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Neat. My buddies are trying to talk me into a meet in late Aug-Sept so we can qualify for IPL Worlds in Nov. Unfortunately I have zero chance of winning said meet because my manlet 198lb (my weight class), high 1700 total, friend is the one pushing me to compete
Warming up double overhand and switching to mixed always seemed strange. Slightly different motor patterns. I use a mixed grip from the get-go these days.
Yeaa.... he's doing shrugs.
GAT because of how the different pieces age as in Mike's sample
The insane shell listings keep rolling in. Carmina Rain Last UK9 Cognac Shell Perforated Captoe Boots   NIB Alden Black Shell Longwings 9.5 Barrie
Start playing with textures and navy becomes less boring
NIB Shell Vass Norwegers - Budapest Last - Size 44/45 
Judging from your pics ~2 weeks ago, you're in the low 20s. What has your diet/training looked like the past 6 weeks?
You can go a long way without EC at your BF. I'd save it for the last 12-16 weeks of your cut. 
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