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Sleeves are too long. Other details are difficult to spot due to you taking the pictures and posing in front of a stained mirror.
 Just specify "leave extra room in the seams for alterations" in the order details. That's what I did. It results in about 1.5cm extra fabric per seam.  For shirt fabrics, Grandi & Rubinelli (search with that) fabrics represent the high end in shirt fabrics, there are some Sic-Tess fabrics as well in the comparable price range. But my recommendations for the Sky blue/Classic blue still stand. They're relatively thick, textured classic oxfords that take a few washes to...
 Sending in an existing garment is probably the most accurate option, but if you measure carefully you should expect good results. You can prepay shipping for $20.00 and Luxire will send you a pro forma invoice and then call FedEx and your garment will be in Bangalore in a matter of days. Then depening on the item it will take from a few weeks to a month for them to create patterns and craft the item(s). I had good experiences with just measuring existing garments, with...
^ Maybe in a month or so :-) I will post them then! Right now, I have a swatch. The picture on the site is accurate. It's about 2.5mm thick.
That's a great example of a body type that benefits immensely from shoulder padding.   The Havana emphasizes the small difference between hips breadth and shoulder width, bringing unwanted attention to the hips. The paddings create an illusion of broader shoulders, thus creating a natural V shape.
I agree that the York is better formal suit in general, but a nice light coloured Havana in linen would make a nice summer suit.
Havana suit jacket are lined and half-canvased. Not sure about the odd jackets. There is some small lining in the front and I haven't opened to see whether there is any canvasing or not. I've tried to knead the fabric a bit to see whether I could fee any canvas lining but didn't really feel it, either it's not there or it's very lightweight.
I'd be interested to hear what Friedrich specified to get that. It looks like he put in a pique fabric, chose a short sleeve shirt with a standard placket and a semi spread collar. Isn't the "pullover front" a polo front?
I think removing those wrinkles will compromise on mobility. I'm not 100% on this though.
Wow! The pictures are of an excellent quality.    In my opinion, it's too small almost everywhere. Not only that, but the proportions are off.   A narrow leg opening works only with narrow thighs and hips. A too small leg opening draws the eye in to the midsection, making your midsection look like it's a maroon tomato standing on two carrots. Not very flattering! Simply put, leg openings that narrow will not work for you. They will only make you look like the guy on...
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