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Search the archives - there's at least one 7 page thread on this topic complete with lots of pics. I had it bookmarked, but it appears all the old links have changed in a not easily reparable manner.
Has anyone actually tried to order from My regular username and password don't work on the site. I'd hate to think about what I might be typing into fields if I tried to register from scratch.
When does the EG sale end?
I should probably have mentioned that both Brunneau and Comme Chez Soi are very expensive Michelin starred restaurants. Be prepared to dress and pay accordingly.
A few recommendations on Belgium. Firstly, it contains one of the world's greatest restaurants in Brunneau, which IMO outclasses the more famous Comme Chez Soi in every regard (or at least did when I visited a couple years ago). You also can't go wrong just grabbing a waffle or cone of greasy fries with mayo. And don't forget to try the beers. I'd recommend items like Orval and Achouffe which are not as easy to find in the US as brands like Chimay. And another must-try is...
Hi. I'm in London as we speak. Clothing prices are ridiculous here, so it's definitely not worth buying anything you can get at home, even with a VAT refund. I checked out Duffer. That Atelier LaDurance was definitely a cool jean, but they did not have my size. Duffer in general seemed to assume your waist was a max 30 inches. Anyplace else stock these while I'm here? Thanks, Aaron.
That's a classic. I'm glad I didn't eat any meals recently.
Thanks for the info, gents.
Hi. I'm going to London in a couple weeks. Can any of you denim gurus suggest some good brands or places to buy them? I'd be partial to finding something not available in the US. Thx.
As someone once said, New York is the best city in the world. Chicago is the best city in the world to live in.
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