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 Very sorry to hear that; you are clearly passionate about lifting and it seems to be a big part of your life. All aboard the aesthetics train? How about swimming? I wish you the best in whatever you choose to pursue.
Meditation is a popular means to manage stress — yoga, breathing exercises, etc as well. Being mindful; simply taking the time to do something for yourself or appreciate your world. It's just about perspective. Sleep plays a huge role in managing cortisol levels as well. PSMF is not a fun time. God speed. 
 edit: TLDR: create an energy deficit primarily through diet. Strength train to maintain and possibly build muscle. Choose your cardio depending on your body fat. High BF(15%+) = more HIIT. Low BF = less HIIT, more LISS, but keep a combination with LISS immediately following HIIT. Limit saturated fat intake and eat less fat in general. Get enough sleep. Maintain healthy stress levels. Keep protein intake under 40% of total calories. Manipulate carbohydrate intake and place...
So I'm just going to address fat loss because that's what everyone is really after. I'll try to do it pretty basically.    Basic components of fat loss:   Step 1: Lipolysis. The breakdown of stored triglyceride(TG) yielding three non-esterified fatty acids(NEFA) and one glycerol.    Brief overview of lipolysis: The catecholamines norepinephrine(NE), primarily from the sympathetic nervous system, and epinephrine(E), from the adrenal glands, are the signals that, for...
Well, you know what you need to do then
Wearing 56 for BC jackets is not cool right now.   But I've passed this onto my slimmer friends
Buenos Aires deserves at least two or three weeks anyway, just keep it in mind for the future. It's an amazing city and its surrounding area has everything.
All my shirts are from Luxire, are comparable to my old Barba etc in material and construction quality, and they fit perfectly. 
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