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Yes, that was me. Called Alden factory and they confirmed TB, as did Brooks Brothers in a follow-up email to/from Alden. These are indeed described as tan, but they are the familiar "snuff" medium-brown color.Very, very comfortable, and the brass eyelets really pop, but I must admit I'm not keeping mine--just a little more "blobby" than I was hoping for (doesn't mean they don't look fantastic). Damn shame since we got such a good deal.
Brooks Brothers suede arrived today...
Old faithful... (halo effect total coincidence--or divine endorsement--can't decide) Levi's 1954 vintage reproduction selvedge
Sweet! Great combo and photo composition too. Really looking fwd to them now. Thx!
So you have the boot? Cool. Any "in the wild" pics you can share?
Spoke with the Alden factory and they confirmed that the Brooks Brothers suede boot is made on the trubalance
Sold! I was hoping someone would nudge me along ; )
Thx, Mike. Thinking about pulling the trigger on these...would be my first suede AND crepe-soled Aldens. What to do, what to do? hmm.
Are those definitely made by Alden? No explicit indication anywhere that I can see.
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