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I think the critiques have evolved from "does it fit and do the colors/patterns/textures work" to achieving an optimal aethestic.
Is it that brown Drake's with two-tone light blue flowers? Bidding war here we go.
The Chanel dress ofc
Yikes. Sorry to hear about your misadventures in tailor land. I'm lucky that there are two full bespoke tailors relatively nearby that I utilize. Even given their qualifications, I began with less precious items that I wouldn't mind dumping if it turned out unsatisfactory. Tailoring seems to be a dying art these days.  (I live in a major metropolitan area and travel 40-60 min to have alterations done. And $75 is pretty ridiculous for slimming a trouser leg)
Oh my holy carminas
Take a trip to whnay's good taste thread and calm yo tits
I go to London Tailor on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda for most OTR trouser alterations and Will Field at Field's Custom Tailors in Georgetown for jacket work. Very satisfied with both.
Anyone receive their pale yellow khyber cloth trousers yet? I'm dying for some pics
Yo don't mess with MD/DC/NoVa. We straight hood.
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