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 Unfortunately i got it through an eBay seller a while ago back when they didn't ship to italy yet. Thanks anyway, then i'll most definitely size down on these! 
Sorry if it has already been asked but im too lazy to check back, how do the flannels run? i have only a premium oxford shirt from UNIQLO and its pretty big despite being a small, more of a medium without doubt, its the same with flannels?  Many thanks
Got the Jersey Blazer i ordered a week ago, im really happy with it tho i expected it to be a bit heavier, its very soft and not warm at all, also im really glad i went one size down, an XS fits perfectly even tho im usually a Small to a Medium depending on brand.  
Once again, sorry for the crappy phone pics.     Muji Uniqlo American Apparel Zara Asos
Just got myself a Jersey Blazer on sale, anyone else already got one? are these any good\warm?
Oh hey, thanks for the feedback, first time i get to actually interact with someone in this thread ahaha!Don't know anyway, i guess it kinda makes the fit paired with the tee being a bit on the longer side. 
back to shitty phone pics!
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