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I would guarantee all bars in their facility are Eleiko competition bars
Dannng those Eidos suits by SP. Makes me want one even though I'm in a suit ... almost never, unfortunately.
Are they the taupe suede colorway or is there a third colorway that I'm not aware of?
Yep. Wonder if any of the presidential candidates will be named
Apparently lots of US specific news of the same coming soon
Can't you just tell them about your dress-up games and skin creme?  @tesseract My girl got me some Lululemon tights. They are amazing. Idc if you can see my junk.  ... kidding I don't wear them outside.
Well that's a complete 180 from your usual efforts
Where's the guy that bangs trannies in Thailand?
I wouldn't be surprised with you Flex magazine reading dorks
Including the time sleeping, yes. Have my last meal at 11pm, don't eat until 3pm the next afternoon. Just water in between.
New Posts  All Forums: