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Sleeves are too short (too much cuff), shoulders are snug (see the divots?). Waist or chest may be too tight but cannot say since it's unbuttoned. Havana will be roomier and the sleeves are longer. Go for the Havana, I'd say.
 Maybe this? http://luxire.com/products/indigo-chambray-light-airy
 First thing that comes to mind: are you comfortable? Can you extend your arms fully forward? Can you rotate your arm 360 degrees vertically without your shirt escaping your trousers, or getting uncomfortable?  I mean, there's not a lot I would change there. Yoke might be a tiny bit too wide, but it doesn't look like there's too much extra fabric anywhere.
In terms of tint, the first (light copper twill) is a lighter brown than mushroom brown (5th link), but both are tanner than the pictures, which is like the 'Light Tan Twill Chino'. Mushroom brown is slightly thicker, both are medium weight. Both are nice colours, light copper is the classic khaki.
Well between different models the fits vary quite a bit. The Havana jackets fit like the Havana suits, notwithstanding QA issues. The Napoli is roomier in the shoulders and has structured shoulders, though Havana and Napoli are drop 6. You can't really expect them to fit exactly the same, though quite closely insofar as the size similarity permits.   It may be that the Havana is a better fit on you because of the lack of structuring. You could always try the Havana...
 I'm not certain it's the same as the stiff neckband. I asked for a "soft fused neckband". Previously on lighter fabrics I've asked for "medium-stiff fused neckband". I think these are different. But fabrics weights play into it. I got the sky blue oxford in a custom collar previously. I asked for medium fusing and a fused neckband. This produced a stiff neckband which was rather uncomfortable to wear. It's not so much about the neckband, but the collar itself. If it's too...
http://luxire.com/products/indigo_canvas_shirt What I've heard about it, it's heavy as heavy can get.
@FrankCowperwood looks like a nice collar. Very similar to Luxire's English Spread, I think, with slightly longer collar points.    Just received my first NOBD2 collared shirt. Not looking back. Classic Blue Oxford, unfused, soft interlining, lightly fused neckband. Rolls nicely, doesn't crumple excessively. Wonder if sturdier lining is needed for a thinner fabric?  
 I have it as well. It might be the photograph, the buttoning point is quite close to my navel (about an inch above it). I have a size 52S though.
I think the C795 Havana is a perfect choice for your go to navy blazer. The horn buttons are really nice.   Speaking of which, it seems compared to some spring 2014 models, the Havana has a slightly lower buttoning point and also the hem is more rounded. Looks a lot nicer.   I mean compare these two (spring 2014, fall 2014)
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