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Will there be an unlined version like there was for the waxed canvas?
@Rogue Territory Are you guys going to carry more of the Shawl Collar jackets or did they just go to retailers?
Anyone catch this from north Menswear? http://instagram.com/p/u_rvCNKUDF/?modal=true appears to be the ISC Shawl Collar Jacket. I don't need another jacket at all, but that is nice. 
I feel like (no evidence to back this up) it happens more with their black leathers than others. I have a pair of the black OSB's that have done the same thing and they told me it was normal.
Well I have a pair on the way, here goes nothing.
Now I am questioning EVERYTHING!!! Sucks to live in po-dunk Ohio where there are literally zero stockists! 
The size charts support that, it just seems counterintuitive. How do your SK's fit over a pair of boots, for example.
That is what I figured, thanks for your help!
Karl, or anyone else who can provide insight... I looking at the Stantons, with a 32 inch waist, I think size 30. I have measured a pair of jeans that fits me pretty well and they do not match up with a sizing offered by RGT, I was told they wouldn't ft me. So I decided to go a different route, I measured my actual thigh (21in) with this measurement is it safe to assume that any Jean with 11inches plus in the thigh would provide me with a fair fit?
How come you guys have the Overdyed Rogue Territories in the SK but not the Stanton...major bummer. 
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