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Loving my Horween Natural Chromexcel front pocket wallet from Ashland. Highly recommend. Indirectly Alden related, but thought you guys would appreciate it.
Any "in the wild" photos of the (Need Supply) Union Hill Indy? If not, reflections on ownership? Thx in advance!
Congrats on the purchase! They look great with that denim. I agree with Mike on the dark laces. Gives them a more striking look (and some needed masculinity to the design, in my opinion).
Holy! I've gone from thinking I would never like NSTs to pretty much falling head over antique-edged-stacked-leather-heels over them! : )
They came with only the tan laces, no flat waxed laces.
Here you go, Sazon. I posted these a few weeks ago...
Man, can't get enough of those boots. Look good with everything.
Those are awesome. Congrats!
Tried the new J.Crew "burnished tan" Indy on today (@JCrewsuitshop)...not bad, not bad! My first time trying on the crepe sole...I liked it!
That's it! No shell for you!lol
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