a new pair 1/2 size smaller. Other than the heel slippage, these are beautiful loafers...
 This week I received the CS tassel loafers. I have a good bit of heel slippage out of the box and haven't had an opportunity to really wear them yet, but shoes themselves look very nice from a finish perspective and right there with my few Carmina shoes. I believe the value is very good with CS, but again I need to wear these and break them in assuming I can get past the heel slippage. I'm already planning to order more CS in the future.
 This is very good. Thanks for the feedback. I typically wear (90% of the time) a sportcoat to work instead of a suit, so I always lean towards the slightly less formal, lighter trousers for most of the year/warm months here in the south (light grey, sand, light brown and normal to light blue). Therefore, I find myself wearing brown and walnut/chestnut/light brown shoes the most. Having said that, I think either the oxblood or, especially, the dark navy would balance it...
I'm leaning oxblood as well. Thanks. Not sure. I get offers every payment cycle from AMEX and for this one you get $50 back if you spend $200 or more at Allen Edmonds. That would put these Strands at $225. I don't think you will find a better price for a pair of brand new AEs.
 Now is the time I believe, unless they will be included with the July 4th sale. I'm very tempted to buy a pair with this discount and the AMEX $50 offer, but I can't decide which color to get. My current Allen Edmonds dress shoe collection consists of the Strand in walnut, the Park Avenue in dark brown, the Lasalle in chili, the McAllister in bourbon and a MTO MacNeil in white suede. I'm thinking either the midnight navy or oxblood. Any thoughts/suggestions?
Thanks, that's very helpful. I may go with tobacco since it looks like snuff and polo are closer in color.
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