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Now I am questioning EVERYTHING!!! Sucks to live in po-dunk Ohio where there are literally zero stockists! 
The size charts support that, it just seems counterintuitive. How do your SK's fit over a pair of boots, for example.
That is what I figured, thanks for your help!
Karl, or anyone else who can provide insight... I looking at the Stantons, with a 32 inch waist, I think size 30. I have measured a pair of jeans that fits me pretty well and they do not match up with a sizing offered by RGT, I was told they wouldn't ft me. So I decided to go a different route, I measured my actual thigh (21in) with this measurement is it safe to assume that any Jean with 11inches plus in the thigh would provide me with a fair fit?
How come you guys have the Overdyed Rogue Territories in the SK but not the Stanton...major bummer. 
Do you guys plan on wearing yours like an overshirt (over other button ups etc.) or as regular shirt?
Is it possible to have the sleeves shortened on the waxed jackets? Not necessarily thorough you guys, just in general.
Am I the only one who is not a huge fan of Danite soles? I feel like I am about to get steamrolled here. First of all they are slippery as can be if the floor is at all wet, first time I wore them I literally had to shuffle my feet across the floor of the grocery. Also I feel like they don't flex very well. My leather soled pair is one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes, but the danite still hurts my feet after plenty of wear because the sole doesn't bend very...
I have a P to P on my Large at just a shade over 21 inches. 
It did not go in a dryer. I am kinda pissed that now I seem to be paying the price, nearly 200 dollars, because a retailer can't give me quality info.
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