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Actually, J. Crew's had a camo sweatshirt for a while.  The LEC pattern's a bit more vibrant, and the J. Crew version is about twice as expensive, but we've been seeing more camo than ever in mainstream shops like J. Crew and LEC and even JCPenney and Target's house brands.
Someone got shot in front of the Wendy's on Jamaica Ave. about an hour ago.  I think it was right before I bid my friend goodnight... from the bus stop right in front of the very same Wendy's.  The dude who got shot ran to Jamaica Hospital himself. This city, man.
Comfy and true-to-size unless you're particularly well-endowed.
The execs are most likely illiterate, and I'm pretty sure almost nobody working on the subways will ever visit SF  
True-to-size and very comfortably.I also recommend the AIRism boxer briefs.
The massive amounts of construction makes this the most active the MTA has been in addressing some of the tangible problems plaguing the subways in possibly forever.They take the same approach as Con Edison.  In the short term, they make a pretty penny, but they've been hemorrhaging cash for years and blame the workers instead of their own poor planning.To be fair, it is actually pretty prohibitively costly (financially and temporally) in the short term in both instances...
Most of my life.  See below. Believe it or not, their pension is about the only thing they've got going for them these days.  The hourly pay is alright, but believe me when I tell you that my family has yet to see more than a dollar or two an hour increase in pay after all the raises they've supposedly been getting.  We're not talking about a low-paying job here, either.  It's mostly going to the people up top- dispatchers, officers, etc., with everyone else getting very...
They'd better be giving MTA workers a raise or fix those stations more quickly.But neither is likely to happen.
When doesn't traffic suck somewhere in NYC?
Quote:This is such a privileged argument, and a poor one at that.  There's lots of well-cited peer-reviewed research that says exactly the opposite, and I would even go as far as saying your claim flies in the face of the entirety of modern psychology and sociology. Don't be that guy. :(
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