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Hi,   I am wearing Loake (Capital Last) in UK 7, which is perfect fit. What size should i take on Hiro and Olfe last, order UK 7 or necessary to up half size?   Thanks very much.
How do you guys comment on Class line of Meermin and Loake 1880 series? In term of quality and price-to-value.   Since the price of both are similar, i am considering my first pruchase on Meermin.   Thanks.
Is Olfe more narrow than Hiro last?   Should I order same size on both last?   Anyone got some idea, thanks.
Is it suitable to buy same size on Hiro and Olfe last?   Because Olfe is seem slightly narrow than Hiro.   Can anyone give some opinion, thanks.
 Thanks for cbfn and Osiris2012 commnet. Is Olfe more narrow than Hiro last?
Hello, I want to ask some questions on size.   I have a Loake shoes (Capital Last), Size UK 7 (EUR 41).   I am considering to purchase Meermin shoes, classic collection, may be Hiro or Ofle last.   Because the size chart in Meermin website showing that, UK 7 (EUR40+).   So i should order base on UK or EUR size?   Anyone has experience on both brands? thanks
Hello, I am thinking to purchase a double monk (Classic version). What i concern is adding toe cap.   The price for toe cap is EUR20, is this price including the installation? If not, how much Meermin charge for installation?   More, actually what is the purpose or effectiveness of toe cap? really enhance the protection on shoes?   Thanks.
  Anyone could give me more idea, thanks. btw, any idea for the comparsion of Loding and Meermin, in terms of quality, price?   Thanks.
I am interested in Meermin shoes, but i got question on size, could anyone give me some comment? My Loding shoes is size UK7 (Eu41), but Meermin size chart shows (UK7 - Eu 40+ , UK7.5 - Eu 41) So i should order UK 7 or 7.5? I should order base on UK or Eu size? Anyone have experience on both brands, thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: