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Guys, found the formula for the *ultimate* Alden Defender...get ready to be amazed: (Especially at 3:45)
Gents, my Cordovan chukkas seem to be ready for their first restoration (or resoles). They've seen twice a week wear for 21 months, before a small hole has started to show on one of the soles and the heel pads show major wear towards the back. I don't know how worthwhile the entire restoration will be given I just need new soles and the leather condition is excellent, but curious how this compares with others' experiences and if people generally opt to use a reputable...
That's one fine-looking combo. Well done!
Love those! Congrats.
Thanks! Yes, TSM.
EDIT: meant to say deer spooning.
Nope, 3-years-old with daily deer boning.Totally kidding. First almost-wear
Cigar Sunday
Yes, that was me. Called Alden factory and they confirmed TB, as did Brooks Brothers in a follow-up email to/from Alden. These are indeed described as tan, but they are the familiar "snuff" medium-brown color.Very, very comfortable, and the brass eyelets really pop, but I must admit I'm not keeping mine--just a little more "blobby" than I was hoping for (doesn't mean they don't look fantastic). Damn shame since we got such a good deal.
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