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How smooth are the Dugdale Fine Worsteds? Looking for something that's a bit smoother than flannel, with some texture to it that won't make it look like one's wearing trousers part of a suit.
I would guess it's around 170 g/m2, or 6 oz. I have swatches that have actual weights listed on the site and they feel just as thick and dense.    I think all Brembana oxfords fall into this weight category, but I might be wrong.
 I prefer the look of the Hudson. The Havana shoulder is slightly roped (so it kind of bumps upward at the seam), but the Hudson lies flat.  edit: actually it looks like the left shoulder on your picture appears roped on both pictures, but the right one doesn't, heh.
 I chatted with the customer rep on the site and he said "they fit the same below the shoulders", but it does look like it's a bit slimmer, which I won't mind. My only issue is with the chest and the shoulders. It'd be nice to have a Napoli-fitting odd jacket model.
Can anyone offer a comparison shot (or description) between the shoulder fit of the Hudson or the Havana? The Havana shoulder is a bit too narrow for me in the armscye, perhaps the pleated Hudson shoulder might fit better.
 That looks great. I think the points on the Mercer style collar are 3 7/16 inches long.  Are those the specs in the default? 3.25" points and the tie space that is.
Does anyone have any pictures of the standard Luxire button down? How does it compare to the Luxire "Mercer style" collar?
Sky Blue or Classic Blue, it's a tough fight. Either way, their price to value ratio is unmatched.    "You're getting more of those blue shirts? Didn't you say they had hundreds of other fabrics to choose from?"   She has me there.
Here you go: http://luxire.com/products/luxire-tuxedo-shirt
What? That's a perfectly normal rise for a suit that doesn't make its wearer look like an utter fool. The buttoning point of the jacket is exactly at the navel, like the trouser waistband; this elongates the legs and slims the torso, as a result, it looks fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: