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  I doubt that these people actually read the full articles. Somehow I hope they don't have ...
Just watched World War Z. Better than I expected, and Brad Pitt is still pretty tough.
I have to go with lemon. It's weird, but I could eat those like other people eat oranges.
  I'd say that's the only argument you'd ever need for going to Cleveland. Majestic.
I'm in this lucky situation that I get the chance to go to Paris for a few days this fall to visit a friend. However, I don't want to cause too much trouble, so I don't want him picking me up at the airport or anything since I've heard that the airports in Paris are located pretty far from the city centre. On top of that I will be arriving at a rather inconvenient time for him. I don't know much about the infrastructure in Paris (nothing at all, really), so I was hoping...
It's really not that noticeable, and I think the short style suits you better. I'd say go for the short hair!
  I'm considering buying a pair of Free 2's, how do they perform in comparison to the flyknits? Which ones would you recommend for running (not long stretches, more like 5-10 miles)?
I can't stop listening to Frank Ocean. The man is a musical genius.
I usually run about 5 miles in the morning, sometimes a little longer in the weekends.I find 5 miles is enough to keep me in a pretty good shape, it doesn't take too long and it definitely helps me wake up better than a cup of coffee would!
Hi everyone,   My name is Marc and I've come here because of my great interest in fashion. It's great to be in a forum with like-minded who, like me, know that fashion isn't just for girls. Clothes make the man and I believe that dressing well is crucial to how you feel and how others see you.   I just started my first real job and can't really afford the really nice stuff yet. But that doesn't mean I can't start preparing for it already!   Looking forward to...
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