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I have a P to P on my Large at just a shade over 21 inches. 
It did not go in a dryer. I am kinda pissed that now I seem to be paying the price, nearly 200 dollars, because a retailer can't give me quality info.
First of, do not take this as a knock on RgT, just coming here for some advice as it is an RgT product, this was purchased from an RgT retailer.  This summer I purchased the Raw Indigo Chambray Workshirt and I absolutely love it! Problem is...when I order i specifically asked from the retailer (not Rgt or Karl) if the item would shrink. I was informed that to their knowledge it would not. So I started wearing it the last few days as it cooled down a bit and my office is...
By the way, I bought the waxed last night!
I don't doubt the pricing fairness one bit, Karl. I didn't mean it that way at all. Like I said I am sure all the details are there, just wasn't where I thought it would be. I still may buy, just gotta get some ducks in a row first so to speak (i.e. sell some other shizz). 
Yeah, at $300 It was an instant purchase for me, now I have to really think about it.
$385 makes me do a double take, seems a bit high, I am sure the quality is there though. I just have to really consider the cost on something at that price.  Can we get some pics?!?!?!
How much was it?
I have a pair of indigo x indigo 31 straight what is your inseam, they have been hemmed. Send me a Direct Message
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