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Haha no, not even close. 2000 was only 222. But a zippy 222. They bumped it up to 255? the next model year.
I had a '00 Maxima through undergrad. I loved that car.
It would work as a women's blouse if the sleeves weren't so wide
Wow, all this hate for us late 80s kids.
Random question: I kinda want a washed cotton K Jacket from Boglioli for spring. Should I bother to have the sleeves shortened to show cuff, or just roll with the ~.5'' too long surgeons cuffs?
So, uhh, @Mr. Moo, what are the measurements on that LP A1 jacket?
I like that you put the coffee down, put the jacket on, then picked the coffee back up
La Spalla is pretty nice, but I've yet to aee one where the shoulder shirring isn't a complete disaster
Anyone have the Epaulet snuff suede belt and Carmina snuff suede? Close in color?
New Posts  All Forums: