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Should I anticipate my suede Castaners stretching out with wear? Also, should I size the canvas the same as the suede?
He looks like a skinny Dan Green
This may result in my first-ever fit pic post
Gravity lost today
This is 100% acceptable and, in fact, expected
Noodlers, is this a hard 3 button or possibly a high 3/2 roll?   Fabric closeup
Well darn, there goes my plan. Currently sitting on a pair of 10D loafers that I wore maybe ten times before giving up on trying to make them fit. Hopefully a 9.5D pops up somewhere
Picked up some Castaner espadrilles for $30 and some shorts. Thanks guys.
I'm not sure about the model, but Carmina doesn't have different grades of construction/material AFAIK. Though the Inca last slightly more expensive than the others lasts — not too sure of the differences between Inca and others.  The string loafers I got from the Armoury are identical to the string loafers carried at Skoaktiebolaget and Gentlemen's Footwear, just at a hefty premium.
@GuP check if they have your size here for Carmina Rain black calf balms http://gentlemensfootwear.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/pre-order-carmina-shoemaker-captoe-oxford-in-black-calf   Comes to $393.75 shipped after coupon and Steve @steveyoo1983 the owner of Gentlemen's Footwear is kinda awesome
New Posts  All Forums: