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I'm so out of touch with NB fratstar style these days
Laces are way long. #nitpicking Forreal tho, those some hella long bunny ears.
Any of you CXL Jumper guys treating the boots with anything to protect against salt/snow/rain? Update: out of the box, on my feet, and out the door into sleet to scrape 1/2" of ice off my driveway. #YOLO #CXLshitkickers
Did not know this. Valid point.
I'm pretty satisfied with the White Pinpoint Oxford. Doesn't wrinkle too much, not see-through, and a pretty fine, not overly oxford-y,weave
Wut? People can tell you lift when you have clothes on? 
I like both collars as well, but prefer the standard. Could be due to the different photo angles.
This thread is literally the same thing over and over.   Ties -> suits for noodles -> weight loss -> more ties -> more suits for noodles -> weight loss -> wtf where are all those suits noodles bought? -> weight loss
Any soft tissue along the nerve path can cause radiculopathy. This includes any soft tissue that exerts force on the soft tissue along the nerve path. So your whole body can fuck itself in an impossibly large number of ways. 99.9% of radiculopathy are simple spinal alignment issues caused by poor posture/muscle imbalances/weakness or just some nerve being pressed on somewhere while passing through a muscle/etc. Also, is it actually radiculopathy? Or is it referred...
I use paused squats as a bracing exercise Chris Duffin style
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