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What is placket buckling?
The only fabric I've noticed shrinking after the first two washes is the Japanese Garment Dye Slate. Shrank an additional .5'' or so
Nothing wrong, yes, but as with most things aesthetic related, it is personal preference.
I've been using GlenKaren products on my Carmina calf shoes for the past 6? months with good results. Each shoe has seen cleaning with the Cleaner/Conditioner once and polished every other month or so using the cream polish. The toes get the high shine paste for a mirror shine. The shoes see wear every other week or so. 
Same here. The super type-A, masters of the universe I know apply their hard-working nature towards both their body and their work.
Yep, that's the plan. He's been great with every interaction I've had with him. Trying to decide whether to pick the suit up off the bay or not atm.
Placed my first order with Skoaktiebolaget. Can't wait to get my 5th pair of Carminas!
Should we worry about dye transfer from the chambray?
Has anyone had Will Field re-cut double reverse pleat trousers into flat front? And if so, was it successful? Or should I just question my own sanity regarding removing double pleats.
Igotchubro http://www.styleforum.net/t/387621/friday-challenge-20140425-yellow-fever/ Team Asia fist pound
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