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The chainstitch runoff on one of my shirts has come unchainstitched if that makes sense...its just two strings now. Is there anything to do about that?
How often are you all washing your ISC shirts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Will there be an unlined version like there was for the waxed canvas?
@Rogue Territory Are you guys going to carry more of the Shawl Collar jackets or did they just go to retailers?
Anyone catch this from north Menswear? appears to be the ISC Shawl Collar Jacket. I don't need another jacket at all, but that is nice. 
I feel like (no evidence to back this up) it happens more with their black leathers than others. I have a pair of the black OSB's that have done the same thing and they told me it was normal.
Well I have a pair on the way, here goes nothing.
Now I am questioning EVERYTHING!!! Sucks to live in po-dunk Ohio where there are literally zero stockists! 
The size charts support that, it just seems counterintuitive. How do your SK's fit over a pair of boots, for example.
That is what I figured, thanks for your help!
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