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My Carmina suede string loafers are by far the favorite summer shoe I've ever owned. 
I've seen losses of 10-15lbs in the initial week of a low carb diet with men over 300lbs, but that is almost entirely glycogen/water loss. 
This. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, buffs out of the hesalite. 
Wait, wut? You're joking about 15 in a week yea?
Y'all trying to slim down and here I am trying to put an inch or two back on my upper chest/back so my 46Rs fit better. 
Measurement details!
Yes, I'm following the instructions per the website and get the high shine I'm after, but inevitably lose some of the pigments from the wax that was on the toe cap beforehand
My high shine paste smells pretty strongly of citrus, though nothing compared to the cleaner conditioner. Perhaps I'm not allowing the wax to set long enough before I put on a high shine. I'll try leaving it to dry overnight next time.
Has anyone else had issue with GK high shine paste stripping off any other waxes you've applied for antiquing/burnishing? That orange oil seems to be strong stuff.   Nice work @jungleroller
The mall on Memorial Day? You're a braver man than I, Noodles. As to the ultra-rich, they mostly fall into the high-end designer label category. At least the ones I know do. 
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