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Possibly looking to sell a pair of Dior 19cm MIJ jeans.  Worn for about 4 months off and on, some reinforcing around the crotch area but no other alterations.  What could I set the price at on a pair like this? I don't really want to get rid of them for cheap but I just don't see myself wearing them much anymore.  Thanks.
For the money and physical benefits go with a zero cal Monster.  The 16oz can has 200% of your daily B-6 and B-12 vitamins as well as about 170 mg of caffeine.  I don't recommend ever drinking an energy drink with sugar if you're at all considerate of physical health.
K is a little too trendy right now, but this song is still so good  
Good for a few spins and will no doubt throw "get lucky" on the next time I DJ, otherwise meh.   NP: Boards of Canada- Tomorrow's Harvest
Briefly met Tiger Woods during his first practice run at Oak Hill club near Rochester.  It was unannounced so I suppose it counts in the "unexpected" thread. Kinda' cool, didn't get to chat with him.
Unfortunately old(ish) age has me finally tackling my nose hairs with regularity. Throwing my .02 in I'd have to vote tweezers over scissors.  There's some mild pain but the job needs to be done much less.  I get SF's need to achieve "baller" status for anything, but the du citing tweezers quality starting at $20.00 is off by a good bit.  I can't imagine why a $1.89 pair at Walgreens can't get the job done.
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