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 You're right. I could have worded my message better. The essence of it was that I think "poor ironing" is a dangerous first diagnosis to pleats pulling open. If the fabric drapes well they should fold neatly without any ironing of the pleat itself. On the other hand, a disappearance or pleat-crease misalignment of a crease might be explained by ironing. That said, Anden's trousers looked like they were ironed properly, the crease just fades around the crotch, suggesting...
Ironing pleats for them to fall flat feels a bit silly. It's a bit like having a sown-in crease run in the middle. It works, but it feels a bit wrong. Pleats should fall down and fold by themselves naturally. I think they are pulling open simply because there isn't enough room for them to close naturally.    I would suggest asking Luxire instructions directly by email. They are always very helpful like that. 
Brown flannels! The VBC flannels are gorgeous and brilliantly priced but it's only grey or blue. That said, nice to see some blue flannels in there.
 What's the fix? Looks like his pockets are flaring a bit, my guess the hip / seat area is a bit too tight. Isn't altering the fork region a bit difficult?
 Did you mean the rust one? http://luxire.com/products/vbc-vitale-barberis-canonico-120s-2-ply-rust-vbc_840_601_1847  Do you have a picture of it?
 Does it breathe well despite the thickness? 
http://luxire.com/collections/pants/BrisbaneMoss There's already plenty! According to the description, yes. The fabrics are actually priced at $99, the reduction in price is due to a faster construction process.  edit: Also at least the Stone colour has a bit of a sheen to it. Quoting my coworker: "They're shiny!"
I think you can just write the suggestion in the new order. I've always written the suggestions verbatim in new orders without adjusting any measurements. For example, last time Luxire suggested I increase front hip by 0.5". So I just copied that (and other adjustments) in the next order.
 Indeed. The casual features you mention are missing here, I think. I snapped some pictures. Sky Blue Summer Chambray   Pale Blue End-on-end 100/2   There's a slight difference, but the weaves look kind of similar. The little squares are a bit more prominent on the end-on-end.
Is the Sky Blue Summer Chambray a real chambray? It's considerably lighter and finer than most chambrays I've seen. I have a swatch of both it and the Pale Blue End-on-end and I can't really notice any difference.    http://luxire.com/products/sky-blue-summer-chambray http://luxire.com/products/pale-blue-end-on-end
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