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I've picked up 3 things in the past two weeks because of this thread. I need to unsubscribe or start flipping some of the stuff I don't wear.   Well, 4, if we're counting something I saw in a sig as a result of this thread.
#6329 was the first iteration
Went to the Suit Supply in Georgetown this past week. Everyone was buying the blue birdseye S130s by VBC. Literally saw 4 guys walk out the door with it while we were there.
Women 'round here like loud & vibrant. This is a pretty bold pattern for the area. It also fits you well
Inb4 Beanie Baby effect
The popularity of Frozen with the 18-30 crowd is unreal too
I, as a mid-late 20s man, legitimately like this movie
I just watched Frozen.   DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?!
Very handsome makeup. Thanks for the recommendation
In search of a brown alligator strap for my Speedy. Anyone know of something identical to the Hirsch Leonardo Genius(curved ends, large scale, 20mm -> 18mm taper, contrast stitching)? Still sad it was discontinued long ago. 
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