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The trouble is you don't know how fabrics will drape/wrinkle or how they will react to washing and drying. Re-hemming wools isn't a problem, usually, but cottons are another story.
I was moments from picking that up... then realized I wouldn't be able to fit a jacket underneath :(   Phenomenal coat
1 meal, 1 post-workout shake, 3x bowls from Chipotle an hour post-shake, and I still have macros left. IF while cutting is fantastic.    (Note: Chipotle isn't a typical meal for me — went to a gym really far away today)
Ooo Butteros
Yea, the chest and front can be trimmed a bit -- to quote Field "you don't need all that drape"
Field's is worth the wait. I average 2-3 weeks for major jacket surgery
I take circumference measurements around chest, arms, waist, hips, lower abs, thighs, and caliper measurements on a few spots in addition to scale weight
Here's hoping for a quick turnaround at Field's, Noodles.
Would you guys suggest a medium or heavy collar lining for the blue dress stripes seersucker? I imagine the fabric to be pretty light. I usually get my oxfords with medium lined collar
@TM79 polo suede like @in stitches's badass fit from yesterday
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