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I wonder what weight he lifts at with the 24+ hour weigh ins
In solution at neutral PH and 37C creatine degradation to creatinine was measured to be around 1% over 24 hours IIRC. Rate increases with increased temp and decreased ph
The rest of the world is just "Not the USA" k
Shit, I only read his location and saw Germany
Nice. Are there typically many vegan options available in Germany?
I like lifting heavy things
You might be able to find something similar by Castaner
I'm most interested in the role the gut microbiome plays in post-prandial GI and systemic oxidative stress and inflammation as well as its possible influence on dietary choices     Now back to bro-talk: 2.5 hour shoulders and arms fluff day today. God, I love fluff days. So easy.
 Yea, this one is particularly important, but I was not aware it had an affect on satiety as well. I'd also say fibre affects absorption kinetics more than anything. I realize I didn't touch on that, only fat's affect.
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