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  Thanks guys
I wonder if people ever get excited about a sudden surge of posts in this thread, thinking "ooo they might be having a meaningful discussion!"   Nope. We're talking about flexing, cricket, and fast food.       And plumbing.
I would get $65k of Chick-Fil-A That's ~6500x my usual order of the spicy chicken sandwich, no butter on the bun, 2 extra filets on the side. I could have Chick-Fil-A for DAYS!
    So, I've been on the hedge about the SS album scarf and this pic might have just pushed me over. It looks AWESOME. Just how big is it? Too big to wear under a CBD coat?
Touché, good sir, touché
Easy fix: increase chest, upper back, and shoulder size so you have to wear a larger jacket
 Thanks. I need to work on my robo-pose and photography setup  17'' flexed is the beginning of "oh, he lifts" at my height. I'm called anorexic by my gym buddies. Not kidding.  
Mine are 17" circumference flexed. If yours are 17" relaxed... mirin hard.
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