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Lü Xiaojun has a pretty balanced physique...
Yea, I'm about to start a higher volume cycle after deciding to reach for a lifetime goal of 3x bw. Just picked up some SBD sleeves(normal sized) too, so I'll see what roughly double the volume does for my quads. My booty development on the other hand is reaching tear-my-pants level. Not sure how I would describe my style — perhaps medium stance, low bar, and initiating the descent with a hip hinge? I generally only get sore in the glutes, hamstrings, VMO, but rarely the...
Shrug. I squat in the mid 5s raw and have shit for all vastus lateralis development and I'd like to keep it that way. 
This is why the only lower body movements I do are squats and deads
NWOT Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit Navy Cotton blazer, madras accented inner, tagged 46L, pockets sewn shut, extra buttons in the pocket still. Unlined, non functional cuffs, single vented.   $35 shipped CONUS   Actual measurements Pit to pit: 24" Sleeve: 26" Shoulder: 20" Length: 32"
NWT Brooks Brothers Madison 1818 Saxxon Navy Birdseye suit 46R/41W flat front pants. Two button, side vents, unfinished sleeves, unfinished trousers. The cloth on this one is fabulous. Probably the best hand and drape of anything I've seen by BB. There is a slight flaw in the pants — looks like two miswoven threads near the waistband above the right pocket. Tried to capture this in photo with the penny. Made by Southwick. Purchased on here from Steve Smith ages ago. $1098...
Dunno if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of a store that carries KK Attachment in the states? Or something with a similar aesthetic as their long coats?
@The Noodles your bodyfat is too high to consider an actual "bulk." Get your diet under control, start consistent resistance training, and you will see a fairly rapid shift in body composition at your age.
Of course. I prefer Neopolitan/Attolini silhouettes and shoulders more natural than that of the Formosas because of my build.
I know. The Formosa's quarters gradually sweep away from the bottom button whereas the TF's quarters continue mostly straight then make an extremely sharp corner by comparison
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