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Insert eye-roll and hysterical laughter emojis
1800 TDEE is incredibly low at 5'4'' unless you are completely sedentary or morbidly obese. 
Musclepharm was/is being sued for not meeting label claims for that product. It has less than half the protein the label suggests.
Cold brew on nitro may be my favorite thing ever
Is the Quorom cardigan prone to snagging because of the weave?
Falke > all
There's a LBM duffel / peacoat hybrid sz 54 for $250 shipped...
Dang, the Hello Cardigan at SP.
I bring protein powder on all trips. Excited for vegan Select Protein from PES coming out soon.   Also, fuck me, front lever holds are hard. 
Bang for buck time-wise: HIIT. You can do sprints, stairs, or bodyweight / weighted exercise circuits in the style of Tabatas. It's all the same, really.   Diet is still the most important for dropping fat.
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