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 Hm, sounds great. I've been thinking about getting warm trousers made with Mid Grey Wool Flannel 12oz. Do you have swatches of both? Are you able to compare their thickness? Thick flannels are nice for winter. It's -10C here already in October. FML.
Tried to order a swatch of that, but it didn't come (and was refunded for it), Luxire probably didn't have it in the warehouse it at the time or couldn't find it.
I've added this to my watches-to-order shortlist (which is not very short):     Could be what you're looking for, though it's more of a steely blue.   http://luxire.com/products/indigo-chambray-light-airy
Dry cleaners might not that delicate with washing shirts. The answer? Do the washing yourself and get some of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Russel-Separates-Protects-Delicates-During/dp/B0036B0EKG to protect them.
Any differences between these fabrics: Classic Blue Oxford vs Classic Blue Summer Oxford, other than the price? Which one of the three pictures on the first oxford is the most accurate? After having seen NOBD's pics of it, I'm guessing it's the second one.   @luxire any chances of getting some hemp fabrics for trousers and jackets?
Can't judge the back until you open the small threads keeping the vents closed. You can still return it if you open them.    Need better pictures. Can't say what's going on without proper lighting.
Flannel is a type of fabric treatment, not a weave. This is achieved by laying it flat and stretched firm, and brushing it with large industrial size brushes.   Hence, the thickness depends entirely on the base fabric. In the above case, the base fabric is a simple cotton twill, which has then been brushed to feel fluffy.    http://luxire.com/products/navy-wool-melton is a heavy flannel. Seems it's real melton wool or melton style wool, from which pea coats are...
Yes, that's what it means. It's not very noticeable when the shirt is unbuttoned at the top. There are multiple causes for this, but I would not say it's a deal breaker with that jacket, it looks quite ok otherwise. Maybe a bit short in the seat, but the Havana is a bit on the shorter side anyway. We're talking about about 0.5-1" too short.    edit: I meant to say it's NOT a deal breaker.
I was at the Molloy shop in Donegal some months ago and got to touch some of the fabrics and garments. It's, uh, hard to say, but it's more or less the same weight as any tweed.
 What's your requirement for 'smart'?  Try greens. Olive green is a nice summer colour. Blues! For blues you could try indigo or a deep purple. Here's a search for blue cotton twills.  The only time green doesn't really work if your skin is green. Then again that is not a very common problem.
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