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Where are you in these photos? That's a gorgeous view
 Medial and lateral, golfer and tennis elbow, respectively, are tissue quality issues arising from overuse IME. Rehab / isolation exercises like that guy posted are pretty useless IMO outside of a therapeutic setting. Climb stuff, grip stuff, pinch stuff, stretch = massive, strong, and healthy forearms.  GHR > ALL   Particularly in female athletes. Genetically blessed with larger Q angles and lax ligaments. 
Mother of God. Any Cucinelli 56s?
And farmers walks. If you can walk 50m with your bodyweight in dumbells you're doing pretty well.
I'm pretty sure I just picked up @NaTionS AW '11 Size 6 Merino off grilled last Thurs. I'm excited.
OG grey suede uh... tab? white tennis trainers > all!
You know them better than I. A white linen jacket may not be ideal if the ceremony and reception are indoors.
You'll be fine. I generally wear an odd linen, wool, or cotton jacket, cream, ivory, or oatmeal trousers, and an open button down collar seersucker, linen, or looser oxford weave shirt to summer weddings that don't specify a more conservative dress code
[[SPOILER]] Tulum?
Wtf. It's a freaking Rolex not a Patek.
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