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 It's the standard Mercer & Sons, 3 7/16 inches. It deviates from that collar (i.e. of just saying "classic Mercer & Sons collar") by adding an unfused lining to it.
Cannot but recommend the Navy Royal Gingham on White Oxford. The fabric is incredibly soft and the colours are vibrant. And yet again Luxire executed my pattern perfectly.   Here it is with the Mercer & Sons collar (with soft interlining added). Nice and beefy. I'll snap a tie pic later.  
 Gentle wash in 30C, hang dry. Seems to hold up fine.
I wonder what the wool blend in that might be, as it's priced much higher than comparable items (329€ in the EU, most of the stuff is 299€, or 229€ used to be the norm).
Not suits. The legs are too slim. You could try the Havana or Napoli separates and get trousers one size larger than the accompanying jacket. In Jackets you may have luck with the Havana.   The jackets won't work if you have a large midsection though. Only if most of your, er, extra, weight is below or above your waist.
 Is it softness comparable to the Sky Blue Oxford (Brembana, $69.99 one)? Recent batches (September) of that fabric are incredibly soft. Has the same thing happened to Classic Blue, I wonder?
 You should also check the measurements on the other suit when it arrives. SS's QA is not the greatest, there can be inconsistencies between models. It could be that the Jort you received has this problem, or it could very well be that they changed the sizing, although this seems quite odd. Even though I know my size for most models, I always order two jackets or suits in the same size, and return the one that fits worse.
The sky blue oxford of this year is so much softer than last year (my previous one is from September a year ago). Don't mind the $10 increase at all.
And in the chest piece, extending to where the pockets are, and reaching the shoulder seams on top.
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