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Anyone have experience with the Hirsch Viscount line? Searches of this thread revealed 1 result, so is it not seen as a quality choice for an aftermarket gator strap?   Especially interested in any Viscount vs Camille Fournet comparisons
Holy poop
@The Noodles does
I wish it were cold enough here to wear my Valstar stuff :(
I think your browser cookies are trying to tell you something
[[SPOILER]] That medallion is off center and it bothers me
Just wanna say the brown dress belt is pretty damn high quality and matches all my Carmina browns perfectly. Two thumbs up.
I have 4 but attended SEVEN evening weddings this year :( Maybe my friends will stop getting married next year
Trying to branch out from black/silver/PoW for weddings. So far I've made it to ... PoW with purple or blue overchecks. Ha.
Would you wear a green based tie, or a tie with a significant amount of green, to an evening wedding with a navy suit?
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