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@oakstreetbootmakers what colors do you plan to run the PTB's in? The 3 you have pictured previously or are there other colors?
I don't to speak for OSB but I believe a whole new last was created for these. I will be interested to see how these come out, I have a hole in my shoe collection (PTB) and I am going to hold out till these are released to see how they look. That suede chukka looked interesting for sure, I know there were some pictures of a collaboration with an Asian brand that looked pretty sweet. 
Depends on proportions but lets just say I could fit a good size sweater or sweatshirt under that jacket and be ok. 
@IrateCustomer ask and ye shall receive (the next best thing) http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/patrick-and-gina-neely/pats-famous-beef-and-pork-chili-recipe.html I love chili and this is one of, if not the best, recipes I have found so far. 
@BolognaFingers I do not own any of the shirts, sorry. 
Anyone interested in some pics I just posted a ton on Instagram (dwall203) http://instagram.com/dwall203 let me know if there is something in particular you would like to see. For the record I am just shy of 5'10, 150ish and this is a size Medium. 
count down is on. I have a feeling there may be some trading going on.
To me a mid point between the slim and the straight would be a better seller than a true skinny jean which they hinted at a while back. 
Based on the email, seems like they will ship Tuesday for the first orders.
This thread is an absolute mess. Look I am by no means happy with how my concerns were minimalized by OSB and a handful of others now it seems to be happening again and people are up in arms. I have 5 pair of OSB 4 are as close to perfect as i could expect one was off from what I expect, wasn't handled as I would hope but I am not going to. Ontibue bringing it up on here. I will vote with my dollars if I feel things improve or are handled well I will buy again of not then...
New Posts  All Forums: