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I don't think anyone here is cooking sous vide for 100% of their meals. I still cook the old fashion way too. I imagine when the oven was invented, I bet there were some who poopood that too.
Not really Jewish but just celebrating that time God killed all those sleeping innocent children in the name of Justice. Lamb at 134F x 2hrs. Then seared with Searzall.
What are the best fishes people have tried? I've tried cod and the prerequisite salmon so far. The salmon was good but the cod was cod awful. Or maybe I did it wrong. What else is good sous vide in terms of seafoods?
I use a tupperware type box that is designed for cereal. It has a hole sized flap in it that fits the Anova perfectly. Because of the small footprint and the small surface area of the water, evaporation is nearly zero and the warmup time is less than 10 minutes. The clamp isn't really secure but it isn't really a problem since there isn't a whole lot of movement from the circulator. I just put the ziplock over the side and clamp it down with the clamp of the...
That's marshamallow inside a chamber, not a vacuum seal bag. In a bag, the bag would shrink and compress the marshmallow because of atmospheric pressure outside the bag being higher than the inside. Although SV literally means "under pressure", I think this was just a naming thing. I don't think it's the primary principle as to why it tastes so good. I'm new to SV, so I'm just trying to figure out if there's any other reason why I would need a vacuum sealer. Seems to...
Is a vacuum sealer completely worth it? I'm a bit of a science nerd so here is my take (I could be completely wrong). Tell me your thoughts, the snarkier, the better. My opinion is that any vacuum created in the bag is counteracted by the atmospheric pressure outside the bag pushing in. In fact, put a marshmallow inside a vacuum bag and you'll have a compressed marshmallow, not a gigantic one. Again, I could be completely wrong. I've been doing sous vide with a...
ALL SOLD. Not sure if I should close the listing or not. I have 3 of these that my dad picked up while visiting England. They are brand new. There is no brand. It is very soft. 62 inches x 12 inches. The "Made in Scotland" tag is not sewn on but appears to be iron glued on. $25 for within the United States. $32 for outside the United States. Paypal or Google Wallet.
I'll try to restock the round pearls. But optometry school really does come first now.
As you can see, lots of items are starting to sell out. I'm currently on rotations and making apartment moves every few months so I haven't been able to update with new materials. I'm sorry about this but I just haven't had the time. I'll try to update soon. Thanks for all your support.
I purchased these new and it is still in its original box and has never been opened. The circular tape seals are still intact and I have photos to prove it. It was purchased from a credit card rewards program and came straight from "B/W New Media West" so you know it is legit. This normally retails for $499 in the US and higher in EU and Australia. I'm willing to sell for $450 to pay for my stupid optometry schooling. Conditions of sale: free shipping to US via UPS...
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