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Do you guys plan on wearing yours like an overshirt (over other button ups etc.) or as regular shirt?
Is it possible to have the sleeves shortened on the waxed jackets? Not necessarily thorough you guys, just in general.
Am I the only one who is not a huge fan of Danite soles? I feel like I am about to get steamrolled here. First of all they are slippery as can be if the floor is at all wet, first time I wore them I literally had to shuffle my feet across the floor of the grocery. Also I feel like they don't flex very well. My leather soled pair is one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes, but the danite still hurts my feet after plenty of wear because the sole doesn't bend very...
I have a P to P on my Large at just a shade over 21 inches. 
It did not go in a dryer. I am kinda pissed that now I seem to be paying the price, nearly 200 dollars, because a retailer can't give me quality info.
First of, do not take this as a knock on RgT, just coming here for some advice as it is an RgT product, this was purchased from an RgT retailer.  This summer I purchased the Raw Indigo Chambray Workshirt and I absolutely love it! Problem is...when I order i specifically asked from the retailer (not Rgt or Karl) if the item would shrink. I was informed that to their knowledge it would not. So I started wearing it the last few days as it cooled down a bit and my office is...
By the way, I bought the waxed last night!
I don't doubt the pricing fairness one bit, Karl. I didn't mean it that way at all. Like I said I am sure all the details are there, just wasn't where I thought it would be. I still may buy, just gotta get some ducks in a row first so to speak (i.e. sell some other shizz). 
Yeah, at $300 It was an instant purchase for me, now I have to really think about it.
$385 makes me do a double take, seems a bit high, I am sure the quality is there though. I just have to really consider the cost on something at that price.  Can we get some pics?!?!?!
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