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Hammered bridal suite selfie with massive arm ripples. And the closest I've come to taking a fit pic    
I do get a significant amount of sleeve ripples? wrinkles? if I bend my arms, but not much to be done about that  BB Madison armholes are MASSIVE btw
I have rather large arms and fit into all the usual Italian makers pretty easily. (Attolini, Brioni, Boglioli, Canali, Corneliani, Cucinelli etc)
"Built-in lordosis" to compensate for anterior pelvic tilt is a revolutionary concept in men's trousers 
Cheap basics in a flattering cut for me. Nothing "special" about em from my perspective. (I've only bought t shirts)
So. Awesome. 
How difficult is tailoring the waist of jeans? Looking at some Wilshires but I would need to take in the waist ~1'' so my thighs fit. 
I'd prefer a slightly longer jacket
Anyone have experience with the Hirsch Viscount line? Searches of this thread revealed 1 result, so is it not seen as a quality choice for an aftermarket gator strap?   Especially interested in any Viscount vs Camille Fournet comparisons
Holy poop
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