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I can't even find band collar men's linen shirts on uniqlo US' website
I wonder what Carmina uses then, as all but one pair of my suede shoes are from them and they definitely stretch more than their calf counterparts
Suede is definitely more forgiving than calf and shell, which I find to have the same amount of "stretch"
Should I anticipate my suede Castaners stretching out with wear? Also, should I size the canvas the same as the suede?
He looks like a skinny Dan Green
This may result in my first-ever fit pic post
Gravity lost today
This is 100% acceptable and, in fact, expected
Noodlers, is this a hard 3 button or possibly a high 3/2 roll?   Fabric closeup
Well darn, there goes my plan. Currently sitting on a pair of 10D loafers that I wore maybe ten times before giving up on trying to make them fit. Hopefully a 9.5D pops up somewhere
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