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 Ha yea, thus leading to the implementation of the "you must be able to put on your own knee sleeves" rule. I have decent calfs, but the bulk of my quad / hamstring mass begins higher up the femur than most I suppose, so my knee joint circumference may not have been the best measurement for sizing. In competition I can definitely see sleeves adding 20-25 lbs to a squat if sized down. For me, the compression helped my right knee track better. I spent less time releasing my...
Wow. I haven't ordered from Skoak in a while but USPS got to me in 3-4 days last time
Don't worry, we're not the same size 
That post is useless without links
I don't know how anyone goes two sizes down in SBD sleeves. I went with the correct size, granted I'm on the upper end of the range, and they feel like casts. I suppose they'll loosen up with wear.
I think SS actually advocates against wearing all SS fits/copying lookbook fits or staying within one season
I've gone down the SWD rabbit hole and it's awesome. So much interesting stuff as opposed to the oft-formulaic CBD wardrobe. Did slightly question my sanity when I considered kopping a super drapey RO silk/vicose knit t. Maybe someday.
Well, hello. NIB Coffee Suede EG Ventnor Loafers in 8.5, 9.5, and 11 US
Yes, Lu does a ton of dips, pullups, and deltoid specific hypertrophy work, which all help his Olympic lifts no doubt. I mentioned him as an example of a top lifter that has achieved a balance physique despite training primarily for Olympic weightlifting. 
Lü Xiaojun has a pretty balanced physique...
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