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I'd be driving around quite slowly in a Porsche 356 Speedster if I ... won the lottery and stuff
Nissan makes some solid engines. IIRC the V6 in the 2002 onwards Maxima/G35 won several "best of" awards.
Haha no, not even close. 2000 was only 222. But a zippy 222. They bumped it up to 255? the next model year.
I had a '00 Maxima through undergrad. I loved that car.
It would work as a women's blouse if the sleeves weren't so wide
Wow, all this hate for us late 80s kids.
Random question: I kinda want a washed cotton K Jacket from Boglioli for spring. Should I bother to have the sleeves shortened to show cuff, or just roll with the ~.5'' too long surgeons cuffs?
So, uhh, @Mr. Moo, what are the measurements on that LP A1 jacket?
I like that you put the coffee down, put the jacket on, then picked the coffee back up
New Posts  All Forums: