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Working lats to balance pressing doesn't work. Lats are strong internal rotators. 
Fastest B&S merino sale ever.
Thanks for getting back to me, Frank. And darn, I missed the extra25 sale :(
Any tips on how to care for the above trainers? Gum eraser for scuff marks on the sole? Leather cleaner conditioner for the uppers?
@FrankCowperwood is that the Barena Torceo Neto?
Wow, those bags are beautiful @clapeyron and @MacGuffen 
Can anyone please offer some sizing advice for Robert Geller's Richard Jacket? Are the shoulders stretchy/forgiving enough for my frame? ~19.5'' shoulders depending on construction in jackets / 46'' chest / 32.5'' waist / 34'' hips. I typically go for a snug fit across the chest/shoulders for knit wear to avoid excessive of blousing   Thanks in advance
Can you please post price and measurements for the FW14 Geller Grey Richard Jacket 46?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/456048/polo-ralph-lauren-crockett-jones-shell-cordovan-marlow-wingtip-shoes   Great deal for some never-worn Marlows in 11E
If those are Gerry's blue suede loafers, they're on Simpson
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