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Sorry about that. I was just wondering if there was something specific to TaT. Jim.
Hello all. It appears after reading a lot of this thread that TaT is doing a great job, in stark contrast I might add, to many other online MTM firms. I'm wondering how this is achieved exactly. Is it likely that SF members have a better understanding of their own meausrements than the ordinary Joe? Is it due to the fact that TaT deals with a small number of suits and therefore has more knowledge and experience of what has and hasn't worked in the past? Are...
Hello there, I recently upgraded to an Intel e660, 4Gig PC6400 RAM, Asus P5K motherboard & the ATI x1950. I got some pieces secondhand and some new. In total it amounted to around €400, however I think you can get a much better deal if you are in North America. I can play COD4, FEAR, TF2, etc with no troubles at all. I'm very happy for the amount I paid in total. Prices have come down over the years for hardware and there's a lot of bargains to be had in the...
Quote: i wouldn't worry too much about the made in china thing. just because it's made in china doesn't mean it can't be a great product +1
Korea will be more expensive than HK I'm sure.
Anyone know where in China specifically?
Where is TaT based in China?
Ah ha, thats not so good. I have heard the same about Vietnam. Not to knock what you said in the slightest Chas but it's frustrating and hard for me to believe that in an entire country that there's almost no good tailors! I understand that other members have had similar experiences in other Asian countries (M@T), yet places like Baron, Jantzen and Tailorstore do exist. Is this a matter of organisation or a lack of raw knowledge/skills? What gives?
Good day to you friends, I'm going over to Sri Lanka in a few months. Just wondering if anyone that has been there or ordered from their remotely has any experience with their tailors? Do they even have tailors there?? Jim.
haha. It seems odd though, simple question, no definitive answer.
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