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You realize this is likely the result of a soft tissue issue
Mid-high 40s yesterday... back in the teens this morning when I left the house :(
This was my exact situation last spring, except I caved and bought them from the armoury.
Can anyone recommend a cobbler to have some Carmina's resoled? Does the Carmina factory recraft shoes? I wore the heck out of my string loafers last summer and they're probably due for a resole soon Dude, get them. They're awesome. So awesome. 
Stir da pot. Stir da pot. Then stir da pot some more. Suitcase carries, farmers walks, beltless paused squats, suitcase deadlifts, weighted planks, ab wheel, anything Stuart McGill recommends, pallof anti-extension/rotation holds and presses, blah blah blah Oh, and heavy front squat holds
Bumper plates are slightly larger than Olympic plates in diameter so two should suffice for most lifts. Unless you're planning on dropping jerks and snatches from full height. 
Lol eccentric deads
 God damn, those are gorgeous.
Anyone here compete in any strength/physique sports?
You're in luck if you're a S or XS
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